Lucas Till On Havok In X-Men: First Class

Lucas Till On Havok In <i>X-Men: First Class</i>

The young actor briefly discusses this version of Havok's relationship with Cyclops(his brother in the comic) and gives his opinion on why certain lesser known characters where used in Mathew Vaughn's prequel..

At the red carpet for the premier of Battle: LA, managed to nab Lucas Till for a few quotes on X-Men: First Class. And fair play to em they got straight to the point, asking Till straight out why Cyclops isn't a part of the movie since they are brother of a similar age in the comics..

You've got X-Men: First Class coming up. Why isn't Cyclops in it when your backstories are tied together?

Lucas Till: "They're supposed to be and they're going a different direction, but it's still ambiguous."

Did you think that was kind of strange?

Lucas Till: "No, not really because I want to see new characters. You know, I can watch X-Men all the time. I can watch those movies over and over again, I can watch the animated series, but I want to see a new film, completely new characters. You've got Beast and Mystique and they're just solid. They have to be in the storyline. But you bring in Alex Summers, you bring in Angel Salvadore - which is a brand new character I've never even heard of - you know, Banshee, those are fan favorites so it's going to be neat."

So still no more enlightened as to the exact nature of the Summer's relationship in the movie. But it's pretty clear there will be SOME connection.

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