Well, I throw my two cents on the movie that seems to have beaten Thor.

Ok well first off I walked into this movie opened minded. I threw away the continuity and character issues and basically everything else that irked me out of the window two months before the film came out. So I went in seeing this film as a film that is meant to show a beginning in more ways than one. I found if you see this film as a requel instead of a reboot or whatever with elements from the previous films the pill is easier to swallow. Now my point of view is that this is an X-Men film that is meant as a new beginning so before anyone decides to diss my thoughts just read it in the same mindset as I saw it.Now on to the review!

Okay, For starters I won't be following my usual review rubric. Just by likes and dislikes.

LIKES: Well, I enjoyed the film tremendously, the reasons are as follows;
-The performances and chemistry of the Professor and Magneto were very well made and worked.
-Sure the first class wasn't the original but it worked; that being said I enjoyed it especially Beast and Banshee
-The 60's element was very well made and I liked how they portrayed it (Charles even said Groovy!)
-How history tied into the story was very cool because I love history and I thought that was well put together.
-When Charles was paralyzed: honestly it snuck up on me! I was very surprised and even though I knew it was going to happen I still felt bad for him.
- I got to see Banshee fly,Beast be more traditional and scientific, the REAL Emma Frost turn diamond,and a real Magneto helmet. All pluses in my book.
-The Logan cameo and the recruitment scene in general, very fun.
-The team really used their powers for everything things (Getting women or messing around) really which to me was fun(Especially how Erik used his powers).

These were pretty much the things I enjoyed. Now the things I didn't enjoy.

- First off minus the helmet the final Magneto costume was cheesin baaad!
- Not enough of the class really bonding sans Havok and Beast I would have liked to see that.
-Not any closure to the class at the end of the film. Kind of a bummer.
-I would have liked to see an early mission with the class in which a human Beast uses his abilities but they fail and must train as a team.
- A little bit of an expansion on the Hellfire club would have been nice. Kind of wanted to explore that more.
-Angel: what was her purpose?
-Emma Frost was a tad under used and she had potential.

Well there you have it loyal readers. I give this an 8.5 out of 10 because I enjoyed the STORY not the fact that its X-Men just the STORY and also the character portrayls were very nice and I really felt this was an espionage 60's film which is what it was geared for. My favorite character was Banshee and before anyone says ANYTHING about lack of accent watch Storm in the 3 X-Men films. No African accent in the last two yet no one flipped over that so there. But yes this film in my opinion was great and please give me your thoughts on the film or my review as long as they are not attempting to put me down. I'm eager to hear why you liked/hated it! So stay tuned for more reviews MARVELFREEK OUT!!!!!
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