New Details About X-Men: First Class' Script!

New Details About X-Men: First Class' Script!

From an old X-Men: First Class' draft comes new informations about Matthew Vaughn's prequel: Cyclops, a love triangle...And McCoy's mutation! Check it out!

From The Playlist comes new information about X-Men: First Class' movie. The info comes from an old draft of the movie, surely written by Jamie Moss; we already know the script has been retooled several times, including a recent one by frequent Vaughn collaborator Jane Goldman.

The info are:
- Magneto (then known as Eric Lensherr, played by Michael Fassbender) and Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) travel around trying to save mutants. As more news about their existence leaks out, more goverment led operations are endangering mutants' lives.
- Like the comics, they go and build a school for mutants.
- There is a love triangle between Eric, Charles and Emma Frost (played by Alice Eve). Our source didn't want to say too much, but we presume this is one of the factors that tears Charles and Eric apart.
- One of their rifts is apparently also because of their differing ways on how to train and teach their students.
- The script features Cyclops (there's been some speculation out there that some key mutants may be missing in certain drafts).
- We see the transformation of Hank McCoy, how he goes from the regular Beast (Nicholas Hoult) to the blue furry one played by Kelsey Grammer in "X-Men: The Last Stand."
- Apparently some shooting has already taken place, but it might just be test footage.

The film also stars Kevin Bacon as the film's main villain, Jennifer Lawrence ("Winter's Bone") as Mystique, Lucas Till as Havoc and Caleb Landry Jones (NBC's "Friday Night Lights") as Banshee. There have been reports that some of the casting details may have been purposeful disinformation, we'll see, but it is interesting that names like Cyclops, Angel, Ice-Man and Jean Grey haven't been announced yet.

The film comes out on June 3, 2011!
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