RUMOR: Will X-MEN FIRST CLASS Sequel Be Based On "Days Of Future Past"?

RUMOR: Will X-MEN FIRST CLASS Sequel Be Based On "Days Of Future Past"?

AICN have received some info regarding the now officially announced follow up to Mathew Vaughn's brilliant X-Men requel, and if it is accurate, we may see some kind of adaptation of the classic multiple timeline tale..

We now know that Mathew Vaughn will return to helm a sequel to X-Men: First Class and that it has a release date of July 18, 2014. Other than that, aside from a bit of cast speculation, we don't know much else. Or do we? AICN have received some interesting info regarding a recent Fox title registration..

One of my little birds Weapon X recently dropped me some information that 20th Century Fox had recently registered the title DAYS OF FUTURE PAST with the MPAA Title Registration Bureau. The Bureau exists for studios and productions companies to stake their claims on certain titles that they intend to release and distribute, so that others can stray from using a similar title.

As any comic fan should know, Days Of Future past means Sentinels, Kitty Pryde and all manner of alternate timeline shenanigans. Truth be told a direct adaptation would seem like a strange move, but if this registration is on the level it's surely not just a coincidence? Best guess is they mean to use elements of the storyline but adapt it for their established movie continuity. What do you guys think?

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