RUMOR: X-Men: First Class To Feature Classic Blue And Yellow 1960's Costumes?

RUMOR: <i>X-Men: First Class</i> To Feature Classic Blue And Yellow 1960's Costumes?

Someone claiming to have worked on the movie has revealed that the X-Men will have their classic 1960's era costumes as well as a pile of other interesting details about the characters and story...

Ok, so take the following information with a huge grain of salt. Someone over on the SuperHeroHype forums ("Player1") is claiming to have worked on X-Men: First Class and has posted the following pieces of information. This could of course just be an enthusiastic fan fiction writer who loves the attention or someone who is sharing genuine info after finishing work on the movie. I'll leave that up to you guys to decide, but like those recent Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises plot outlines, it makes for an interesting read!

•the xmen costumes are blue and yellow. they look good.

•mystique has an xmen costume, so i'm assuming she's apart of the xmen team at some point. she's also not going to be blue for the entire movie.

•i personally don't like beast's look. his fur is apparently made of some near-extinct albino fox or something. but that could just be a rumor.

•angel has tattoos all over her body and her costume is black, very short and revealing. (zoe kravitz and her stunt double are gorgeous).

•i'm not sure if it's ok to reveal the villain, but he looks really awesome. he also drank my soda.

•emma frost looks really good. but i don't like the hair and make-up, although it might translate better on film than it did in person.

•got to see some fight rehearsals. beast, mystique and *the villain*have a fight.

•the hellfire club is either a strip club or a casino. and it might be on a boat.

•a scene takes place outside a submarine. only a small part of the sub is real. most of it is green screen.

•know one scene revolves around beast, havoc and another guy trying to defend xavier from eric. mystique is in that scene as well, but she doesn't try to defend xavier. i'm guessing by that point, she's torn between xavier and eric

As I said, pretty interesting stuff! I'm actually inclined to believe this simply because they're not making any outrageous or unbelieveable claims! Regardless, X-Men: First Class is set to be released on June 17, 2011 and will be directed by Matthew Vaughn.

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