Why, to me, X-Men: First Class will be good!

Why, to me, X-Men: First Class will be good!

With the Singer's interview i have all the pieces to say: X-Men: First Class will be good. Why? Trust me, check it out!

When u say X-Men: First Class, I think about the first mutants. Obviously in the comics are Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, Angel and Beast. I think at the first X-Men.

When Lauren Shuler Donner announces X-Men: First Class' movie and Josh Schwartz was set to written it, I think to comics. We have seen Cyclops and Jean falls in love and somethin' else. Schwartz is well know for O.C. and Gossip Girl, u know...

But when Bryan Singer come on board all the things changed litterally. Schwartz's script was throw away. Jamie Moss come on board and write a first draft, then Zack Stentz and Ashley Miller rewrite it. Jane Goldman come on board at the end and modified some things.

Singer has failed with Superman Returns but not with X-Men. X-Men: Last Stand was garbage, Wolverine was decent but X-Men 1 was good and X2 was superlative. Matthew Vaughn, the First Class' director, has made some good movies! Stardust was very good and Kick-Ass was awesome.

Vaughn is well know for being the "director who left projects". U know, Marvel set him as a Thor's director and he left. Why? First: Marvel won't pay him for a big budget movie. Second: to him, Mark Protosevich's script was garbage (after he left, Marvel has rewritten totally the script...). Fox set him as X-Men: Last Stand director but he left. Why? Fox said he left for personally causes but some years ago Vaughn's reveals: "script was garbage. If Fox give me more time i rewrite the script and make a movie with more heart and more good than X3". Yes, he left always project when there are bad. If he hasn't left X-Men: First Class...This will be good. I trust him.

Everyday i join CBM i see always the same post: "[FRICK] BORIGINS, ORIGINAL FIVE, GO TO REBOOT". Ehm... -_-" It will be good if i jump to Spider-Man's topics and i will se the post "Yes, Reboot! Hurray!". But no: when i jump to Spidey's topics i read "[Frick] reboot, let Spider-Man 4 lives!". WTF???

The same people who wants X-men's reboot because they want the movie's faithful to comics (with original five), they don't want a Spidey's reboot with Gwen as first love, Peter who make jokes and all the other things and want a sequel to garbage's Spidey 3 (and u know, Raimi's Spider-Man was good but not faithful to comics). WTF?

THIS IS A PREQUEL!!!! Stop hating. In Raimi's Spider-Man i want Gwen as first love and not MJ, i want Venom to be the real Venom, doesn't want Sandman as the Uncle Ben's killer or Harry as somethin' masked in a fly surf. But the people likes the Raimi's trilogy (that it's full of wrongs), but hate a prequel that can be good. WTF?

This movie will be good (and i seriously thinks also Spidey's reboot will be, because i heard Vanderbilt's script is more faithful to comics than all three Raimi's movies). To enjoy it you must accept two things:

When they make "X-Men 1" Singer wants original five. But technology wasn't so good to make Beast and Angel, so they cut off the chars. And Iceman was de-aged to be Rogue's interested 'cause also Gambit was cut off.


(Read and enjoy)

* In X1 Xavier said to Wolverine that "Cyclops, Jean and Storm are some of his first Mutants". Not the First, but some of the first. So i think Xavier will reclute some mutants before Cyke and the others.
* Cyclops, Jean and Storm are 30 yo or 35 yo in X1 so in a movie set in '70s they can't be here. They're still kids. Cyke, Jean and Storm will (hypotetically) join the team some years after.
* Xavier won't be in weelchair. In X3's opening and Wolverine's end we'll see him in not weelchair, so this movie is set before X3's opening and Wolverine's end. So this is faithful to their cinematic continuity.
* But Emma Frost was in Wolverine...Yes, this is Fox's fail. They want Emma Frost in Wolverine but...If u look at credits she's not Emma Frost but "Emma/Kayla's sister". At the end we can also thinks that mutant isn't Emma Frost, but a random mutant called "Emma". Real Emma Frost appears in First Class.
* Mystique will be in it. Isn't of the same age of Cyke, Jean and Storm? I bet no. When i saw the movies (the original three) i always thinks Mystique was more old than the others. So...
* But Beast is here as a teenager! Yes. In X3 Beast said he was part of the team several years ago, before X1. I also thinks that Beast was more old than Cyclops and the others member. In X3 Cyke, Jean and Storm are 35 and Beast was 50, surely. So this is make sense. Surely he was the first mutant to join X-Men.
* Azazel, Banshee, Darwin, Angel Salvadore...What are their roles? I read that Xavier and Magneto goes around the world saving mutants. I suppose some of these mutants are small parts. Maybe they explain Azazel's and Mystique's relationship (and future Nightcrawler's born). Angel Salvadore and Banshee i don't know. Darwin in comics is Moira MacTaggert's assistent.
* Moira is here! In X3 Xavier said Moira was an old friend. In fact Moira is in this movie.
* Villains: well, we'll see Sebastian Shaw and Hellfire Club (with Emma). I think will be good.
* Havok: yes Havok is in the movie. I thinks it's good because they explain why in the original trilogy Havok isn't there and Cyclops never mentioned it. And if i make two counts...If Havok is in the movie, i will not surprise if Cyclops appears in the movie at some points...Maybe a surprise u know.

Trust me. It will be good. Only u must learn they make a prequel about the cinematic continuity they create in first three X-Movies.

Enjoy it. If it will be garbage, we'll said it but after June, 2011. For now there is only hope.

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