Will Wolverine Cameo In X-Men: First Class?

Will Wolverine Cameo In X-Men: First Class?

Will Wolverine Cameo In <em>X-Men: First Class</em>?

Could be coincidence, but apparently Hugh Jackman was in Georgia this weekend, where Matthew Vaughn's X prequel was filming on Jekyl Island..

This isn't too much to go on, but apparently a taxi driver in Georgia drove Hugh Jackman to a film set on Jekyl Island over the weekend. Here is the dude's FB status..

I drove Hugh Jackman from X-Men To the Airport this morning. They are filming on Jekyll...Cool guy!

(Thanks to Rob Keyes at ScreenRant for the image)

Said island is where X-Men: First Class is currently shooting. Now I know we only have one FB status update to go on here, but I would call that either a pretty big coincidence, OR Wolverine is set for some type of cameo in Matthew Vaughn's prequel. Many have speculated about the possibility before now anyway. Hugh Jackman has appeared as Wolverine in every one of Fox's X movies so far, and Fox may feel that many fans will expect an appearance. Given their track record of spurious mutant cameos in previous movies its not something that can be ruled out.

Anyway, until we have more info, like I said its not really much to go on. But If he is set to make an appearance, how do you guys think he could be worked into the story? Confirm or debunk below.

Thanks to the guys at Filmonic for the heads up.

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