X-Men First Class Review: I Told You So

X-Men First Class Review: I Told You So

X-Men First Class Review: I Told You So

WARNING:SPOILERS! I do not suggest paying full price to see this movie

We can all agree that "X-Men First Class" was something special. Whether that's a good special or a bad special is entirely based off different aspects and taste. I'm not one to judge a movie off of the trailers and pictures, but I already had speculations that First Class was going to disappoint me. Needless to say it did. I'm not saying that it was a bad movie, I'm saying that I was PERSONALLY upset with the outcome. Some have decided to completely trash the movie, because those handful of people were assuming that First Class was a reboot, and they shouldn't be reviewing the movie at all if that's what they thought, apparently they didn't look into the movie too much, but still have the audacity to critique it with such hatred. If it WAS a reboot, then why did we see the same Magneto gate scene, and why did we have a Hugh Jackman cameo? I don't care what anyone says, they can go ahead and call it a reboot, but I can also say that The Hulk is yellow, just because I said it, and you just read it on an article online, doesn't make it true.

Again, I'm not saying that it was a bad movie, but it was far from good. I went in with the mindset that I was going to walk out of the movie un-wowed. Their were so many plot holes, and so many characters that were unconnected. Such as Scott Summers and Alex Summers: NO RELATION, Mystique and Azazel: NO RELATION, but I expected that considering they did the same thing in X3 with Charles and Juggernaut.

I was pretty bummed out with Beast in the movie. They way they portrayed him was almost identical to the way the portrayed The Thing, in the first Fantastic 4, with all the moping around and the huge distraught. I want to see Beast reciting Shakespeare and different philosophies. Walking on the roof and always making the best out of the worst situations. His fighting scene was one of the dopest parts of the film, but as soon as it was through we got sad Beast again.

The biggest upset for me was seeing Charles go through all the trouble to get this group of playful rapscallions together and tell them that there is going to be some serious training, and then one corny training montage scene afterwards, the once rowdy young adults are a devoted vigorous force ready to take on a nuclear war. The same way Charles could party like a young frat boy, then go to wanting to save human kind from war.

The movie did have some good come out of it though, for me the saving grace of the whole film was Magneto, and actually showing the origin of young Eric, seeing Emma Frost in her skimpy white costume was a fruitful delight, and the Wolverine cameo wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I actually got a good laugh out of it. I know if someone introduced themselves as Charles Xavier and I turned around to see Mr. Tumnus instead of Patrick Stewart, I'd tell 'em to [frick] off too.

You're gonna have those who loved it, those who hated it, or those like me, who appreciate the fact that Marvel came out with another movie to watch. Appreciate what you get, and no matter what happens...nothing will be as bad as X3. Thanks for reading, and I'll have another article up next week. Thumbs Up!

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