Zoë Kravitz Talks About Starring In X-Men: First Class!

Zoë Kravitz Talks About Starring In <i>X-Men: First Class</i>!

The actress who plays Angel Salvadore in the upcoming movie talks about working with Matthew Vaughn and describes X-Men: First Class as, "its own interpretation of the comics"...

"It’s been a crazy day," the actress said when asked about her experiences currently filming X-Men: First Class. "But that’s awesome and wonderful in itself."

When quizzed further about what it's been like to work on the movie, she said: "I kind of can’t believe it still. Matthew Vaughn’s directing and he’s incredibly talented, and the cast is incredible. They’ve all become my new little family away from home. It’s definitely a fantastic experience."

"It’s a prequel," Kravitz said when pressed for details on the movie. "It’s set in the ’60s and it’s everyone when they were younger...it’s not the same mutants. It’s definitely its own interpretation of the comics."

"I’m trying hard not to think about the pressure very much. I’m here and kind of just like hanging out with this awesome new group of friends, and I think that I forget that it’s such a big deal."

And is she a fan of the comic books? "I’m a drama geek, not a comic geek."

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