EXCLUSIVE PIC: Captain America Cameo in Wolverine Movie!

EXCLUSIVE PIC: Captain America Cameo in Wolverine Movie!

Major scoopage was sent our way by our loyal source at 20th Century Fox, and confirmed by Marvel, that Captain America WILL be seen in the WWII scene of X-Men Origins: Wolverine -- and we've got the picture proof too!

UPDATE: 4/2 - If you haven't figured it out yet, this was an April Fool's Day fake story.

Feast your eyes quick, because Fox will probably have us pull it down soon! The scene was set-up in the trailer, showing the American invasion of Normandy. Cappy can clearly be seen in the group of soldiers storming the beach, and he's not just a blurry easter egg this time.

When we sought confirmation of this news from Marvel Entertainment's publicity rep, Jim Becile had this to add...

"Comic book readers know that Captain America's own history is loosely connected with the same super soldier experiment that is a central theme in this movie, and so it made sense to flesh out some of his origin story in X-Men Origins: Wolverine to prep The First Avenger: Captain America."

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