Fox Files More Lawsuits Against Those Pesky Movie Pirates!

Fox Files More Lawsuits Against Those Pesky Movie Pirates!

Fox is still upset that the leaked copy of 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' put the shaft on the theatrical release.

The New York Times reports "legal action is being taken against several dozen people accused of selling DVDs containing the film and other Fox titles, including Marley & Me, Avatar and Bride Wars."

Rumor is Fox is seeking 150 grand for each offense.

So let that be a lesson to all you movie pirates out there. You are not safe sitting in your 6X6 Hack room burning multiple copy's of Bill Bixby's 'Incredible Hulk.' You will be caught. You will be fined. And yes, there is a world beyond the confines of your 6X6 Hack room.

Oh yeah, here is the list of people that are under indictment.
Kenneth Slater of Paxton, Illinois.
Valerie Rosales of Stockton, California
Ozy Smith of Oakland, California
John Hegedus of Garfield, New Jersey
David Chung of Chicago

Fox is still searching for a few more violators.

Don't be one of these schmucks.

This from Fox: "This kind of conduct not only violates the law, it's just plain wrong. We filed these lawsuits today to protect our creative professionals and the intellectual property they spend years developing."

Fox, are you sure your upset about not being able to protect those creative professionals? Or are you upset that these guys blew the whistle on Wolverine, letting everyone know how bad in fact the movie was, before it's release? I would bet the latter. In the world of Twitter, the first day is going to make or break a movie anyway.

Don't let the below image happen to you!!!
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