Gavin Hood on Wolverine Not Being a Definitive Character

Gavin Hood on <em>Wolverine</em> Not Being a Definitive Character

The director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine feels he couldn't find a definitive interpretation of Wolverine from the comic books.

During the production of X-Men Origins: wolverine, director Gavin Hood received a lot of backlash from fans on whether or not he'll create a correct interpretation of the characters involved in the film, mainly Wolverine as well as Gambit. He said:

"At the beginning, you read all the fan site and everyone is saying 'Man, I hope this guy screws up Gambit, because Gambit had red eyes and I hope he knows that Gambit has red eyes.' Another thing is those guys who love Wolverine in yellow spandex. The point is, what I realized when I read those comics, and I DID take it seriously, was that I couldn't find the definitive Logan."

This is understandable because over the years, the writers and artists involved with the Wolverine comic books have displayed their interpretation of the character so the same should go for the creative team in Hollywood when it comes time to create a film about the character...without going too far off the edge that is.

Hood said:

"We stayed true to his claws and his healing factor and his internal conflict. This is our interpretation, our take on Wolverine for now. And if, in five years time, someone else comes along and makes the version of him in a yellow spandex suit and it works, good for them. We're just trying to offer our version."

When the film leaked online several weeks before its theatrical premiere, it was devastating issue for hood.

"I felt like s**t. It was a huge shock. We make movies and put our work out and some people like it and some people don't. But we want to be done. You want to finish your work before you face the firing squad. So it was a huge shock. I felt very vulnerable."

Whispers68: I believe he has a point because as fans we would like the transition from comic book-to-film, to possess a severely smooth adaptation; certain things don't necessarily have to carry over because on paper its one thing but as a theatrical simply doesn't fit. At times, we do have to give Hollywood a little room to be creative in trying to adapt some of our beloved comic books because not everything can transfer smoothly into our world without coming off as ridiculous. But some directors and members of the creative team can go off the deep end and simply massacre everything we know and love. Generally speaking, Hood has a point with this Wolverine matter.
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