Taylor Kitsch on Playing Gambit Alongside Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

Taylor Kitsch on Playing Gambit Alongside Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

Taylor Kitsch on Playing Gambit Alongside Hugh Jackman's Wolverine

Taylor Kitsch, of "Friday Night Lights" will be making the jump to the silver screen playing Gambit in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Here is a short interview he gave where he discussed what it's like to be a mutant, and learn at the feet of Hugh Jackman...

Question Did you get a chance to do anything else during your break since last season?

Taylor: Yeah, I went to Australia and did Wolverine. It’s kind of like X-Men 4. It’s the story of Wolverine and his origin.

Question: Who did you play in that?

Taylor: I played a character called Gambit. He’s just another comic book character that has kinetic energy. It’s a fun role. You’ll have fun watching it.

Question: How familiar were you with Gambit before you got the part?

Taylor: I knew of him, but I didn’t know the following he had, and I’m sure I’m still going to be exposed to that. I love the character, I love the powers, and I love what they did with him. I didn’t know that much, but in my experience, it was a blessing to go in and create my take on him. I’m excited for it, to say the least.

Question: Is it fun to play a superhero?

Taylor: Absolutely! It’s a great ride. I had so much fun in Australia.

Question: Was it very different to do that, compared to the show?

Taylor: I think anything I do is going to be different from Friday Night Lights because it is such a rarity. You take what you will from each gig. I’ve learned so much from Friday Night Lights, and from a guy like Hugh Jackman.

Question: Is there any common ground between Tim Riggins and Gambit?

Taylor: I think so. Both have a lack of parenthood in their lives.

Question: How would you compare Friday Night Lights fans to X-Men fans?

Taylor: I haven’t bombarded yet, for the X-Men stuff. I’ve been told enough about them that I’m excited for it. I feel the project went incredibly well, and I’m excited to see the result. I’d say Hugh Jackman is a huge influence on my life, as a person and as an actor, and it was an amazing experience.

Question: How is he a huge influence on your life?

Taylor: To be honest, it’s an aura that, in this business, I’ve never come across. He’s incredibly disciplined and free. There’s just something about him. You walk away and he hits you. He’s just this person that’s so grounded and so open that you question whether it’s real or not. I’ve met nobody like him. The way he welcomed me on set, it was just a huge influence.

Question: Would you like to do Broadway, like he has?

Taylor: I can’t sing like Hugh, but I’d love to do theater, one day.

Question: Is playing such different characters something that’s important to you, as an actor?

Taylor: Absolutely, it is! From the get go, you don’t want to get typecast. You don’t want to dig yourself into a hole where everyone is just throwing these same roles at you. Through the writing of Friday Night Lights, Gospel Hill and Wolverine, I’ve had such great opportunities. The biggest thing that I aim for is working with the best, like getting the opportunity to work with Angela Bassett, Liev Schreiber, Hugh Jackman and Kyle Chandler. All I want to do is just keep learning and growing, through the roles and the experiences with those other actors.
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