Wolverine Breaking Blu Ray Records

Wolverine Breaking Blu Ray Records

He actually is best in what he does... even if what he does is not that good.

X-Men Origins:, or for those of us in the know - Borigins, Wolverine is breaking and setting records in sales in DVD and Blu Ray.

This is what Fox have to say:

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment Announced Today That X-Men Origins: Wolverine Now Holds the Record as the...

#1 Best Selling 2009 New Release Blu-ray Disc

#1 Title On Cable VOD For The Second Week In A Row

One Of The Top 10 All Time Best Selling Blu-ray Titles Ever

Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment's X-Men Origins: Wolverine continues to break records on the home entertainment charts. "The resounding success of Wolverine on Blu-ray reveals that the consumer still craves their movies the best way possible" said Mary Daily, Executive Vice President, Marketing, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment.

Note to Fox: if you want to break more records, don't #[email protected]( up! the stories of your Marvel Movies!
-access out, God speed

Read more about Wolverine in my site here

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