X-Men Origins:Wolverine - Deadpool Ending

X-Men Origins:Wolverine - Deadpool Ending

Upon learning of the multiple endings for the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, I was really excited.

But then, the Fox-reality set it.

The Wolverine Japan (Drinking to rememeber) is bad.

Stryker doing his best Bixby through the desert was worse.


And finally the Wade Wilson/Deadpool ending is probably the most impressive thing I've seen in movies since the ridiculous size of David Bowie's codpiece in Labyrinth. (Come on, that thing had arms). He reaches for his own head, opens his eyes and say "Shhhh...". I nearly lifted the keyboard off the desk with my ragin' cajun' (sorry).

But I'll let you decide what you think. Keep the volume down, there's a bunch of tardmonkeys clamoring during the ending. While it does give you the urge to whip a box of jujubees at him, it'll do you know good sitting at home.

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