More From Rodrigo Santoro On The 300 Follow-Up

More From Rodrigo Santoro On The 300 Follow-Up

In a brief interview with Omelete, actor Rodrigo Santoro said that he read an early version of the script, how this movie differs from the first 300 and a bit more.

With recent news confirming that Rodrigo Santoro is indeed in talks to return for the upcoming 300 Follow-Up, the actor decided to discuss some aspects about the subject. In an interview with Omelete, the actor said that he read a brief version of the script, and also discussed a bit on how this new movie differs from the first one.

The script is always getting a new version, I read a version from a while ago, they're always changing it. I think there may be a bit of his backstory in that, some brief explanation, but it's another point of view, because the movie happens at the same time as the 300 battle and there was other battles going on, there is a moment that the battle on this movie connects with the battle on the previous movie. He is a very specific character, for what they spoke with me, they always had me in mind to return, but as the movie took too long to get the greenlight, it became some kind of indecision. I think Xerxes part on this may be bigger or similiar this time, this movie is part of a franchise, from what the studio thinks, the comics are one thing different from the adaptation they had, the 300 branch is a success, so we don't want to change the movie title, lets keep the audiences knowing that this is part of the 300 name, which will now be "The Battle of Artemisia". So we have to keep people interested, by finding a new hero, who will be the athenian guy, so they have this new structure to not repeat the same formula again, but it still has the 300 spirit and at the same time is something new.

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