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Come check out my cast for a live action TMNT movie!
As the title says, pencils for my new picture of a mix of Lobo's.
With The Amazing Spider-Man 2's mixed reactions despite being a financial success overall, though performing below expectations, we still have no confirmation on the status of the new film. In case the film ends up in Spider-Man 4 limbo, here's where I would go with the story for the third film.
What if DC and Marvel heroes united against the Transformers in an epic war?
It's time for yet another Fan-Made Trailer from MR8866, this time: DC Marvel vs Transformers
This is my fan made poster for the upcoming ANT-MAN movie.
My poster for The Avengers - Age Of Ultron
Just found these fan-casts on a cool Facebook page...I thought they were pretty good! Tell me what you think P.S. credit to the owner of the Facebook page! Leave positive comments guys!!! ALSO FOR THE CASTING HE GIVES REASONS BELOW...ACTUALLY READ THEM...IT MAKES THEM MAKE SENSE!
Come check it out.
This grade A investigative journalistic series by BatmanHeisenberg has shattered false realities and changed the hearts of everyone on Click the jump to go full circle with the dark truth of everything you hold dear.
I've made another drawing, this time based upon Chris Pine as Kirk from the J.J. Abrams Star Trek films. Hit the jump and check it out!
The sequel to the well-received fan cast "BATMAN: ARKHAM". Follow Batman as he not only has to stop a gang war between two of Gotham's hardest hitters, but also has to be on the lookout for two people that are tasked with killing him.
Just a quick sketch I did of the new Batgirl design.
After a glorious day yesterday where we got a fresh new batch of steaming stills from Avengers: Age Of Ultron, I took it upon myself to make a poster for the film using the Entertainment Weekly textless magazine cover. Check it out after the jump!
The Watchtower Tales starts it first event! Time Turmoil! Click and see what kind of trouble the the Second Shift has gotten into...
Unwanted Heroes is a story of nine superheroes from different origins and with plenty of secrets. The story starts off in New York City on Christmas day, just after the defeat of an alien invasion by the heroes who now have to realize the world is changing all around them now. The Heroes must face new dangers, more heroes, and the revelation of their secrets. (Sorry for the wait, forgot my password)
Punisher has opened a bar and some of our favourite anti-heroes have popped in for a drink. Things are bound to get weird with this lot about! Hit the jump to check out the script!
Mr Prime gifts you 3 wallpapers/designs that he has spent his time making for his own gains
What a day, what a day! We got a boatload of Avengers: Age Of Ultron news/images this afternoon and boy they were great! Now check out my quickly put together fan made poster that includes all the Avengers on the EW Cover we saw today! Hit the jump to check it out!
Fan Cast: Henry Cavill as Superman. Ben Affleck as Batman, Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, Ray Fisher as Cyborg, Jason Momoa as Aquaman, Chris Pine as Flash...
It's a shame that Robert Orci is no longer writing The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but what if an unknown scribe was able to pen the third instalment of the franchise. Well, this it. My vision for chapter three.
My take on a fan cast for the famous Will Eisner Character... The Spirit, on the FX Network.
No full-on movie universe, no origin stories, just the Justice League fighting the good fight and a few supporting characters to help along the way.
A fan made trailer for a Batman vs Predator film.