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Fan-made Teaser Poster for the upcoming revival of Power Rangers!
Come and check out the Online Alternate Universe in Hawkeye #1! A down on his luck Clint Barton needs a job, but he may get a little more than he bargained for when a mysterious band of terrorists attacks!
FANTASTIC FOUR fan cast. The first in a series of Marvel Fictional Universe installments based on different Marvel properties. Check my casting choices out after the jump!
I took my swing at a few heroes and celebrities alike!
Awesome fan made The Fantastic Four (2015) movie poster
Your order of Round 14 is ready, caution! plate is hot with an order of Update to go
What would it be like for an everyday News station with all the superheroes floating about in the Marvel Universe? Find out the answer to that question and many more you never thought you'd ever need answered after the jump.
As the great Joaquin Phoenix enters final negotiations for the role of the title character (supposedly) here's a fan creation for the one of the next films in Phase 3 of the MCU, the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange. Check it out!
After the good reception on my recent Highlander Reboot Pitch article I've decided to pitch my sequel idea
After the good reception on my recent Highlander Reboot Pitch article I've decided to pitch my sequel idea
Okay, I lied, I re-attached my head almost immediately. What followed was plenty of sword-wielding, bullet firing, and fourth wall breaking. Do you want to know what happened next? Well, aren’t you a nosy little jerk!
Who would I cast in the new Power Rangers movie? Hit the jump to find out.
Bonus Round Heroes vs Villains and an update!
An alternate time. An alternate world. Under the leadership of Scott Summers, the X-Men have managed to become a force of justice in the cause for mutants. However, sinister forces in the shadows seek to destroy everything they hold dear. When a mutant assassin targets the team in ways they struggle to counter, the X-Men must uncover the truth, or perish trying.
Excerpt from the beginning of my Mortal Kombat fan script
Another fan made sketch of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman for Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, check it out after the jump and enjoy!
A modern Batman animated series based off Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy. A Batman cartoon filled with with Tumblers and more grounded in realism.
Check out these great renditions of our heroes on a half shell and co.
Welcome to round 12 another villains battle royal with cheese.
With all the news and hullabaloo surrounding a new Batman reboot starring Ben Affleck. I decided that I would join in on the fun and create what would be my perfect Batman franchise. So here is part one of the Batfleck Tetralogy.
Spider-Man: Lost Cause is a feature length fan film directed and written by Joey Lever. It's a passion project meant to challenge Marc Webb's "Amazing Spider-Man" Franchise. It was originally intended to be released 2013, but was postponed until 2014.
A fan made Red Band trailer for a PUNISHER MAX film released by Marvel Studios. Hit the jump and check it out!
Check it out after the jump, to see "the fastest man alive" CW show incarnation painted still into fantastic art by fan.
In my anticipation for Avengers: Age Of Ultron I decided to take some images that have been released to create a poster for the upcoming film. Come check it out!
Okay there's a script out there and by now I'm sure we've all seen the test footage but as a long time Deadpool fan here's my Deadpool movie pitch