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Hit the jump to see who will be voicing the awesome characters of Log Horizon get ready to enter the database.
Fan favorite in the TMNT Series, Usagi returns to action in Usagi Yojimbo: Sesno #4, where he takes on a major villain that returned while making an important decision in the process. Hit the jump to check it out!
If you want to hug something, go hug a tree!
The first full trailer for Takashi Miike's (13 Assassins & Ichi the Killer) adaptation of the popular manga As The Gods Will has been released. The trailer offers all kind of oddities from a malevolent Daruma doll that makes students heads blow up to a giant beckoning cat that attacks people who are dressed as mice!
Since Manga are Japanese comics I can put these characters.
It appears is that the people who wanted a new film based solely on the original cast will be dissapointed. But there is more to the story. Come take a look, see what it has in store.
Hit the jump to see where you can legally view the new season of log horizon and at what time it will be on.
With Only a few days until season 2 of the mega hit series hits Sentai Filmworks have just Released the dvd / blu-ray cover for the first half of the first season hit the jump for all the details.
Three years after the dramatic events of Book Three: Change, Korra is back with new challenges. Watch now the new trailer for the third season of Nickelondeon's Legend of Korra, with drama, action and a teaser for the return of an old friend. Hit the jump to check it out!
All of you attack on titan fans will want to hit the jump to see the first trailer for the new two part ova.
For a series that only ran 3 seasons within a 3-year span, it managed to win an Emmy for outstanding animation, and it featured the voice acting talents of Grey Delisle (Azula) Dee Bradley Baker (Appa) and Mark Hamill (Fire Lord Ozai). Click the jump to see if you recognize the voice of his special guest appearance at the end.
Fans of this manga and anime won't have long to wait for the first film to come out hit the jump for more.
Well this news should get you ready to re-enter the database Hit the jump for more news on this anime including who's doing the end theme.
it's time for a classic with a really bad dub to get re-released this time with a great dub and Ranger in it's cast hit the jump for more.
The fall anime season is about to start soon and to kick start it is the second season of hitsugi no chaika hit the jump for the trailer.
Everyone's favorite live-action Dragon Ball Z project has released a Behind the Scenes video featuring footage from their upcoming project and interviews with the cast!
With the final episode in the arise series due to air in a few days it seems fans havn't seen the last from section 9 hit the jump for more.
Rupert Sanders (Snow White and the Huntsman) is bringing the popular Japanese manga Ghost in the Shell to the big screen, and now the stunning star of The Wolf of Wall Street Margot Robbie is said to be in talks for a lead role (presumably Major Motoko Kusanagi). Hit the jump for details!
Those crazy girls from the survival game club will have there own ova which will arrive with there first dvd/blu-ray hit the jump for the trailer and for the japanease release.
Can you believe this classic Anime is 25 years old? To celebrate this milestone, a brand new poster in anticipation of the re-release of Ghost In The Shell on September 27th has found its way onto the grid. Take a look after the jump..
Come check out an awesome flip art video showing Dragonball Z's Goku and DC's poster-boy Superman in an epic brawl to the bitter end. Hit the jump and prepare to be blown away!
The first Rurouni Kenshin live-action film, Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno performed very well at the Japanese box office but now, the third film in the live-action manga saga is poised for a strong debut as 'The Legend Ends."
Check out these awesome fan-made posters by yours truly!
Dragonball Z: BATTLE OF GODS is the eighteenth animated feature based on the Dragonball franchise. It does hold the status of being the only feature that directly connects to Dragonball Z‘s 291 original episodes, taking place during the end of Dragonball Z‘s animated series run.
when ever news of a company picking up an anime title is announced it's never done by the company them self's come and see what title have been picked up.