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Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and a new Hulk movie are all set to be featured in Marvel's Studios' "Phase Three" after 2015's The Avengers 2. But what other character(s) do you want to see get a film then? Here's your chance to cast your vote.
What will be this year's 'Ant-Man'? That is to say, what long,on-hold/in-development project(s) will finally receive positive news that it's moving forward as a feature film or television show. Here's my top 10, be sure to include your own suggestions in the comments section.
Frequently fan cast for the role, and having already voiced the character in an animated series, Hounsou speaks in detail to MTV about the chances of playing T'Challa on the big screen, and how he thinks a movie should be approached..
A number of actors have come out and campaigned for the roll of T'Challa/Black Panther, but according to Noel Clarke, don't expect to see him in the role any time soon.
CBMer Yossarian tells you why you won't be seeing him anytime soon.
Including a quote from the Nigerian-American actor on the possibility, hit the jump and check out another potential T'Challa candidate in Gbenga Akinnagbe for The Black Panther movie!
In the past Michael Jai White (The Dark Knight) has never been shy about his interest in Black Panther, even going so far as to say that his version would make you forget about Batman. That was a year ago, has his interest waned?
Despite Guardians of the Galaxy taking The Black Panther's previously rumored spot on Marvel's slate, Leverage actor Aldis Hodge now elaborates on how diverse the film would be.
Marvel will reveal plans for their 2014 movie at their SDCC panel today. It is expected to be GOTG, but Marvel co-president Louis D'Esposito also teases another movie that was rumored first - Black Panther..
Last year Coventry Telegraph reported that reported that actor and stuntman Raw Leiba had met with Marvel about playing Black Panther's nemesis Erik Killmonger. Now the actor has confirmed the meeting and shares some details about what took place.
Reginald Hudlin sat down with BlackFilm to chat about the 20 year anniversary of ‘92 comedy Boomerang, producing Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and the potential of the Black Pantherfilm.
In an exclusive interview with Mehcad Brooks (True Blood) of USA Network's Necessary Roughness the actor expresses interest in filling the role of T'Challa. Click the jump to check it out.
Last August the Coventry Telegraph reported that actor and stuntman Raw Leiba had met with Marvel about playing Black Panther's nemesis Erik Killmonger. Now, he has donned the villain's costume in an attempt to convince the powers that be that he is right for the part.
Responding to a fan's suggestion, actor Brian J. White has further expressed his desire to work with Marvel Studios, now in regards to their Black Panther adaptation rather than Luke Cage.
While promoting his new movie Tyler Perry’s Madea’s Witness Protection, Romeo Miller (previously Lil' Romeo) is asked if he has any interest in filling the role of T'Challa.
The latest actor to express interest in Marvel Studios' imminent adaptation of The Black Panther, is Leverage star Aldis Hodge. Also stating his qualities for the role, check it out after the jump!
UPDATED: With The Black Panther forthcoming, The Hurt Locker actor Anthony Mackie was recently questioned whether he'd be interested in filling the role of T'Challa. Check out what he says!
With Black Panther finally on his way to the big screen, here are just four reasons why you should be excited about Marvel's plans for the character and what exactly it is about T'Challa that makes him such a deserving choice for his own film.
Following the "big tease," Marvel Studios' untitled film, that'll accompany the Captain America sequel in 2014, is reportedly none other than T'Challa, better known as the Black Panther.
The number one spot is here and a lot of you guys would have probably never guessed this character. This countdown is dedicated to those who fought hard to break through the marginalized walls set by critics and conformist of entertainment. May God bless them and those who continue to bring change to this tier of paperbacks called comic-books.
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