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A great way Marvel can reference or elude to the Black Panther in CA2. Read on for details fellow CBMers
The 12 Years A Slave actor is many fans' pick to play Black Panther on the big screen, and during the following video interview with Collider Ejiofor is asked if he'd have any interest (though not in that character specifically). Click on to hear what he has to say..
Marvel Studios has made it no secret that Black Panther is in the pipeline, but Kevin Feige was asked recently about the adaptation and a Loki film amid Thor: The Dark World promotion! Check it out!
Despite having "a foot" in the Marvel world via Guardians of the Galaxy, Beninese-American actor Djimon Hounsou would be honored to play the King of Wakanda in a solo adaptation. Check it out!
Many of us want to see a Black Panther movie. I know I do! So why are Marvel Studios dragging their feet when it comes to getting the man up on the big screen? Click on for my thoughts on the matter -- controversy about a name is hurting T'Challa.
Earlier this year, Kick-Ass 2 star Morris Chesnut sent out a Tweet saying he was getting "familiar" with Black Panther. That of course led to speculation that he was in the running for the role, but the actor has now cleared up his possible involvement with the project. Check it out!
Disney has added another unspecified Marvel Studios production to its 2016 schedule, while also setting a 2015 release date for director Kenneth Branagh's (Thor) take on Cinderella.
My rough attempt at what Djimon Hounsou may look like as the Black Panther.
Joining Ant-Man on Marvel's Phase 3 line-up, Disney has scheduled two undisclosed Marvel movies for release in 2016 and 2017. Hit the jump and check out the dates and speculate who they belong to!
The Black Panther has been an extremely diverse character effort due on Marvel's own part. It features a rich African landscape and centralized story in the same background and nature involving well translated characters. It has also been rumored at some point he will join The Avengers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is my take on how it should be done.
Time To Recap And Update On My Theories Of The Black Panther Being In Avengers 2, (That's Right I Told You First) And Who Should Play Him. Also How It Is Unfolding Right Before Your Eyes!
Latino-Review scooper Elmayimbe is at it again, this time claiming to have in his possession a grid that reveals Marvel Studios' plans to shoot Black Panther next year. While it's not confirmed as of yet, hit the jump for further details!
Latino Review think they know, and it ain't Morris Chestnut! Thanks to the huge success of a recently released movie, it seems Marvel have their sights on a young actor who looks set to be rocketed to super-stardom. Read on to find out who..
Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe doesn't officially begin until May 3rd's Iron Man 3 but lets analyze how much we know about Marvel's Phase Three. Is there room for Black Panther?
Reports of the King of Wakanda appearing in "Avengers 2" and Chestnut being up for the role have been greatly exaggerated. What was Morris Chestnut's twitter innuendos really all about? Is he covering up his tracks or was there nothing there to begin with?
We heard Morris Chestnut say recently that he was learning more about Marvel's Black Panther, leading many to think that he may be up to play the character in the MCU. And now, he sends another cryptic tweet suggesting that T'Challa will be in The Avengers 2.
Pure speculation at this point, but Kick-Ass 2 star Morris Chesnut has revealed that it's time for him to "get familiar" with the Black Panther. Could this be an indication that he's in the running to play the character? Read on for details!
Who does Iron Man 3 director Shane Black think would be ideal for an R-rated Marvel film? Often when this subject comes up, names like Daredevil, Punisher and Blade are bandied about but Black doesn't go for the obvious choices, his answers just might surprise you.
Ant-Man, Doctor Strange and a new Hulk movie are all set to be featured in Marvel's Studios' "Phase Three" after 2015's The Avengers 2. But what other character(s) do you want to see get a film then? Here's your chance to cast your vote.
Why Can't Marvel Give Us A Good Reason Why We Still Don't Have A Balck Panther Movie? Well... Here Is 5 Reasons Why They May Be Saving The King For Something Much Bigger.
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