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Captain America and Iron Man's relationship leading up to Captain America: Civil War has been tumultuous, at best. Hit the jump for a look at the serious and not so serious cinematic events that have driven the iconic Marvel hero's apart. It's a wild ride! - MrSundayMovies
When Batroc The Leaper and his new Brigade attempt to steal advanced technology Captain America and The Falcon must save the day before Christmas is ruined for everyone. - WingHead
By connecting the dots between interviews and the trailer, here's my breakdown of how Civil War will play out, find out after the jump! - StoneHex104
Written by Flames

Hopefully this gets a good conversation going - flames809
While promoting The Martian, Sebastian Stan talks Captain America: Civil War and notes that more will be revealed about how Bucky became the Winter Soldier, as well as Bucky's perspective on Hydra and how he'll be a problem for other characters in the film. - StupendousMan
One of the best scenes in the Captain America: Civil War trailer was Black Panther's kick on the Winter Solider. Now we have a brilliantly put together video of T'Challa and Bucky discussing the kick. Click to check this out. - LEVITIKUZ
"So was I". The first trailer for Captain America: Civil War was phenomenal. It was thrilling, intriguing and, above all else, heartbreaking. How, then, could anyone make it any more emotionally devastating? Mix it with an Adele song of course. Hit the jump to check it out! - Minty
Now that Marvel Studios has finally unleashed the first visuals from its next cinematic outing, Captain America: Civil War, check out over 100 HD screenshots which capture many things you may or may not have missed like the Scarlet Witch taking flight and the Black Panther kicking ass! - DCMarvelFreshman
Me and a few friends talk about the trailer - SpideySFCU
The official teaser for a certain blockbuster instantly made headlines as soon as it was recently launched. With so much hype surrounding the trailer, one must ask: Was it worth the wait? - Darkknight2149
Anthony and Joe Russo have broken down the trailer for Captain America: Civil War, shedding light on key plot points, the roles played by Black Panther and Baron Zemo, turning Steve Rogers into an "insurgent", General Ross' sinister motivations, and much, much more... - JoshWilding
Hit the jump to find out what I thought on this first look at the highly anticipated Marvel Studios movie! - neihofft
Following the release of that amazing teaser trailer and poster for Captain America: Civil War, Marvel has today unveiled a brand new synopsis for the movie which sheds some more light on the plot and asks fan to pick a side; are you Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Check it out! - JoshWilding
The first Captain America: Civil War trailer tells us a lot more about the next long awaited Marvel project, with the inclusion of all sorts of Easter Eggs and perhaps even a Ms. Marvel nod. So why not delve a little deeper by taking a look at some things you may have missed... - MrSundayMovies
Don't worry, this is not a Marvel fan-boy wining. I loved the trailer. It's just one thing that is not even afecting my hype. - BaronZemo
In case you were living under a rock and/or found yourself without retinas last night, Chris Evans & Robert Downey Jr. paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live!, and brought with them the first official teaser trailer & poster for Captain America: Civil War. Check out clips from their visit now! - KingPatel
Following the release of that incredible teaser trailer and poster, Marvel has now unleashed two more posters for Captain America: Civil War depicting the fight between Captain America and Iron Man from each of their perspectives with the tagline, "Divided We Fall". - JoshWilding
Marvel has released the first teaser trailer and poster for Captain America: Civil War, and it's even more amazing than you ever imagined. Shedding new light on the story, we see Black Panther, Cap and Bucky taking down Iron Man, and so much more besides. Check it out... - JoshWilding
Check out IGN's Tom Holland interview in which he discusses a little bit about his involvement in the MCU. - SpiderHam
When we heard Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. were lined up as guests on the Jimmy Kimmel show, we assumed something Civil War-related was coming with them, and now the host has confirmed that there will indeed be a "big surprise" relating to the Marvel threequel... - RorMachine
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