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By Armageddon26 - 12/23/2010
The X-men movies are a franchise of films based on their Marvel Comics counterparts.The first four films have had mixed reviews but they are all in the same series no matter what.With Wolverine and X-men First Class on there way and a Deadpool and New Mutants movies in discussion I wanted to find out what everyone elses favorite mutant movie was


In Congress, Senator Robert Kelly attempts to pass a "Mutant Registration Act", which would force mutants to publicly reveal their identities and abilities. Magneto begins his plans to level the playing field between mutants and humans. Meanwhile, a girl named Marie (a.k.a Rogue) runs away from her home in Meridian, Mississippi. She meets Wolverine in Canada. Suddenly, both of them are attacked by Sabretooth, a mutant and associate of Magneto. Cyclops and Storm arrive and save Wolverine and Rogue and bring them to the X-Mansion. Professor Charles Xavier runs the facility, and leads a group of mutants who are trying to seek peace with the human race, educate young mutants in the responsible use of their powers, and stop Magneto from starting a war with humanity.

Abducted by Mystique and Toad, Senator Kelly is brought to Magneto, who tests a machine on him that artificially induces mutation though Kelly manages to escape imprisonment with his new abilities. After an accident causes Rogue to use her powers on Wolverine, she is convinced by Mystique (disguised as Bobby Drake) that Xavier is angry with her and that she should leave the school. Xavier uses Cerebro to locate Rogue at a train station. Mystique infiltrates Cerebro and sabotages the machine. At the train station, Wolverine convinces Rogue to stay with Xavier but a fight ensues when Magneto, Toad and Sabretooth arrive to take Rogue. Arriving at Xavier's school Kelly dissolves into a puddle of water when his mutation becomes unstable.

The X-Men learn that Magneto intends to use Rogue's ability on himself to power his machine. Xavier attempts to use Cerebro to locate Rogue but falls into a coma. Jean Grey fixes it and uses Cerebro to find Magneto's machine on Liberty Island, which Magneto intends to use on the world leaders who are meeting for a summit on nearby Ellis Island. Just as the group arrives at the top of the statue and kill Toad, Magneto and Sabretooth incapacitate the group and continue with their plans. Magneto transfers his powers to Rogue who is forced to use them to start the machine. Wolverine breaks free and initiates a fight with Sabretooth but is thrown over the side of the statue.

Wolverine returns, and Cyclops, with Jean's help, blasts Sabretooth out of the statue. With Jean stabilizing him, Storm uses her abilities to send Wolverine to the top of Magneto's machine. With time running out, Wolverine attempts to stop the machine and save Rogue, but Magneto, now having regained some of his strength, halts Wolverine's claws. Cyclops manages to find a clean shot, wounding Magneto and allowing Wolverine to destroy the machine. Placing his hand to her face, Wolverine succeeds in transferring his regenerative abilities to a dying Rogue. Professor Xavier recovers from his coma and the group learns that Mystique is still alive (after Wolverine stabbed her at Liberty Island) when they see her impersonating Senator Kelly on a news broadcast. In an attempt to help Wolverine learn more about his past, Xavier sends him to a military base near Alkali Lake. Xavier visits Magneto in his plastic prison cell, and the two play chess. Magneto warns his friend that he will continue his fight, to which Xavier promises that he (and the X-Men) will always be there to stop him.


X2:X-men United

Nightcrawler, a teleporting mutant, attempts to assassinate the President of the United States in the White House, but he fails and escapes. Wolverine reappears after discovering nothing at Alkali Lake, while Storm and Jean find Nightcrawler with the help of Professor Xavier and Cerebro. Cyclops and the Professor visit Magneto in his plastic prison to see if he had any part in the attack on the president. Reading Magneto's mind, the Professor discovers that a covert government operative, William Stryker, has been extracting information from Magneto. A trap is sprung and Cyclops and the Professor are captured by Stryker and his assistant Yuriko Oyama. A military raid of the X-Mansion begins, with the soldiers sedating every student they find and Wolverine confronts Stryker, who fails to shed any light to his past.

Impersonating Senator Robert Kelly and Yuriko, Mystique gains information about Magneto's prison and provides a means for him to escape. Wolverine, along with Rogue, Iceman and Pyro, head to Iceman's (Bobby Drake's) parents' home in Boston. After a 9-1-1 call the police arrive just as the group is about to leave. The X-Jet arrives to pick them up but are attacked by an air force but manage to defeat them and the X-Men team up with Magneto and Mystique. Magneto has learned Stryker orchestrated the attack on the president and has been experimenting on mutants, using a drug injected directly into the back of the neck to control them. Jean reads Nightcrawler's mind and determines that Stryker's base is located at Alkali Lake, inside the dam where he plans to kill the world's mutants by building a second Cerebro.

Through his son, Jason, Stryker gains control over the Professor. His son is able to project powerful visions in the mind, blinding a person to reality and through this the Professor is brainwashed to use Cerebro to find and kill all mutants. Mystique is able to infiltrate Stryker's base and as the X-Men enter by impersonating Wolverine, and Storm and Nightcrawler search for the kidnapped students. Jean, Magneto, and Mystique are attacked by a brainwashed Cyclops while trying to rescue the Professor and in the process cause damage to the generators that keep the dam from collapsing. The force of Jean's telekinetic blast awakens Cyclops from his brainwashing and at the same time Wolverine finds Stryker in an adamantium smelting room along with Lady Deathstrike. Wolverine manages to defeat Deathstrike and then finds Stryker on a landing pad, where Stryker attempts to bargain Wolverine for his life with stories of his past.

While disguised as Stryker, Mystique uses Jason to convince the Professor to kill all humans and Magneto and Mystique use Stryker's helicopter to escape Alkali Lake, chaining Stryker to concrete rubble. Meanwhile, Nightcrawler teleports Storm inside of Cerebro where she creates a snowstorm to free the Professor from his telepathic illusion. The dam bursts but a malfunction aboard the X-Jet prevents it from taking off. As the flood gets stronger, Stryker drowns and Jean leaves the jet and creates a telekinetic wall in order to stop the wave and raises the jet above the flood waters. Jean activates the X-Jet's primary engines, before releasing the torrent of water down on herself.

The X-Men are able to supply the president with files from Stryker's private offices, and the Professor warns him that humans and mutants must work together to build peace or they will destroy each other through war. The film ends with a voice-over by Jean Grey on the process of evolution (a speech originally made by the Professor in the introduction of the first film). The camera floats over Alkali Lake, showing a vague shape of a Phoenix in the lake.


X-Men 3:The Last Stand

The pharmaceutical company Worthington Labs announces it has developed an inoculation to suppress the X-gene that gives mutants their powers and makes them different from other humans, offering the "cure" to any mutant who wants it. While some mutants are interested in the cure, including the X-Men's Rogue, many others are horrified by the announcement. In response to the news, the X-Men's adversary Magneto raises an army, warning his followers that the "cure" will be forcefully used to exterminate the mutant race.

Cyclops, still depressed about the loss of Jean Grey, returns to Alkali Lake. Jean appears to Cyclops, and as the two kiss, Jean changes and kills Cyclops. Sensing trouble, Professor Charles Xavier sends Wolverine and Storm to investigate. When they arrive, the two X-Men encounter telekinetically floating rocks, Cyclops' glasses, and an unconscious Jean. Xavier explains that when Jean sacrificed herself, she unleashed the powerful alternate personality she calls "Phoenix". Wolverine is disgusted to learn that Xavier has kept Jean in check telepathically, but when Jean awakens, he realizes she is not the Jean Grey he knew. Jean pleads with Wolverine to kill her, but when he refuses, the Phoenix surfaces and telekinetically slams Wolverine into a wall. She then escapes to her childhood home.

Magneto, also aware that Jean is now a powerful mutant, meets Xavier at Jean's house. The two men vie for Jean's loyalty until the Phoenix resurfaces, unleashing her devastating power. She destroys her family's house, disintegrates Xavier, and leaves with Magneto. Following the loss of Xavier, the X-Men regroup and confront Magneto's army, which is attacking the pharmaceutical company. During the fight, Beast injects Magneto with the "cure", nullifying his mutant powers. After the battle, the Phoenix emerges and begins to destroy everything around her. Momentarily gaining control, Jean begs Wolverine to save her. Telling Jean he loves her, Wolverine reluctantly kills her with his claws.

The school continues without Xavier, with Storm now as headmistress and Logan as a teacher; the President appoints Beast as ambassador to the United Nations; Rogue returns, telling Iceman she has taken the "cure." The underpowered Magneto sits at a chessboard in a park and reaches out toward a metal chess piece that moves slightly, indicating that the mutant cure may possibly be only temporary. Following the end credits, Dr. Moira MacTaggert checks on a comatose patient who greets her with Xavier's voice. Startled, she replies, "Charles?"

X-Men Origins Wolverine

In 1845 Canada, young James Howlett sees his father killed by groundskeeper Thomas Logan. The trauma activates the boy's mutation: bone claws protrude from James' hands, and he kills his father's murderer. With his dying breath, Thomas Logan reveals that he, not John Howlett, is James' real father. James flees with Victor Creed, the abused son of their father who is thus James' brother. They spend the next century as soldiers, fighting in the American Civil War, both World Wars and the Vietnam War. In Vietnam, Victor attempts to rape a local village woman, but is stopped after killing a senior officer. Despite his objections to Victor's actions, James defends his brother, and the two are sentenced to execution by firing squad, which they survive. Major William Stryker approaches them, now in military custody, and offers them membership in Team X, a group of mutants including marksman Agent Zero, swordsman Wade Wilson, teleporter John Wraith, invincible Fred Dukes and electropathic Chris Bradley. They join the team, but the group's questionable actions and disregard for human life cause James to leave.

Six years later, James, now going by the name Logan, lives in Canada with his girlfriend, Kayla Silverfox. Colonel Stryker locates Logan and warns him that someone is killing members of the team; both Wilson and Bradley are dead. Shortly afterward, Victor murders Kayla and attacks Logan. Stryker offers Logan a way to beat Victor; Logan undergoes an operation to reinforce his skeleton with adamantium, a virtually indestructible metal. Before the procedure, Logan asks for new dog tags inscribed with "Wolverine", based on a story that Kayla told him. Once the procedure is complete, Stryker orders Logan's memory erased, but Logan overhears and fights his way out. Logan hides at a farm, but the next day Zero tracks him down. Zero attacks Logan, killing the owners of the farm, but later he defeats Zero and continues his revenge.

Logan locates Wraith and Dukes and asks them about the location of Stryker's new laboratory, referred to as "The Island". They tell him to find Remy LeBeau, who escaped and knows the location of The Island. Logan locates Gambit in New Orleans, and asks for the Island's location, but Gambit suspects Logan was sent to recapture him and attacks. Creed manages to find Logan, and after killing Wraith, he attacks him. When Logan is about to kill Victor, Gambit interrupts, giving Victor the chance to escape. Logan and Gambit fight one last time before Logan convinces him he is not working for Stryker. Gambit takes him to Stryker's facility on Three Mile Island. Logan learns that Kayla is alive and conspired with Stryker in exchange for her sister's safety.

Logan leaves, enraging Victor. When Victor demands the adamantium bonding promised for his service, Stryker refuses on the basis that Victor would not survive the procedure. Victor attempts to kill Kayla when she tries to persuade him Stryker betrayed them both, but Logan hears her screams and returns. Logan defeats and nearly kills Victor, but stops when Kayla reminds him of his humanity. Kayla and Logan free the imprisoned mutants.

Stryker activates Weapon XI, originally Wade Wilson, but now a "mutant killer" with the abilities of other mutants, which Stryker refers to as "The Deadpool". Logan holds Weapon XI off while the mutants flee. The party is greeted by Professor Charles Xavier, who offers them shelter at his school.

Kayla, mortally wounded, decides to stay. Logan lures Weapon XI to the top of one of the plant's cooling towers. Logan is almost killed until Victor intervenes. Logan decapitates Weapon XI and kicks him into the base of the cooling tower. Victor departs and Logan is saved from the collapsing tower by Gambit. As Logan carries Kayla to safety, Stryker shoots him in the forehead with adamantium bullets, rendering him unconscious. Kayla uses her persuasion powers to make Stryker drop the gun and commands him to walk away before dying from her wounds. Gambit returns as Logan regains consciousness, but the bullets that were shot at his brain have triggered amnesia. Gambit tries convincing Logan to come with him, but he declines, wanting to go his own way.

In a post-credits scene, it is revealed that Weapon XI is still alive in the rubble of the cooling tower. In an alternate post-credits scene, Logan is revealed to have traveled to Japan.

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Xandera - 12/23/2010, 8:45 AM

Hey Everybody - The next Sub-chapter of White Fire will be here on Friday Dec 24/10. If you haven’t read the beginning click on the title below to check it out!

"White Fire"
marvel72 - 12/23/2010, 8:56 AM
x-men 2 was the best it had its moments.

x-men again had its moments could of been better.

x-men 3 had its moments,but sucked overall.

x-men origins wolverine sucked.
Draximos - 12/23/2010, 8:59 AM
Couldn't agree more Deadpool72.
Yeah X3 and Origins suck.
Whoever voted X3 as the best doesn't belong!
ClarkFarley2012 - 12/23/2010, 9:13 AM
F***IN all of the them! Pure garbage.
supert - 12/23/2010, 9:21 AM
How is this even a question.

X2 is by far the best, I even think it's better Spiderman 2 which people seem to think is like perfection. It just hits on so many levels story/theme wise.

X1 was a good movie to start the series off, but nothing too earth shattering although I think it pretty much started the whole push for comic book movies, even moreso than Blade.

X3 had a some great moments, but it also had some very very bad ones as well. I don't think there's any question it didn't live up to what the first two X-movies were. Too many ideas in one movie, too many characters that didn't get enough development, deaths that were beyond pointless, clunky dialogue and a lot more. Very big disappointment seeing as the first two (especially X2) were awesome.

X-Men Origins - BLEH! Good think Aronosfky is completely ignoring this tripe in the sequel. Not even worth talking about.
Codeseven - 12/23/2010, 9:26 AM
all of them were SH!T. basically wolverine 1, 2, 3 and origins.
mrHJK - 12/23/2010, 9:34 AM
what's the point of a poll? everyone will say the exact same thing! "X2 was fantastic, X-Men was pretty good, Last Stand sucked, and 'Borigins'(so funny) was shit"

Honestly, none of them were great. Origins was rushed and packed with too many characters, X2 is way over-blown and not nearly as good as everyone says. The first was probably the best. And Last Stand is not nearly as bad as everyone says; the worst thing was Cyclops death which probably happened because the actor was going with Singer for Superman Returns.

Looking forward to First Class, maybe Vaughn can finally give us a great X-Men movie..
LEEE777 - 12/23/2010, 9:36 AM
Your joking right LOL?
yankeemanf - 12/23/2010, 9:37 AM
x-men was the best movie imo i found it more entertainin than X2 then origins then X3
LEEE777 - 12/23/2010, 9:37 AM
[frick] I just clicked the best for BORIGINS, [frick]ING computer lol!

LEEE777 - 12/23/2010, 9:38 AM
X-MEN: FIST A$$ is going to be the WORST pity we can't vote for it LOL.
golden123 - 12/23/2010, 9:38 AM
@supert: completely agree with your X2 comment it was awesome and better than the overrated Spider-man 2.
LEEE777 - 12/23/2010, 9:39 AM
Excuse me @ ARMAGEDDON, but you have two BEST POLLS and no WORST POLL WTF lol???
yeoldeemoney - 12/23/2010, 9:45 AM
@ Lee Have you no faith in Fox? First Class could be amazing.
Elayis - 12/23/2010, 9:47 AM
The first is still my favorite, with the second nearly tieing (just had too many subplots and plot-holes for my liking).

The Last Stand, while still a good-ish movie, had quite a few cringe-worthy moments, and even more plot-holes/character departures. It could've used a more deft hand.

Wolverine, however, was just pure crap. Everything about it was unoriginal and boring. However, it still wasn't absolutely "horrible". It just didn't add anything worthwhile to the franchise.
JediJoker515 - 12/23/2010, 9:55 AM
X2 was the best. If only because of the opening scene with Nightcrawler
DarthGeoffPeterson - 12/23/2010, 9:57 AM
I liked all of 'em actually. I personally don't think they are nearly as bad as all the hatemongers proclaim. They have clunky bits, and liberties were taken but not to the point that I can't enjoy them.
CherryBomb - 12/23/2010, 10:06 AM
I liked X2, the storyline was good, I liked they they showed and explored some more characters like Rogue, Iceman and Pyro. I liked the cameo's from Shadowcat and Siryn too (: aswell as Collossus.
BigK1337 - 12/23/2010, 11:19 AM
For the best X-Men movie, I have to go with X-Men because it does follow the plot formula of the X-Men comics: humans hate mutants, Professor Xavier seeks peace with the humans, Magneto wants to wage war and kill the humans, and the X-Men are there to stop Magneto.

As far as worst go, it is a tie between Last Stand and Wolverine; since those two movies disappoint the hell out of me only second to X-Men First Class (yeah I went into the future and saw the movie, time travelling is a common plot in X-Men).
Runefyst - 12/23/2010, 11:20 AM
People are waaaayyyyy too picky around here. The first 2 X-Men movies were fantastic, and if it wasn't for the first one, we may not have all the great comic movies we have today!

Out of all the superhero movies I've seen, X2 is still one of the best. Sure, it deviates from the story-line of the comics, but so do most of the movies. Big. Flippin'. Deal.

X-3 was ok, but wasn't nearly as good as the first two. Wolverine, I enjoyed perfectly fine, aside from the weird Deadpool thing that was at the end.
rottencotten - 12/23/2010, 11:53 AM
I say x2 because they introduced Nightcrawler and also had a scene with mystique that gave me goosebumps as a comic book fan...

However I do not think Origins was the worst, that honor goes to the 3rd piece of (r@p. Why are actors afraid to hide their pretty little faces, the 3rd movie could have done something as simple as give Jugarnuaght a full helmet and it would have made the movie 10x better...
Pitydafool - 12/23/2010, 11:55 AM
Pity the fools who think X2 wasnt great. I was hooked from the very begining. The nightcrawler opening is prolly the best 2 mins in cbm history. X3 and origins were magic shows. Lots of pretty lights and explosions to distract u from the films weakness. Im still hoping a DP movie will restore my faith
Nemesys - 12/23/2010, 11:56 AM
Im all about continuity and all, but even given that fact, I still say X2 was the best. I had a serious nergasm watching Nightcrawler Bamf all around the White House. Of course all 4 movies had their flaws, but of the four flix, X2 all the way!! If only Colossus had bigger roles...
Nemesys - 12/23/2010, 12:01 PM
Origins did however portray a much better Sabretooth than the others. But Juggy was just plain lame... an atrocity as far as I'm concerned. Never even explored Cain Marko's relationship (or lack thereof) with Xavier!
GoddamnBatman - 12/23/2010, 12:53 PM
Agreed Juggy should've been a much bigger actor (think Tyler Mane) He didn't have enough screen time and his deleted scene with Wolvie should've remained in the film.
I also enjoyed Liev's Sabretooth. Now one of my on-screen fav villians. I like when a villian is similar to the hero
Lucasberg - 12/23/2010, 12:56 PM
It is an embarrassing fact that CBM users have currently placed X-men Origins above the original X-men
Lucasberg - 12/23/2010, 1:05 PM
It is an embarrassing fact that CBM users have currently placed X-men Origins above the original X-men
Ronnie11 - 12/23/2010, 1:19 PM
120 VOTES FOR XMEN ORIGIN...WTF is wrong with you ppl???
skullboy - 12/23/2010, 1:33 PM
The first X-Men was ok, but really didn't like X2. Really don't understand the love for it. I wasn't feeling it and I feel some of the characters seem held back when it comes to their powers, especially Iceman.
dcanty49 - 12/23/2010, 2:44 PM
X2 was by far the best, but The last stand is not as bad as people make it seem. Yes there were pointless deaths, but i think it is still under rated. In my personal opinion, the first xmen movie was the worst so the order is:

Wolverine Origins
The last stand
Xmen 1

Im sorry, i just cannot get over the way wolverine and sabertooth were portrayed in the first film!
LucasMend - 12/23/2010, 2:53 PM
Well if I have to choose one, I choose X2, like @deadpool72 said, it has its moments, but still is not faithful or good, the movies could be good and faithful as the first Iron Man or The Incredible Hulk.
SageMode - 12/23/2010, 3:16 PM
If they would've done Deadpool justice at the end and had Tyler Mane back as Sabretooth and didn't have Wolverine and Sabretooth being brothers, it wouldn't have been that bad.
Denn1s - 12/23/2010, 3:26 PM
none was faithful and none was bad in my opinion. i really like all 4 of them...
tripttwe - 12/23/2010, 3:37 PM
Was my comment (GULP) deleted??? I only said that Origins took the cake (IMO)... Say it ain't so?!? GALACTUS!!!! GIVE ME A SIGN! I BEG OF YOU!!! GIVE ME A SIGNNNNNNN!!!
tripttwe - 12/23/2010, 3:42 PM
Maybe I just didn't post it, but whatever. I went with Origins 1st (shout out to Lansdowne5)!!! X-2 in a close 2nd, x3 being 3rd and the Original X-Men last. I do have a lot of respect for the first one for covering new ground, but I can't place it first because it came first. I think that the movies evolved after the original because Fox saw what they had, making them more confident in putting some real doe into the budget...
IronicMan - 12/23/2010, 4:23 PM
LOVE X-2. The first one's okay, but pretty plain compared to other CBM's, though you have to appreciate how it really paved the way for cbm's to be taken seriously. x3 is pretty bad, but I cut it some slack for casting Kelsey Grammer as Beast. Genius. Let's forget Wolverine Origins ever happened, as I'm really looking forward to First Class and "The Wolverine" (hilarious title, though).
tripttwe - 12/23/2010, 5:29 PM
@ Armageddon- It's cool. I had to send my last post a couple of times, so I believe I just didn't post it properly. My bad...
TayDee - 12/23/2010, 7:13 PM
To me I liked origins the best even though I thought they were all crap but i just liked that one the best
captainam86 - 12/24/2010, 1:13 AM
Honestly think origins was a good movie just wish there was more blood, but the best was x2 then origins. Then x3 just because they gave us what we wanted just far too little of it! And too much supposed humor through what was supposed to be more of a action drama. Felt like I was watching wolverine in rush hour. And tho xmen started it, they f'd up a lot of things we love from the comics and cartoon
DiLusso - 12/24/2010, 1:32 AM
rewathched generation x made for tv movie last week,made me chuckule!
@ captainam86 -nice avatar, i had that for a while
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