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DCN Reviews Zack Snyder's Superman reboot Man of Steel, straight from the LA premiere! Did this movie live up to expectations? Click on for his take. There's a spoiler free text review and video review with spoilers.
Dark Knight Returns Director Jay Oliva Talks Hidden Easter Eggs, DC Animation's Next Film FlashPoint And The Recently Cancelled Catoon Network favorite, Young Justice.
Bruce W. Timm On A Possible KILLING JOKE Animated Film
Batman The Animated Series Creator Bruce W. Timm discusses the possibility of seeing an animated adaptation of one of - if not the - greatest Batman stories of all time, Alan Moore's The Killing Joke. He also shares his thoughts of The Aurora tragedy.
Interactive THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Movie Standee
The Dark Knight Rises is pulling out all the stops with its marketing. They have released interactive Movie Kiosks in certain theaters and it allows you to record a video. Check out these cool examples!
New THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Toys Image Tease With Possible Scarecrow Cameo
Target has a ton of new The Dark Knight Rises Toys, Games and even bed sheets. One mysterious toy looks alot like Scarecrow? Is Dr. Crane in The Dark Knight Rises? Plus more spoilers from the Kids book.
THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Trailer 3 Podcast Special
Huge 2 hour Dark Knight Rises Trailer 3 Podcast Special. Impressions, Theories and Complete Break Down Of The Trailer Frame By Frame.
The Dark Knight Rises Viral Begins
The Dark Knight Rises Viral Begins! The official site just switched over to a mysterious file case for Batman! It looks like there will be scavenger hunt were fans must submit photos to unlock the trailer! Updated: With what to submit!
TDKR: Does Toy Merchandise Reveal That John Blake Is Actually Azrael?
Is The Dark Knight Rises' John Blake actually Azrael? This "Heroclix" bio may yield some interesting revelations for a character many assumed to be Dick Grayson.
Peter Stormare Talks To CBM About Lockout
Peter Stormare Talks to CBM Via roundtable about "Lockout" The new Sci-Fi action thriller!
Maggie Grace Talks LOCKOUT And TAKEN 2 To CBM
Maggie Grace sits down at a roundtable with CBM to talk about her new Sci-Fi Action film Lockout and a few new tidbits about Taken 2 and her love of "Game Of Thrones"
Guy Pearce Talks To CBM about New Film LOCKOUT And More!
Comic Book movie sits down with Guy Pearce for a roundtable Q&A about his new Sci-Fi action movie Lockout. Pearce also answers some questions about Prometheus and working with Christopher Nolan!
MattGalvatron's Review of LOCKOUT
Is this our generations "Escape from NY" or just another "Colombiana"? From Luc Besson and the producer of "Taken" comes the hot new sci-fi Lockout. Can Guy Pearce rescue president's daughter from a maximum-security space prison or this movie?