Why The SANDMAN Movie Was Not On WB's Superhero Movie Schedule
Recently, WB announced plans & release dates for films featuring Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Shazam & The Justice League. However, not included on that list was the Sandman movie that's currently being developed by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Here's why according to Neil Gaiman.
American Horror Story: Freak Show S4 E2 Review Massacres and Matinees
MCott continues his coverage of the fourth season of the FX anthology series. How does the second episode hold up? Find out below. (WARNING! Spoilers)
New Extended Promo For THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Season 6 Episode 4: Black Hole Sun
Stefan left Enzo in quite the predicament tonight and next week, it looks like Matt's the one that has to pick up the pieces. Meanwhile, Damon & Bonnie search Damon's past for clues that may help them find their way back home. Come check out the extended promo & stills for next week's episode now!
Sink Your Teeth Into DRACULA UNTOLD Concept Art
Universal's Dracula Untold finished in second-place last weekend with a solid debut. Hit the jump to check out some concept art that various artists created for the flick.
UPDATE: SUPERNATURAL Season 10, Episode 3 Promo; Soul Survivor
The relationship between the Winchester brothers is being pushed to the limit thanks to the influence that the Mark of Cain is having on Dean, and in this first look at next week's episode, we see that things are about to get even worse as Crowley seeks out an unexpected ally...
New Promo From SLEEPY HOLLOW Season 2 Episode 5: The Weeping Lady
I know I know, there's a lot of MCU news tonight, but before you get back to that, we also have a brand new promo for next week's episode of Sleepy Hollow for you to check out. Come take a look as a woman from Ichabod's past comes to visit and all hell breaks loose!
RESIDENT EVIL TV Series In The Works
Variety report that, along with a Mortal Instruments show, Constantin Films are planing to launch a Resident Evil tv series after the sixth and (apparently) final movie in the lucrative franchise. Will Milla Jovovich reprise the lead role of Alice? It's a possibility..
New UNDERWORLD With Kate Beckinsale Being Developed; TV Show In The Works
Underworld director Len Wiseman ("Total Recall"), who is married to British actress Kate Beckinsale ("Total Recall"), told IGN at New York Comic-Con that an Underworld sequel is also being developed that will feature his wife. Come check it out.
Dracula has returned and he's more action orientated than ever! Featuring Luke Evans in the title role DU aims to reboot the Universal Monster Movie franchise's into a Marvel style universe. Hit the jump for Mr Sunday's review and to share your own thoughts!
BOX OFFICE: Batfleck's GONE GIRL Drives Stake Through DRACULA UNTOLD
Ben Affleck beat his wife ... at the North American box office this weekend. His new film Gone Girl, which was directed by David Fincher, bested all newcomers, even Jennifer Garner's Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
BOX OFFICE: DRACULA UNTOLD Opens Strong But Batfleck's GONE GIRL May Win Weekend
Dracula Untold sunk its fangs into a solid start at late Thursday showings, but Gone Girl - starring Batman v Superman's Ben Affleck - will likely win the weekend. Meanwhile, Robert Downey Jr. may want to reconsider Iron Man 4 after the tepid response to The Judge...
New Extended Promo For THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Season 6 Episode 3: Welcome to Paradise
Next week on The Vampire Diaries, Stefan comes home and he's hunting for Enzo. While they go at it in a fight to the finish, Damon & Bonnie continue to look for a way to escape their current predicament.. come check out the new promo & stills from the next episode now!
SUPERNATURAL Season 10, Episode 2 Promo; Reichenbach
Supernatural has now been on the air for a decade, but based on the season 10 premiere, The CW series is still going strong! With Dean now a demon, the next episode will continue to deal with the impact that's having on the Winchester's, and you can get a first look at that right here.
New Red Band Trailer For David Hayter's WOLVES
We had some..um..revealing new stills from the movie earlier on, and now IGN have debuted the official red band trailer for the X-Men/Watchmen writer's upcoming werewolf flick. It's pretty tame to be honest, unless your grossed out by a bit of CG blood. See what you think..
Universal's DRACULA UNTOLD Gets Comflix Fan Trailer
Comflix just sent us over a trailer for Dracula Untold that we had to share with you! They took assets from the movie and created a pretty impressive custom edit and treatment for the film. CHECK IT OUT!
New Promo & Stills From SLEEPY HOLLOW Season 2 Episode 4: Go Where I Send Thee...
Fox's 1-2 punch of Gotham & Sleepy Hollow has proven to be quite a success. After another wild episode of the latter, next week Abbie and Ichabod are on the search for a missing child and end up coming face to face with the Pied Piper! Come check out the new promo & stills now!
New Extended Promo For THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Season 6 Episode 2: Yellow Ledbetter
The CW's highest rated show, The Vampire Diaries, is back. Next week, Enzo returns and convinces Caroline to join him as he tracks down a lead, but when they take a detour, Caroline is shocked at what they uncover.. come check out the new promo & stills from the next episode now!
Over Seven Minutes Of B-Roll Footage From DRACULA UNTOLD
Universal has released over 7 minutes of B-Roll footage from their upcoming vampire origin story, Dracula Untold. The film, which is expected to be the first in a line of monster films from Universal, stars Luke Evans as the future king of vampires & hits theaters October 10th. Check it out!
DRACULA UNTOLD Producer Reveals How The Movie Fits Into Universal's Monster Universe
Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan are leading an initiative to create a shared movie monster universe similar to that of Marvel's Cinematic Universe, but with The Mummy and Frankenstein instead on Captain America and Iron Man! It has now been confirmed that Dracula Untold is part of that...
New Promo & Stills From SLEEPY HOLLOW Season 2 Episode 3: Root of All Evil
Next week, Fox's crazy fun drama Sleepy Hollow continues as Abbie and Ichabod search for a mysterious silver coin that is much more than meets the eye. Also, Captain Irving faces a tough choice & the Mills sisters are tested. Come check out the new promo and stills from next episode now!
Tommy Wirkola Won't Direct HANSEL & GRETEL: WITCH HUNTERS Sequel
Tommy Wirkola, who wrote and directed 2013's Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, has told Fangoria that he will not direct the sequel. Hit the jump to voice your sadness.
Daniel Radcliffe Looks Bloody Terrifying In New Set Of Stills From HORNS *SPOILERS*
A huge batch of stills from Alexandre Aja's Horns have been uncovered showing off a barely recognizable Daniel Radcliffe as he completes his terrifying transformation into the devil incarnate. The film, which arrives on Halloween, also features Heather Graham & Juno Temple. Check it out!
New DRACULA UNTOLD Featurette Offers A Look Inside The Movie
Dracula Untold looks set to take the iconic vampire back to basics as it offers a very different take on his early years. In this new featurette, we're treated to plenty of new footage and interviews which give us a much better idea of what to expect from the movie. Check it out!
VAN HELSING Storyboards Reveal Unused Creature From The Black Lagoon Scene
2004's Van Helsing, which was written and directed by Stephen Sommers ("The Mummy"), planned on including the Creature from the Black Lagoon. Come see storyboards for the unused scene.
New Promo & Stills From SLEEPY HOLLOW Season 2 Episode 2: The Kindred
Fox's crazy fun surprise hit from last fall, Sleepy Hollow is finally back! Next week, Ichabod and Abbie come up with a new plan, involving resurrecting a monster, to try and save Katrina from the Headless Horseman! Come check out the new promo and stills from the episode now!