Jacky's BEST & WORST Films of 2013

Well 2013 is almost over and the new year is going to be ringing in soon. With that in mind this has been a year of a few disappointments and hidden gems within films. Here I give my opinions on my top best and worst films of 2013 I have seen.

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By PsychoManiacJacky - 12/30/2013

Well ladies and gentlemen 2013 is almost over. What a crazy year this had been and essentially a mind blowing year. It's been not only a big comeback for me but also a firmly good year of films, mostly hidden gems. Now I have not seen every film this year to come so this is only based on what I have seen within 2013. You may not like the choices in my best and worst category but whatever it's my list and my opinions, deal with it. To top the list I will start with an honorable mentions category of the few that didn't make the top but I still consider then going into the actual meaty portions of it. There will be five choices for each since that's the style mostly everyone is going for. So shall we begin?




Honorable Mention - This is the End

What do you get when you take some of the most funniest actors working in Hollywood today and putting them in one movie together. Not only that but adding a plot about the apocalypse / yes the end of the world? Well it's simple, you get one of the funniest films of this year to come! Yes I would have wanted to put it on my actual "Best Films List" but there was another end of the world movie I found slightly better in my opinion which needed the spot. It doesn't mean I didn't like This is The End, oh no, I loved it. It's one of those dream and inspired projects where you know the actors are definitely in it for the fun. Everyone knows their role and it's played out so perfectly. Then the ending where they take it up a few more notches and a hilarious cameo from a certain band. If you have missed this film, you have missed out.


Honorable Mention - Pain & Gain

People have a lot to say about Michael Bay especially the Transformers fans. I will agree Bay has gradually lost some of his credibility to film making over the years. But this film might I add, is not only great but his best one thus far. It reminds me of a Bad Boys era Michael Bay when he knew how to create a good story, a great film, and along with that some funny humor. He takes the true story that this material was based on within Pain & Gain and turns it into an entertaining but all the while a serious film with excellent performances even from the Rock which surprised me. It's one of those movies you know from the story there would be consequences. It's like Scarface and his rise to fortune and then his downfall along those lines.


Honorable Mention - Welcome to the Punch

This is a film probably many of you haven't heard about or just didn't bother with due to some negative reviews. Well take my word, it's just simply so awesome you can't pass up. The film stars both James McAvoy and Mark Strong. Mark Strong plays a criminal who is forced out of hiding after a major heist gone wrong involving his own son. Then James McAvoy's character comes in the picture as a detective who bad been tracking him down for a long time who now has his chance to take him down, and he also has a personal vendetta against him. I won't spoil anymore because this is an excellent thriller which definitely took me by surprise. Beautiful cinematography and direction.


Honorable Mention - Prisoners

If you have seen the trailer to Prisoners and you were complaining you have seen the entire movie, your wrong. This movie is roller coaster ride from start to finish. Just to give any details out about it might slightly ruin your experience, but it doesn't change the fact of the actual experience from watching this film. It does involve a kidnapping (not a spoiler) but the actual mystery of it is still floating in classic who-dunnit styled film. Excellent performances from both Hugh Jackman and Jake Gyllenhaal especially Terrence Howard. It's film that when after it's all done and over in the end it just makes you think for a while but in a way that reflects on life in general. It's a movie that's both haunting and disturbing without pushing those extra boundaries/lines. It's the little things presented through is what really makes it shine. If you haven't seen Prisoners, you haven't definitely seen it.


Honorable Mention - John Dies at the End

It was a film that premiered originally at a film festival in 2012 until finally receiving a theatrical release in 2013. To try and explain every detail of this movie would be hard. To sum up this movie in two words though, "Mind Trip". There's a lot of twists and turns including many surprises. This movie is definitely over the top and whacky, the film itself just takes it as what it is. Which is why many of the reviews have been divided over this. I haven't read the book based on film, but I will say I definitely enjoyed the film. When it comes to adapting a book to the screen it's a whole different process you have to go through. It's not words anymore, it's a visual medium now. A visual medium that needs to connect to the audience watching it. Something I feel that was perfectly conveyed here.


Now onto The Main List



NUMBER 5 BEST/2013 - Metallica: Through the Never

Yes it may be a concert film, but it's a film. It's an experience you see on a movie screen. And it was an amazing experience. I remember watching this in IMAX 3D and being so submerged into it. There is also a small subplot film involving Dane DeHaan being sent out on a mission to retrieve an item for them and there is this crazy huge riot going on. Then you have this amazing Metallica concert going on with all of that. Yes I did a review for this movie you could check out below. It's definitely an experience I am glad I didn't miss.

Jacky Movie Review: METALLICA Through The Never IMAX 3D


NUMBER 4 BEST/2013 - Oblivion

After I came from the theater watching Tron Legacy I said to myself, wow that director has potential. When I heard about his next film being Oblivion I was purely excited for the film. That excitement never left even coming out of the film. Joseph Kosinski knows how to submerge you deep into a world and get you more further into the story being told. Then the amazing soundtrack which compliments the film itself and the characters within the movie. Some people say the movie was too long, but I honestly wished it was longer. There are so many places it could have went and so much more it could have explored. All in all it was a great science fiction film which definitely ponders a concept not many touch upon.


NUMBER 3 BEST/2013 - The World's End

Finishing off the Cornetto Trilogy is the final film, The World's End. It does indeed end with a bang. Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg have crafted another great film together. They are truly the masters of comedy and this film shows it right from the start. This film did have competition with another end of the world film, This is The End. But there is so much that separates both of these films that makes both of them different and unique in their own way. To simply put it, Edgar Wright continues the tradition as started from Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. Grab your friends and have great time!


NUMBER 2 BEST/2013 - Elysium

Neill Blomkamp is another promising director like Joseph Kosinski. With Blompamp's previous film District 9 where he exposed the idea of aliens and humans coexisting with each other on Earth. Now with Elysium it goes into much more deeper tones. Yes you can say the idea is not really original but he does it in such a way it feels new as you watch it. It follows Matt Damon's character Max as a man hoping to get to Elysium, a space station floating above Earth where the rich are currently living. While the rest of the humans that can't afford to live their are living on wasteland Earth. There is nothing at all held back in this film. One thing I like about Blomkamp is that he knows how to do amazing visuals and a great story that is just so gritty and intense. A story that feels true to life and not like any other typical science fiction movie which would just overly fantasize on the matter. It did receive it's share of bad reviews of people that didn't understand the messages being conveyed through the film. Also of it being different and how it stands out against the rest. The supporting actors within the film do an excellent job. But there is one actor that definitely steals the entire movie and that is Sharlto Copley, dare I say it to be one of the greatest villain roles of all time? It's a movie that is more than entertaining. It's thought provocative and it's engaging. As evident it may not be for everyone, but if you truly like science fiction and haven't seen it yet give it a go.


NUMBER 1 BEST/2013 - Evil Dead

When it comes to a remake of a horror film, I just normally roll my eyes. Yes every single film from the 80s,90s,and whatever is being remade today. So I wasn't that excited when I heard about The Evil Dead remake. When I heard Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell were producing the film remake to Evil Dead, that is when I got interested. I wouldn't exactly call the film a remake but a re-imagining of the entire concept. Horror is one of my favorite genres and director Fede Alvarez has really crafted something truly unique which is why it takes the number 1 spot in my opinion. The film takes the concept of Evil Dead more into present day. It also doesn't hold anything back at all. The blood and gore is present, all the scares and thrills are in it, and the amazing direction to compliment it all. Some people would say it was too serious towards Evil Dead, but that was the purpose of the first Evil Dead film after all. There are really some strong performances in the film especially Jane Levy as Mia in the main lead. There are many nods and throwbacks to the original film many fans would spot. It's just so amazing the amount of effort put into making it. Especially not relying heavily on CGI and going for the more old school practical effects. Evil Dead 2013 is near perfect. It's one for sure that will keep you on the edge of your seat till the very end as it did to me.


Well we made it through my best films category and now onto the worst films category which I will present in one list. No honorable mentions because there is absolutely nothing honorable about these films. To also note there is a few I decided to spare from my list of worst films. Mainly I originally intended for Man of Steel to be on the list. Then I thought, despite the jaw dropping bad script and poorly written narrative by David Goyer, Zack Snyder at least tried to make a great film. There was also some amazing action sequences that has never been done before in a Superman film especially the fight between Superman and General Zod blew me away. It did have a nice visual flare and style which complimented the themes being presented. I will even applaud them for trying to give Superman the update he needed also despite it seeming like a Christopher Nolan film was constantly screaming to burst out of Man of Steel. It does have a broken structure in many spots and it's not completely perfect by any means on how fans are saying it is but I find there are other films I have seen this year I would consider to be much worse.

Another film I decided to spare was Iron Man 3. Hey, Iron Man 3 delivered some of the goods and it's definitely not the best Iron Man film (wouldn't even rank it close to the first) but yet again it tried. We got to see more of Tony Stark than Iron Man and this time we saw Tony Stark himself out of his own element. A much edgier story as told by Shane Black. Then one of the worst villain twist in cinematic history that pretty much brought down the tone of the rest of film into a straight up comedy sitcom (insert laugh track) also embarrassing Sir Ben Kingsley who surely has after thoughts of utter regret over this role potentially ending his career. Okay, Kingsley has starred in other far worse films over the past years including the Mike Myers film The Love Guru which strangely ended Myers own career. I didn't care much about The Mandarin going into Iron Man 3 to be honest but what I expected was a seriously dark movie and a great villain (as referenced in the trailer?). Instead we get some guy who was a loner that gets rich and starts his own company. Then he becomes this evil guy and disguises himself as The Mandarin who is this actor on TV shouting threats that does evil stuff, then he has this evil Extremis stuff we have no idea what he wants to do with even people breathing fire and people on fire. I would have seriously taken Justin Hammer over this guy. No I am not even kidding, bring back Sam Rockwell as Justin Hammer! He was the saving grace of Iron Man 2 and could potentially be if there is a fourth Iron Man film which I highly doubt. Okay, maybe Iron Man 3 sucked because fans saw it as a major disappointment or was it because of the comedic sitcom twist in the middle of it? You decide.

Alright before I get into the meat of it there was another film I decided to spare, ah heck how about we just call this the honorable worst mentions list anyway! So Kick-Ass 2 was on my worst films list before, what a surprise! Jeff Wadlow, your not the next Matthew Vaughn or the next greatest director. But you somehow managed to take a great film like Kick-Ass into a poor excuse of sequel. I'm sorry but if you like Kick-Ass 2, go ahead and like it for what it is. I found nothing memorable or amazing about this film at all with the exception of Jim Carrey who did a great job for what it's worth. This to me is the B-Movie version of Kick-Ass. Vaughn's style was just so unique which is what truly made the first film have so many memorable scenes and lines in my opinion. I haven't even seen the first Kick-Ass film in a while and there are so much scenes I could remember from it more than the sequel itself. You could definitely tell Wadlow was trying to implement that style throughout with his own direction, but it just didn't work at all. With Kick-Ass 2 it just felt as if they recycled through the characters. Well why isn't this on my actual worst films list and why did I even bother to spare it if I dislike it this much you may ask? It did have descent action sequences including an ending battle sequence which I found to be well choreographed. But it's the type of action sequences you would see in one of those watch once only action films that only works for the moment they embrace themselves in. Sorry I couldn't come to liking Kick-Ass 2 at all. You could say it is because I haven't read the comic book series, but I do consider above that the first Kick-Ass film to be one of my favorite movies in the comic book genre.

How about After Earth? I think M.Night Shyamalan has really put himself in his own genre now. You just know the next one after next he will make now is going to be a total load of crap. I wouldn't think it would be fair to put After Earth in that category, since we can already expect the overall outcome to be of subpar quality. Just poke me when you look out the window and see pigs flying, it might finally be a sign of a good Shyamalan film or a sequel to Unbreakable. Now can we just move on to the Top 5 Worst Films of 2013 in my opinion? Oh what's that? You want me to talk about Smurfs 2? *grabs seat again* Alright so Smurfs 2, I couldn't finish watching it. Maybe I wasn't in the right mental state of mind to watch it considering I watched through the entire first movie. That's right, I wasn't in the right mental state of mind to finish watch Smurfs 2 which is why it's not on the list! Just give me at least, a few more months or years to finish watch it. Alright now finally on to the final destination. Go forth and to infinity and more infinity!


Worst Films of 2013


NUMBER 5 WORST/2013 - G.I.Joe Retaliation

The only thing this movie retaliates from is itself. A sequel to a film many people found disappointing (I found entertaining at best). A lot of fans didn't have any high hopes for this one and it was great they didn't. They basically replaced Channing Tatum with The Rock, Gave Bruce Willis a pointless character and a ridiculous cut n paste Saturday morning cartoon plot you wouldn't believe they made into a film. Just give Snake Eyes his own movie already, he is literally the best character in the whole entire series and he doesn't even have one line! He even has the best action sequence in the whole entire movie. The rest I guess the director just feel asleep at. Okay maybe this an amazing film if your drunk or tired and need something to warm up the television while your waiting for a better movie. Am not expecting pure Oscar entertainment when it comes to making a movie based on action figures but my gosh just make it good! The whole ending was cut short with a silly fight between The Rock and Firefly played by Ray Stevenson. What happened to Cobra Commander isn't he supposed to be the leader of Cobra?


NUMBER 4 WORST/2013 - Machete Kills

I will have to say, the first Machete movie was awesome. That was a movie that definitely embraced it's concept while keeping you entertaining. Machete Kills on the other end? Yeah the sequel is nearly unwatchable. The jokes get old within seconds and it's just so boring and dry. It lacked what made the first film so great to enjoy. It's just scene after scene of emptiness. This is the film that is making me worried for the next Sin City film because we don't know what happened to Robert Rodriguez with this one. Just, don't watch this movie at all. Not even worth it for a fun get drunk friends night.


NUMBER 3 WORST/2013 - Getaway

If you skipped out on seeing this Ethan Hawke film, your lucky! Just stop where you are and give yourself a good pat on the back! You know before I saw this movie I looked at all the bad reviews and thinking this couldn't be even that bad at all. Well me thought wrong, me thought very wrong. Alright let me sum up this movie. Ethan Hawke plays this guy who drives a car and there is some voice who is telling him to do stuff. The guy with the voice has his wife hostage somewhere so Hawke has to do these driving missions. Then, Selena Gomez shows up and acts really annoying. I don't even want to go through describing more of this movie. It's not even a decent driving/action film. The camera jumps around all over the place and it's edited so poorly. I wouldn't even compare this to Fast and Furious because this film makes all them look like Academy Award winning movies. Then there is this one driving sequence at the end of the film which will blow your mind. Finally for one scene they managed to keep the camera steady! My gosh it's like it became a whole different movie in it's own! The script is terrible and okay I will say it looked like Ethan Hawke was trying. Unfortunately a certain actor decided to hop in the middle of the movie to ruin it. Avoid this film at all cost necessary, just like the title getafaraway from it as possible. From the director of Dungeons & Dragons everyone, that is the tagline the trailer truly needed.


NUMBER 2 WORST/2013 - R.I.P.D: Rest in Peace Department

When it comes to a summer film. There are the ones which just require no immediate thought going into. Those are called popcorn flicks. The movies you just go in and watch to have a great time with yourself or friends. Well I guess that was what R.I.P.D was supposed to be right? A fun action packed and funny summer film starring both Ryan Reynolds and Jeff Bridges! Hey even Kevin Bacon is in this movie and he is playing the villain. Oh how can this all go wrong hahaha....ha. To describe how dry and bland this movie is would be me trying to describe the texture of a rock that has been sitting in the hot sun for days; Okay the rock is hard, it feels rough I guess, and it's rocky! Yes this movie was based on a comic book but it still excuse the fact a similar film has been before, wait a series. Everyone remember Men in Black right? Well take the film Men in Black and instead of aliens add paranormal stuff in it. Then make the film really boring and add a bunch of terrible CGI effects. I will admit I stopped watching it near the ending. Then I decided to go back and finish it. Then the terrible ending credits music. There is nothing about this movie that is funny at all. I feel sorry for Jeff Bridges and Kevin Bacon. Ryan Reynolds, not really at all.


NUMBER 1 WORST/2013 - A Good Day to Die Hard

John Moore, please never step behind another film again. Skip Woods, I have no idea what you were doing at all. Bruce Willis, what is wrong with you? This film makes the previous Die Hard film look like a masterpiece. What more can I say about A Good Day to Die Hard? As a huge fan of the Die Hard series I was definitely looking forward to seeing what number 5 had to offer. Yes Die Hard 4 didn't have the same impact as the first three films, but I can safely say that was a Die Hard film. This movie is basically grumpy old Bruce Willis as himself or a parody of himself stuck in a movie with the Die Hard name on it and there is a crazy plot no one cares about with so many twists and turns. It's the most forgettable Die Hard film in the series. This is officially the worst film I have seen this year and the most disappointing. Just watch the video below I found if you want to understand more (Includes Spoilers, but I am advising you don't watch the movie at all).


Well that's it for 2013. Some disappointments and some real winners. Anyways take care guys! Seeyah in the new year!

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UltimateWarrior - 12/30/2013, 4:29 PM
To each his own I guess.
jerryblake - 12/30/2013, 4:37 PM
Prisoners is a good movie. Not much of an Oscar contender (although i think Jake Gyllenhaal should get at least a nomination for his role. This guy is growing on me. He should play the Batman one day.)
Jackman was really good in it. It was nice to see him finally getting out of his comfort zone.

This is The End was terrible. World's End was so much better (also Edgar Wright have proved with this movie he knows how to do action too)

RIPD was bad. White House down was worse. Shame it's not on the list.

Pain and Gain was a pleasant surprise.

Am i the only one who liked GI Joe 2 ?!
DEVLIN712 - 12/30/2013, 5:03 PM
I feel this picture perfectly sums up my mental image of Jacky. It's just random and seems out of place but fits together perfectly.

Jollem - 12/30/2013, 5:29 PM
this is the end was okay. the trailer was better than the movie

iron man 3 was pretty much shit

MoS is currently the best superhero movie
QuestiontheAnswer - 12/30/2013, 6:07 PM
Welcome to the Punch was insipid. The two leads were wasted on such mediocrity.
Pedrito - 12/30/2013, 7:51 PM
Finally someone whose write ups we can always trust! Wait... This one is serious? Still great stuff.
Man I had forgotten that I saw Machete Kills. That was painful, even though I made sure I was wasted when I saw it.
whoa123 - 12/31/2013, 1:11 AM
A Good Day To Die Hard is not a Die Hard film haha. Good list Jacky!

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