Over 70 High Definition Screenshots from the new 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE Trailer and Trailer Breakdown

The newly released spectacular 300: Rise Of An Empire trailer shows great new looks at returning characters and other story details when seen through this shot by shot breakdown

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By KingLeonidas - 12/5/2013

300:RISE OF AN EMPIRE, the follow-up to Zack Snyder's masterpiece, showcased a beautiful trailer yesterday and showed some returning characters. This movie really seems like it will deepen the mythology and provide larger context to the events in 300 as well as tell its own exciting action packed story.

#25 shows the pit guy who infamously got kicked into the pit
#61 shows Daxos, the leader of the Arcadians
#62 shows the guy who yelled "Spartans lay down your weapons"

Also there was enough blood shown to almost make it a red band trailer (Look at screenshots #7, #8, #63, #64 and #70)

Enjoy the shot breakdown below and click on them for high definition versions.


An (Athenian?) soldier flings a fire ball at the opposing side's ships.


The fire ball thrown above supposedly finds its target.


Xerxes showing off what is supposedly King Leonidas's head as he lays a Greek city (Athens or Sparta?) to destruction.


A traumatized (Greek?) child.


(Athenian?) soldiers kneel down and brace for impact from an enemry ship.


A ship's hull is clean lifted out of water due to the boat breaking impact.


A slaughtered Immortal sinking to his death.


Literally a wave of blood. If you don't get the memo, get it now, this movie will be extremely bloody.


A beautiful shot of ships in the moonlight.


Rodrigo Santoro seen for the first time in this franchise in his normal form. Eva Green exhorts him to become a god.


Xerxes becomes a god.


The Persian army entering the Hot Gates (Thermopylae) into Greece?


The dead bodies of the great 300 can be seen in the left of the frame.


Xerxes looks at his mighty Persian army.


The beautiful Eva Green.


Xerxes declaring war?


The Persian city of Persepolis?


Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) and the Athenians charging.


Running down the hill in the mud and the rain.


Oars of the Persian ships?


Slaves rowing the boats?


The Persian armada.


Artemisia as the commander of the Persian navy.




The pit guy standing behind King Darius of Persia (Xerxes's father) as he sits amidst the skulls of the kings whose kingdom he has conquered?


A brutal blood splattered Eva Green.


Eva Green in front of the Athenian ships she has set on fire.


Gerard Butler's shot used from 300.


Another Butler shot used from 300, he did not shoot for this film.


Xerxes levels his axe to collect probably his biggest prize yet, the head of King Leonidas.


Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) goes to see Queen Gorgo who stands before Leonidas's pyre?


Queen Gorgo, Lena Heady returning in her break-through role.


Sullivan Stapleton, taking over as the hero from Gerard Butler.


Xerxes swings his axe in fury to behead King Leonidas.


Xerxes swings his axe in fury to behead King Leonidas.


Xerxes stands on a cliff...


... to his mighty navy.


Artemisia kneeling before King Xerxes as we see a destroyed Greek city in the background.


A Persian machine of some kind?


One of those wonderful monsters that we saw plenty of in the first film.


A massive Persian ship?




Themsitocles riding to Athens with his men?


Sullivan Stapleton giving his version of a badass speech.


Athenians kneeling to brace for impact?


Athenians kneeling to brace for impact?


A flag, a signal of some kind?


A massive shot of the two armies charging at each other on the beach.


Death by horse?


A badass looking fleet of ships.


Eva Green takes aim.


Eva Green looking fierce.


Eva Green looking Persian for once.


Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton dueling with swords.


Sullivan Stapleton about to fling a spear.


The Athenians charging?


Themistocles in battle.


Enemy ships about to collide.


It seems the Athenians ram a Persian ship for once.


Sullivan Stapleton will scream as much as Gerard Butler in this film. Which is awesome.


Daxos, the leader of he Arcadians, makes a return. Remember he ran away with his men from the final fight in 300?


Is this the guy who screamed, lay down your weapons Spartans?


Lena Heady gets in on the action this time.


Sullivan Stapleton's face splattered with Persian blood.


Calista aka Jack O'Connell. He got his own poster. Is he a main character?


Xerxes in front of the desert?


Eva Green and Sullivan Stapleton dueling with tongues.


Eva Green looking demonic.


Sullivan Stapleton leads a charge.


A splatter of blood as an Immortal is sliced open.


Queen Gorgo aka Lena Heady looking fierce.


The Queen of Sparta leads the Spartans into battle in the absence of King Leonidas.

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Supes17 - 12/5/2013, 8:38 AM
Picture #32. Dem teeth
Nick56 - 12/5/2013, 9:08 AM
WB should let this guy direct a Wonder Woman movie - visuals and shots looks really good

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