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EDITORIAL: Why Mr. Freeze Should Be The Villain In The BATMAN Reboot
LEVITIKUZ tells you why he thinks Mr. Freeze should be the first main villain featured in the upcoming Batman reboot. Why him instead of other villains? What should he look like? Who should write/produce/direct a film featuring Freeze? Click to check it out!
EDITORIAL: Will Marvel's Cinematic Universe Be The Downfall To Marvel Comics?
LEVITIKUZ has a hunch that Marvel’s Cinematic Universe will be the downfall to Marvel Comics. Characters Marvel doesn’t own film rights to will take a backseat to those they do own. Click to check it out.
EDITORIAL: 8 Changes Or Ideas I Didn't Like With THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY
LEVITIKUZ talks about 8 changes or idea he didn't like about The Dark Knight Trilogy. Some have to do with stuff people has said while most I haven't really seen anybody say which makes no sense. Click to check it out.
Deviantart artists KinJamin has released his newest piece to add to his The Dark Knight Rises Epilogue set and it's about Mr. Freeze. Click to find out how Freeze could work in The Dark Knight Trilogy's world, how the original Batman and Freeze met, how is Bane involved, and more.
END OF YEAR POLL: Best Female Performance
This was a pretty great year in movies as a whole. So in these films we're asking, which female performance was the best? Was it Anne Hathaway's Selina Kyle/Catwoman? Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy? Judi Dench as M? There are many more candidates some come on in and vote for your favorite.
In Batman & Robin #15 with Alfred gone and Joker knowing who the Bat-Family is, someone has to watch over the house. That someone is Damain and he will disobey Batman's order to search for the Joker
Why Paul Dini Isn't Involved In The Next Rocksteady Batman Game
It was reported a couple months ago that Paul Dini won't write the next Batman game by Rocksteady Studios. Now we know why Dini will not be involved in the next Batman game. Click to find out why.
EDITORIAL: What Makes Peter Parker/Spider-Man Sooo Incorruptible
We have seen all major superheroes kill before at least once. Peter Parker/Spider-Man is perhaps the only major hero who doesn't who haven't killed. LEVITIKUZ looks at what makes Peter Parker/Spider-Man so incorruptible.
Good Bye G4TV, Hello The Esquire Channel?
Remember G4TV? The channel centered on gaming? Well it is gone. Enter the Esquire Channel. Find out what will become of the former gaming channel and the direction of this new channel. Some of you may not like this new direction looking at how it use to be just a gaming channel.
MERCH: BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY Series 4 Figures Coming Soon
A fourth series of figures based off the hit video game, Batman: Arkham City is coming soon. This set will feature a new Batman figure along with Nightwing, Deadshot, and Talia al Ghul. Click to check it out.
MERCH: ARKHAM CITY Joker Statue Coming Soon...
From the streets of Arkham City, the Clown Prince of Crime will be getting a statue based off his appearance in Batman: Arkham City. Click to check it out.
FAN MADE: Nightwing: The Series
A trailer has been released to a fan made Nightwing mini-series. Click to check it out.
EDITORIAL: My Idea For A Justice League Trilogy And Longer
LEVITIKUZ shares his thoughts for the Justice League trilogy. What heroes, villains, and stories should be told.
Ted Wants To Be In The New STAR WARS?
That's right ladies and gentlemen. Ted, coming off his movie called Ted, is interested in the new Star Wars Trilogy. Click to find out what role he wants. Trust me, his role he came up with will make many fans who disliked the prequels happy.
Seth MacFarlane Says That A FAMILY GUY Movie Will Happen
In a surprise visit to UCLA to announce a contest involving the Academy Awards, Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, announces that Family Guy will be on the big screen. Hit the jump to hear more about the announcement, the contest with the Academy Awards, and some Family Guy parody videos involving superheroes including their parody of the intro to Superfriends.
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