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Blake Lively's Smile Is Epic!
And if you think her smile is Epic you should check out what else I found at ComicBookHotties that is even better!
2010 SDCC Cosplay Hotties! All of them!
Check out over 150 pics of the Hotties that lit up the 2010 San Diego Comi-Con!!!
Chris Evans Talks Cap and Bucky!
Is Sebastian Stan working out as Captain America's sidekick? Chris Evans will tell you!
Blade Vs Twilight!!
For those of you who don't like sparkly Vampires, Blade says: 'I hate em too!
DC Aims To Get Back In The Game!!!
Diane Nelson and Geoff Johns talk about the task at hand!
Jennifer Lawrence Talks Mystique!
Jennifer Lawrence is hot, OK! That's just the way it is. And I, for one, can't wait till I catch a glimpse of her in that skin tight blue skin that Rebecca Romijn Stamos so gracefully fullfilled in the 3 previous X flicks.
New 'Red' Pic And Official Synopsis!
Get the 'Red' Character breakdown right here on!!
J-Man and Johnny Love Movie Review: Batman: Under the Red Hood
Is Robin's death scene worth the price of admission? Hell Yes it is!!!
Supergirl's Got A Gallery!
In light of the great Ed Gross's 'Supergirl Returns to Smallville' article I thought it appropriate to take a look at Laura's picture gallery exclusively on!!!
Transformers 3 Heads To Milwaukee!
So without further ado, I bring to you, a cast full of stars and one very innocent potential Transformer!
Master Anthony Le Brings To You the Ironman Hulkbuster Suit!
This guy just keeps coming out with the most amazing stuff. 'Where does he get those Wonderful Toys?' He Makes THEM!!
J-Man and JB Movie Review: Predators
A true dark horse of the summer, Robert Rodriguez and Nimrod Antel brought the Predator Franchise Back, and in a BIG way!
Alice Eve Makes A Hot Emma Frost!
Aww shucky shucky now! Alice Eve has been recently announced as being in negotiations to portray Emma Frost (aka. the White Queen) in Matthew Vaughn's X-Men: First Class! With that being said, ComicBookHotties has the pics that will bring you a up-close and personal look at Alice Eve!
Transformers Replacement Rosie Huntington Whiteley Is Prettier Than Megan Fox!
And to prove it, there is a tasteful yet satisfying gallery of all her Victoria Secret greatness over at!
Editorial: Is the New Wonder Woman Costume Designed For An Upcoming Movie?
As bad as the new costume looks I certainly hope not! Plus Take a look at Linda Carter's Wonder Woman Gallery over at!
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