Conan O'Brien talks Comic-Con with Robot Chickens Seth Green!
Cosplay, Chewbacca, and Conan's upcoming first trip to Comic-Con are discussed in the latest video from Team CoCo!
Amazing Superhero Body paintings! NSFW
Taking skin tight to a whole new level. Some image's may be NSFW
No, its not about the movie
Seattle Theatre Pokes fun at Iron Man 2
Seattle movie theater, The Neptune has struck again, this time its Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2 Alternate Takes Video from College Humor
Just found this great video of alternate takes of the "Jumping outta the plane/you complete me" scene in Iron Man 2 movie
Steampunk Superman Reboot?
If they are gonna reboot the Superman franchise, this is what i would like to see...
Smallville Super Suit!
Here's a great look at Clark in his new suit for Smallville Season 9
New FanBoy Avenger Comic!
In only his second appearance, The FanBoy Avenger has a few choice words for the one and only Sam Raimi!
Tom Welling Gets A Teen Choice Award!
That's right! The youth have spoken!
New Strip Comic The FanBoy Avenger
A brand new comic about a pissed off 9 year old fanboy who decides to take matters into his own hands!
More Pics From My Trip to the Smallville Set.
Per your request a couple pics of the Kent Farm and more!
My visit to the set of Smallville complete with spoilers!!
I made a recent trip to Vancouver with my brother to scope out the set of Smallville and came back with more then I dreamed of. Warning: Major Spoilers!!