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Fancast: Batman - Assault on Arkham
Check out my cast for this awesome animated movie!
Fancast: Sinestro Corps War
Check out my cast for Geoff John's kickass storyline.
Fancast: Secret Six
Check out my cast for Gail Simone's famous super villain team!
Fancast: Batman
Check out my cast for the Caped Crusader!
Fancast: 52
Come and check out my cast for the missing year in the DC Universe!
Fancast: Maximum Carnage
Check out my fncast for the infamous Spiderman storyline from the 90's!
Fancast: The Avengers
After being gone for nearly a year, MrBlueSky makes his return to CBM with his cast for Earth's Mightiest Heroes!
Fancast: Cowboy Bebop
I think it's about time to blow this thing Get everyone and there stuff together, Okay, 3..2..1..Let's Jam!
Fancast: JLA vs The Authority
Check out this cast where I pit DC's greatest Superhero team against Wildstorm's greatest superhero team.
Fancast: Uncanny X-Force
Check out my cast for probably one of the best Marvel teams around.
Fancast: New Avengers: Breakout
Check out my cast for the "Breakout" story arc of Brian Michael Bendis's New Avengers
Fancast: Secret Avengers
Check out my cast for the Secret Avengers!!
Fancast: The Invincible Iron Man
Check out my cast for the Armored Avenger!
Fancast: World's Finest
Check out my cast for a Superman/Batman movie!!
Fancast: Daredevil - The Man Without Fear
To celebrate Marvel finally getting the rights, I've made an updated cast for Daredevil.
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