FAN MADE: Solo BATMAN Poster - Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice
Here is another solo Batman poster from yours truly for Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice! "Making of" gif included.
Sysmatic has made an impressive new poster for Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and has also included a animated gif breakdown of how the image was created in Photoshop.
Fanart: THOR: The Dark World Character posters
A set of character poster for Marvel's Thor: The Dark World featuring Thor, Loki & Malekith.
FAN ART: MAN OF STEEL Posters, Wallpapers And Banners
Check out a few excellent fan-made posters and a LOAD of banners for Zack Snyder's upcoming Superman reboot, Man Of Steel. Some of these would put a few of the official efforts we've seen for the movie to shame..
Fanart: New Man of Steel poster + HQ wallpapers
My third fan poster for Man of Steel. 1080P wallpaper (with and without typo) + 2 color versions available for download!
Fanart: General Zod in Man of Steel
Fan made Man of Steel artwork with Michael Shannon as General Zod, reigning down destruction over Metropolis.
FANART: Man of Steel poster plus wallpaper
Poster plus HD wallpaper fanart for Zack Snyder's upcoming movie Man of Steel!
Fan Art: Batman - The Dark Knight Rises Banner
THIS CITY NEEDS ME - New Fan Banner for The Dark Knight Rises focused on Batman and a burning Gotham.
Fan art: Bane - Gotham City
The Dark Knight Rises fanart with the villain Bane, terrorizing Gotham City.
FanArt: Bane - The Dark Knight Rises
More fan posters for The Dark Knight Rises featuring Tom Hardy as the villain Bane.
The Dark Knight Rises Fan Posters
Several fan posters I made for Christopher Nolan's third Batman movie; The Dark Knight Rises