CBM User Launches Comic Books on KickStarter
"A serial killer is on the Loose and only one man can end his reign of terror". That is the line created to grab your attention for one of two books from TV and Movie Writer Maurice W.
TV & Screenplay Writer As Well As CBM Member Launches Comic Line
CBM member Maurice W/thatcomicbookguy (Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, The Good Wife, Caponed) has launched a comic line and is looking for support on Indiegogo. Check out some teaser images.
COMICS: The Son Of Legendary Artist Neal Adams Carves Out An Artistic Future For Himself.
The son of Neal Adams has made a name of himself creating sculptures of iconic Characters from Batman to Tarzan ..and now you can win a piece of Jason Spyda Adams' art.
FAN ART: First unlettered pages of what could be the coolest and sexiest Comic in years
It seems today some of the best comics are coming from Indy comic companies. This summer a new graphic novel by screenwriter Maurice W and award winning artist Yuriy Fialko. Check out what may just be one of the sexiest and most violent comics to hit the scene in years.
Sneak Peek: Blaque Sun Projects. 2 of the projects are already in talks to become movies
Blaque sun is trying to give Marvel and DC a run for their money. They will be releasing 4 new titles over 4 months and 2 of those projects are already in talks to become movies.
Cyrus Ward Creator Talks Graphic Novel and Moive Industry Interest as Well as Gives Sneak Peek
With the upcoming Summer release of the "Cyrus Ward:Edge of Darkness" Graphic Novel, Creator Maurice W gives us a sneak peek as well as shares his thoughts on the project and talks about how Studios in Hollywood are already talking about making it a movie.
Why Arrow Isn't Smallville.
Half of the season has gone by and Arrow is a success. This could have been said about the show Smallville, where another DC comics character is brought to life on the small screen. However, Arrow and Smallville couldn't be more different.
COMICS: Who Is Cyrus Ward and Why Is He Someone You Should Know?
Cyrus Ward: Who is he and why is he someone comic book, movie and graphic novel lovers should know? The reason why will be revealed soon with the forthcoming graphic novel summer release of Cyrus Ward:Edge of Darkness.