What I'd Like to See in an ARKHAM ORIGINS Sequel

A few ideas I have for the inbetweenquel of the Arkham series.

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By WeaponX93 - 12/5/2013

Note: Just so I don't confuse anyone, AA=Arkham Asylum, AC=Arkham City, AO=Arkham Origins

Also, this contains some SPOILERS, so if you haven't finished story don't continue, just to be safe.

1.New Attires
As with AC and AO, new attires are a must. For the main/default outfit, I’d like to see progression towards the suit in AA and AC. As for unlockables/downloadables, I’d like to see:

-Jim Lee’s “Hush” Batman: Both AC and AO had classic costumes from the comics, with AC having the 70’s suit and Batman Inc suit, and AO having New 52, Noel, and Long Halloween. Also, it doesn’t hurt that Kevin Smith said Batfleck’s suit is Jim Lee inspired.

-Darkest Knight: AC had the Sinestro attire, AO had Black and White Lantern attires. Darkest Knight is Batman in a Green Lantern suit, for those wondering.

-Michael Keaton’s Batsuit: While AC didn’t have any movie attires, AO had Adam West’s and Christian Bale’s. Since Val Kilmer’s and George Clooney’s suits were not well liked (let’s not get into nipples and codpieces), Keaton had a cool design and was popular.

-Zero Year: While one suit in Zero Year is an updated first appearance attire, we just had the first appearance attire in AO, so I doubt they would go that route again. Instead, I want the survivalist gear he wears.

-Dark Knight Returns Armor: In AC, we had the Dark Knight Returns Batsuit, but I’m talking about the big, Iron Man-esque armor he wore to battle Superman.

-Year One Bruce Wayne: I was a little disappointed to learn that the Vigilante skin that came with the Initiation DLC for AO was essentially his League of Shadows gear. I was expecting the look he had in Year One, with the jeans, cap, and Army jacket.

-Dark Claw: From the Amalgam Universe, this is a merging of Batman and Wolverine. Yes, there’s a 0% chance of this happening, but I’d still like to see it.

2.A New City:
Both AC and AO take place in Gotham, with AO expanding it. The next game can either go bigger, or make two cities that Batman can travel to. Make him track a criminal to Bludhaven, then let players travel between the two.

3.Character Origins:
Barbara Gordon played a small role in AO, and we know by the time of AC, Dick, Jason, and Tim have all been Robin. We need to see how these characters came to be who they are. Do the Circus murder of the Graysons followed by Barbara donning the cape.

Let me divide this one up.
A. Main Story: Several characters could easily fill this role, such as:

-Black Mask
-Two Face
-Ra’s al Ghul

B. Side Missions:
-Calender Man
-Killer Crock
-Captain Boomerang
-Killer Moth

5. Less Joker:
He’s the fan favorite and money maker, and always fun, but we’ve had three games where Joker was the main villain, and in AC and AO it kind of took away from the main plot (Strange/Ra’s in AC, 8 Assassins in AO). Mix it up with other villains.

6.Longer Narrative:
Each game’s main story has taken place in one night. They should do one similar to Long Halloween or Hush that lasts a while.

Well, what do you think? Any ideas you’d like to see?
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BenjiWest - 12/5/2013, 8:29 PM
I want to see them do a GTA5 thing and you can switch out between three different characters at any time in Gotham City. Batman, Robin, and Nightwing or Batgirl.
unknownfacts - 12/5/2013, 9:14 PM
If it's a sequel to Origins then I would like to see how Dick,Tim,and Jason dawned the Robin mantel and how Barbra becomes Batgirl.

If it's a sequel to Arkham City then I would like them to add Superman and Wonder Woman to the mix.I would call it Arkham Trinity as a play on their moniker and as it will technically be the third in the series as the sequel to Arkham City.
MisterMagurlypse - 12/6/2013, 12:18 AM
Good stuff. I mainly want to see the intro of Robin and Batgirl. Playable of course. As far as villians go I'd like to see Harvey Dent becoming Two-Face and Harleen becoming Harley Quinn, breaking Joker outta the Asylum. Throw in Freeze, Catwoman and Ivy somehow too.

A Darkclaw skin, LOL. That would be cool though.
staypuffed - 12/6/2013, 1:36 AM
I'd love for them to do a game w/ Batman and Robin busting heads and solving mysteries.
Also, I think the Year One skin was in AC.

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