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Hugh Jackman And His Wife Reveal What He Wears During Sexy time
Hit the jump to check out what The Wolverine star Hugh Jackman and his wife had to say in this revealing interview. It sounds full of fury and hairy...
Howard the Duck Makes His Return In Lego Marvel Super Heroes
Check out your favorite Marvel duckling in this new still from Marvel Super Heroes it's sure to built up your anticipation for the upcoming video game...
Rhino Fan Edit by WeeWee
Hit the jump, hurry, it's urgent! Wait no it isn't ;p
Iron Man Fancast
check out my fine skills in a fancast
Rage Guy as Iron-Man
check out my latest manip
Poll: Which Superheroine/Villainess would you get it on with?
Hit the jump to check out my first attempt at a poll where I ask a favorable question among fans, but beware, it make cause some controversy...
Electro Fan Manip
Hit the jump to check out my latest masterpiece...
THE LONE RANGER: Crew Member Dies On Set
A crew member passes away while setting up for an underwater scene this Friday. Disney has yet to release his name but they confirmed the loss in a brief statement
Marvel Studios to Relocate Closer to Disney
Sources say Marvel Studios is to relocate closer to Disney, from Manhattan Beach to Glendale, read on for more...
Monsters, Inc. 3D Trailer and Poster Released
So here's the trailer for the movie you didn't expect to be re-released and put back in theatres, but this time in 3-D!!! hit the jump to check it out
Mw's what if? Tasm
hit the jump to check out weiners most recent photo alternation featuring the Tasm question, What if Andrew Garfield was not our Peter parker?
Exclusive: Weiners Avengers trailer!
Hit the hump to check out my fan-made Avengers trailer in preparation for the upcoming flick...
New look at The Dark Knight Rises... in statue form!
Hit the hump and check out some statues for the upcoming "Epic" The Dark Kight Rises
An Up-close look at the colored Darth Vader Burger!
Hit the jump for a bunch more of the future TP wipe from your dark side.
Chris Nolan’s Cinematographer Wally Pfister set to Direct First Feature
Hit the jump to read on about the cinematographer behind the guy who made batman interesting, Chris Nolan...
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