Why The World Needs Brandon Routh To Be Superman

Superman4 argues why Warner Bros should keep Brandon Routh as Superman in the reboot.

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By Superman4 - 12/29/2008
In 1987 Superman IV: The Quest for Peace hit theaters. After its failure at the box office, Superman didn’t return to the big screen for almost twenty years.

In 2004 Warner Bros finally gave the OK to the script for the film Superman Returns. Warner Bros gave Bryan Singer the director’s chair. The next step was to find someone to play Superman. Singer decided to do what Richard Donner had done when he cast Christopher Reeve, by calling for an unknown. Eventually Singer came across an actor named Brandon Routh.

On June 28, 2006, Superman Returns was released worldwide making more on its opening day than the original. Even though it was mostly accepted many felt that the Man of Steel’s return wasn’t satisfactory. So after the success of the Hulk reboot in 2008, Warner Bros., seems to be leaning toward doing the same for Superman by rebooting the series. The current argument is whither or not to keep Brandon Routh as Superman. Well for many reasons I believe that the world needs a Superman like Brandon Routh.

Every year Spike TV holds awards for movies, which are split up into several categories. Just about anybody can go online and vote in each category, so as you can see it’s basically a way for the fans to pick their favorites. In 2006 Pick TV held its yearly awards and one of the categories was best superhero. The nominees where Christian Bale as Batman, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, and Brandon Routh as Superman. Through the fan’s votes Brandon Routh won the award. When you think about it, this is a sign that the fans really like Routh and the fact he was picked over the star of Batman Begins says a lot.

Still not convinced Brandon Routh is a good Superman? Well let’s look back in the past. The year is 1964, gene Roddenberry, life long science fiction fan, conjured the idea of Star Trek. The original pilot "The Cage" had Jeffrey Hunter as Captain Pike commanding the Enterprise, Leonard Nimoy as second officer Spock and Many other playing the dark and boring Enterprise crew. After previewing The Cage Paramount decided although the concept was interesting they felt Captain Pike wasn’t an interesting lead man and the crew was equally as boring. Paramount had called for a complete recast which would get rid of the original cast including Nimoy. Roddenberry knew Nimoy had potential. After long discussion Paramount agreed to keep Nimoy as Spock. A total new cast included William Shatner as Captain Kirk, Deforest Kelly as the ship’s doctor McCoy and many more. This new cast brought a flair to the show (especially the friendship triangle between Kirk, Spock and McCoy). As Spock Leonard Nimoy became the most remember able character on both Star Trek and television. Brandon Routh could do the same for Warner Bros if they decide to keep him. I think they should take both Star Treks and Mr. Nimoy’s success into consideration.

If these are not good enough, consider this. Routh’s appearance is very similar to both Superman’s and Christopher Reeve’s. Like I said earlier, Routh had been cast the same way Reeve was one of the best Superman. What about Routh? Routh has what I call “the eye”, which is a characteristic in which a person has a certain thing about them that makes you trust them. Both Reeve and Routh had this sort of air to them. When Routh says “it’s ok I got you,” you believe him. One of the strongest moments in Superman Returns is when he takes Lois up for a flight and tells her, “You wrote, `the world doesn’t need a savior’ but every day I hear people crying for one”. Also Reeve was a great Superman for the 70’s and 80’s and is still inspirational today but the twenty first century is a different era so we need a new Superman for this era and Routh could be that person.

Even if you’re not a fan of Superman it’s unquestionable that he is one of the most influential superheroes of all time. Also the men who portray him are equally important. With a better story and more action, Brandon Routh could be the twenty first century’s Superman. With the world the way it is today it needs a hero to inspire it and the world needs Brandon Routh to be Superman.
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doubledown44 - 12/29/2008, 12:33 PM
I agree with you. Brandon Routh needs to stay in the role.
RorMachine - 12/29/2008, 12:59 PM
Superman Returns was a great movie, i dont care what the whinging fanboys say. Sure there could have been more action, but singer was rebooting a franchise so he focused a little more on the characters. if he directs the next installment im sure he would deffo give supes something to punch!

i could live with a new director but if routh is not cast im done with this reboots of reboots bullshit. whats next, a remake of lord of the rings because it could have been more faithfull to the book?

look what happened with Punisher. The thomas jane one wasnt exactly a masterpiece but i enjoyed it, its the Punisher for gods sake im not sure what people wer expecting. More violence you say? okay, look at that "reboot". a steaming pile of nasty, badly acted crap...with more violence! happy?
rushr - 12/29/2008, 4:37 PM
i thought superman returns was okay but not great and i believe they should keep him as SUPERMAN.
IonParallax - 12/29/2008, 4:47 PM
Good show Superman4. I agree, Routh should stay Superman. He IS the Clark Kent/Kal-El/Superman of the 21st century. Hands down. I'm not, never have been, and probably never will be a big Superman fan, and I think ALL of the movies thus far are sub-sub-par, with the potential the character has, they just keep drowining him in crap. Over and over dragging the name of THE MOST influential superhero EVER through the mud on a constant basis. It's sickening really.

I like Superman stories, and he's got tons of Arc's that are amazing. Especially his elseworlds, I think they're among the best in DC's lineup. He's got some of the coolest and most vile villains ever (even Mxzylptlk is cool). But IMO, thus far, his movies have been abominations. MAYBE, if they make a really good one, I will garner more liking to the character. But probably not, will just (hopefully) be another good comic book flick. I'm obviously partial to GL. So, that's where my fanaticism lies.
Montavius - 12/29/2008, 5:29 PM
Routh was admirable as Superman, but needs a little polishing. I don't feel he is a great actor yet, being so early in his young career, but I do feel Brandon is more than capable of another break out performance. I couldn't picture anyone else to play Superman in a sequel or pointless reboot.
willie2008 - 12/29/2008, 8:57 PM
Hi: willie2008 here: I agree wholeheartedly with most of what is said here, so far. I liked Superman Returns a lot. The saving of the shuttle; the bank robbery scene; Superman saving Metroplis during the Earthquake; hauling that hunk of Krypton into space. Excellent. I really couldn't warm up to Bosworth, as Lois Lane. I didn't think the chemistry was there, but the only one I could think of, was Amanda Tapping of Stargate 1. Is she too old for the part? As for Brandon Routh. He was absolutely, in my mind, SUPERMAN!!!Just when I saw, Chris Reeve back in the 80's. He was superman of the twentieth cenury. So. Warner Bros. Bring Routh back! If Singer can't make it, because ofother conractual obligations, get that guy who did such a great job with another"ET". Spielberg was his name, I believe.
RorMachine - 12/29/2008, 9:38 PM
now that would be something to see! im sure the movie would be awesome but as much as i love the bergs movies, hes a little schmalzy and i think thats something the superman franchise should move away from. not that i want it to go all batman dark or anything, but i think just a little more emphasis on a real physical threat (doomsday or darkseid..even brainiac)would be the way to go.

i also wasnt crazy about bosworth. she wasnt bad in it or anything i just agree that the chemistry wasnt there. spacey was ok as luthor. i just think in every movie hes in hes himself! so it wasnt supes vs lex it was supes vs spacey!
Tenaciousbt - 12/30/2008, 2:15 AM
I am sorry but you people including Superman4 are stupid, blind, deaf, and dumb. Brandon Routh's Superman was a sad impersonation of Christopher Reeve's Superman. Watch Superman and Superman Returns again, and tell me you don’t see how they carefully direct Brandon to act like Christopher Reeve. It’s so unbelievably obvious, and bad. It was Brian Singer trying desperately to capture lightning in a bottle and rip off Richard Donner's work. That movie was for another time. Another thing, I am sick and tired of hearing about how Brandon and Christopher look alike!!! What? There may be a slight resemblance, but I can't stress enough how important it is to get the look right, and one major part of that look is eye color. The blue contacts used on Brandon made it look like someone pooped blue paint in his eye. There's no way you can fake the eyes. They are the window into your soul. Christopher Reeve had the entire look down. Brandon wasn't the worst choice in the world, no. But he sure as hell wasn't the best. In the next movie we need someone with the whole package and none of the stink from the poorly made Superman Returns. My vote for the reboot is Tom Welling. He has the total look, and is a far better actor than Routh. I know the writing on Smallville isn't always the best, but when it is good, Tom comes off as Ten Times the Superman as anyone else (minus Reeve). And don't say that he is too young. He is 31 and remember, on Smallville he is playing a young Clark Kent. The intent of the show is to make him look younger. In a movie he would obviously be made to look his age. Tom Welling for Superman! Brandon Routh can go back to the soaps.
Tenaciousbt - 12/30/2008, 2:52 AM
And another thing. You wanna see some awesome sh**! Check out Superman Reborn. There is a post on this site about it. It is a great glympse of a Superman movie with Tom Welling. click the link below. http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/VoicesFromKrypton/news/?a=5637
RorMachine - 12/30/2008, 9:54 AM
lmao, i was taking your point on board there until you said youd rather tom welling. and im deaf dumb and stupid?

no denying rouths performance was heavily influenced by reeves as was the movie..who ever said it wasnt? singer always maintained he was trying to capture the spirit of donners movies. it worked.

now on to mr welling. ill admit that hes the best thing on smallville...is that difficult? the acting on that show goes from passable to oak tree wooden. i do enjoy some episodes but i also enjoy episodes of eastenders! doesnt mean its up to any standard. you want routh to go back to the soaps? smallville is a soap! and i guarantee if welling was put in that role on the big screen he would choke and fans would laugh the roof off the cinema
stargazer01 - 12/30/2008, 12:11 PM
Yes, I agree with most here, Brandon Routh Is a fantastic Superman and Clark Kent. He must return. How are they going to find a better Superman?!? They won't.

And I also think Superman Returns is a great film. It's a big, big shame if they don't make a sequel.

And please, keep Welling AWAY from the movies. He is NO feature material. He makes an ok Superboy.
Joker1zero - 12/30/2008, 2:12 PM
Brandon Routh wasn't a bad Superman. He just had bad directing *cough, Brian Singer, cough*. He still has the potential to be a good Superman if he can just get a better story and direction.

Superman Returns threw the S so bad, it wasn't even about Superman! It was about Lois Lane. Brian Singer should've just wrote his own graphic novel and kept it off the silver screen. Plus no villain! Just a giant rock! Watch this, it'll make you laugh and lay it down straight for ya:
ryanallen - 12/30/2008, 2:31 PM
They should not only keep Brandon but Singer as well. Just because nowadays everybody wants to see some cataclysmic brawl between the hero and the villain doesn't mean that that's indispensable for a comic book movie. The movie Singer made was true to Superman's character and I like what became of it. I do however look forward to future Superman movies.
Shaman - 12/30/2008, 3:09 PM
Superman Returns took nothing away from Singer. He's still a great director since the movie still looked damn good. He sucks at writing, that's all.

He's like to opposite of Goyer. Goyer sucks as a director but he's amazing as a writer. Same as Frank Miller.

So Singer should stay on provided he doesn't write the script and if they continue the "returns" story line then Brandon Routh should stay Superman. If they remake it though, then who cares about the mold that Christopher Reeves left, let's cast someone else. Here's my thread on it.

SupermanReturns2 - 12/30/2008, 7:55 PM
I don't understand the Brandon haters. There hasn't been an actor to chance the role since Reeve, and when he does, and is completely believable in the dual Kent/Supes role, people complain about...The Director?! Brandon didn't bring the film down, he made it, being his first major role and all. When I saw SR at the theater the first time, when he stepped outside of that plane he saved at the baseball stadium, I had chills, when the crowd went berzerk, cheering and all. The second time was at the end, right before the credits, and he flew into space like Chris Reeve, Man that was some cool *#@*!!
No, it wasn't Brandon people were unhappy with-just the story.
Btw, when I left that theatrical release, there was an applause from the audience when the film ended-something I've not experienced in a very long time. That spoke volumes.
ryanallen - 12/30/2008, 8:31 PM
I saw it on the very day it was released too and when it was over, people applauded. That really does speak for itself.
halfvulcan - 12/30/2008, 8:54 PM
I don't think it's so much that we hate Brandon Routh. In fact I think he did well, within the limits of the script, acting-wise. But he doesn't LOOK like Superman ought to look. Granted, to some extent it's a matter of opinion, which in some ways makes it more important that we don't ruin the general template of who Superman is. You see, his image in movie form has never lived up to that of the comic books. And the more movies you make with Superman having a soft boy-face, the more his image in all forms will begin to reflect that. Why are we letting him slip into unmasculinity? He is after all the MIGHTY SUPERMAN. He who is the epitomy of strength, getting his massive physical build from biophysics as mysterious and alien as his ability to fly or see through walls or hear for thousands of miles.. yet he chooses to defend us, the nearly powerless beings of Earth, and he does so without hesitation even if he must give up his own life in the process, because he knows we need him, and because he's just that nice a guy.
But back to my point, I've never understood how people claim we need to make sure we get someone with "great acting ability". Unless you're dealing with someone with an IQ of, I don't know, 90 or less, a good director should be able to review a scene and determine if more takes need to happen to get the scene right. And sometimes actors might need coaching. It's okay. It's called "directing". It's what the director does. That's his job.Michael Weatherly from NCIS would be my choice for the role of Superman. He has some character in his face that would look good as Superman, and he more or less looks like the Comic Book superman. And he has what appears to me to be a pretty good muscular build to build on. Granted, his character in NCIS is sort of arrogant and sometimes irritating, but that doesn't mean he's going to act the same way as Clark/Supes. And disclaimer for no reason: I'm not a NCIS fan.
Tenaciousbt - 12/30/2008, 9:47 PM
What are you people smoking? I know SR wasn't terrible, but stop seeing it for what it was; an ok movie, and try to see what it could have been. I know some of you think SR was fine, and we don't need an action packed slug fest, and I get that. However that style of Superman movie making has been done and was for a different time. We need a new type of Superman movie. Something that we aren't expecting and sets the high again. Brandon Routh was a terrible Chris Reeve wanna be. He can't act and should NOT return as Superman!
Example: Go back and watch the last line Routh delivers as he leaves Lois at her house. He says "I'm always around" but delivers it awkwardly and badly. He came off like an idiot trying to act, not naturally at all. Singer needs to go up, up and way!LOL (sorry bad joke) He didn't bring anything new and interesting to the table. (Except a lame a** idea of the boy wonder)
The special effects of SR were good, but any director could have brought that. It's the 21st century! Now back to who should play Superman. It seems that none of you have seen enough Smallville to get past the bad and see the good, and see that Tom Welling is Superman. So I have a back up idea, well actually this guy could conceivably be a better choice for a few reasons. He is, Jim Caviezel. He looks perfect for the role and is a proven, awesome talent as an actor. He was even considered for the role. Maybe the only reason he didn't get it was because Brian Singer is an idiot who threw reason out the window and got tunnel vision up Richard Donner's a**!
Brandon and Brian out! Tom or Jim and Mark Millar in PLEASE!!!
halfvulcan - 12/31/2008, 11:50 AM
In my endless quest for an acceptable Superman, I gave all the images of Caviezel as much a chance as I could. But, he doesn't have the face. And neither does Tom Welling. Tom Welling is too pretty (and has no chin) and Caviezel is too ugly (plus he's getting somewhat old I think). I could get more specific on facial features, but instead I'll refer you to
Granted, we may never find anyone on Earth, actor or not, who looks exactly ideal, but let's try to aim for the ideal anyway? You know, aim for the sun and be happy with the moon.
halfvulcan - 12/31/2008, 12:07 PM
Oops. I take back the "no chin" comment about Tom Welling. He does have something sort of resembling a cleft chin there. But the area from his neck to his chin is sagging. I'm trying to forget his whole "soap opera" Clark Kent role in which he, as Clark Kent, is a character who all his friends lean on as a source of strength and emotional support to spill out their feelings and concerns on. And his acting in that seems to be as someone who's not clear about his role on Earth and hasn't commited to being a hero. How is THAT Superman??? Not that he would necessarily bring that baggage with him to a movie, but it is a hard thing to forget for me.
But I still think he'd be better than Brandon Routh.
halfvulcan - 12/31/2008, 12:16 PM
One last thing I forgot to add: Michael Weatherly for Superman!!
Superman4 - 12/31/2008, 1:19 PM
Hello everybody I'm the one who wrote out this article. First I want to say thanks for all the comments and support. Second to those who don't agree with me or those who said I'm stupid, blind, deaf and dumb but I'm ok with that your opinion is your opinion. You see Superman is one of our greatest fictional heroes, he has an impact on our kids and us older people as well. Even though movies are just movies we can learn from the examples the set for us and inspire us to do whats right and it's crutial to have the right person to do this.

Thanks again for all your comments
IonParallax - 12/31/2008, 6:29 PM
Tenaciousbt - 1/1/2009, 2:42 AM
Not exactly a fantastic retort. Where's the debate? Please provide some justification for your post about Brandon Routh for Superman. Look anyone can be mistaken. It's ok to admit that you’re wrong. Like I said Brandon Routh wasn't the worst choice in the world but he certainly wasn't the best either. And about my comment about you and others being blind, deaf, and dumb. Well, if the shoe fits. It's not personal, just an honest evaluation. Oh, and don't hold back because you think your being Superman like. You’re not Superman. Let's hear some better reasoning for Brandon Routh being Superman, as opposed to someone, anyone else. Oh yeah, by the way, you can't compare Lenard NeMoy to Brandon Routh. Spock was a supporting character. Granted he became a huge part of the Star Trek cannon, but Superman is the Star. He is the show, not just a supporting character, so using the justification that they should keep Brandon because on Star Trek they kept NeMoy, doesn't fit. Along your reasoning they should keep Sam Huntington (Jimmy) and the next movie will be a huge success. Whatever, look it’s clear that you don't really know what you’re talking about, and just have this great love for SR because your young and this is the Superman movie of your generation. That's fine and all but it robs you of objectivity. Look past the effects and the big names (Singer, Spacey...just a couple) and see that this movie was just good and not great. A Superman movie should be great. Superman should be great. Brandon Routh was a joke. He tried so hard to be Superman. He tried to be a copy cat, or was directed to be a copy cat. Either way it was not a unique, masterful, original performance that was required to bring Superman back to the Big Screen.
Superman4 - 1/1/2009, 9:16 AM
I respect your honesty and I know it's hard to be that way to total strangers because they might blow up in your face. I'm not that type of person and argueing in anger never solves anything. My reasoning for comparing Routh the Mr. Nimoy was, Routh is an unknown and so was Nimoy until they decided to keep him in the new tv series and then he became one of the best tv characters of all time and Star Trek was a success because people really enjoyed Nimoy as Spock. Now don't get me wrong there are other things that made Star Trek a success but Nimoy as Spock was one of the big ones. My point was Brandon Routh could do the same for the next line of Superman movies. Also I know I'm not Superman but my personality is allot like his mostly because he inspired me when I was going thru tough times as a kid and even though I'm older I still like to inspire people and help them because I enjoy it (it's also kind of a habit and stoping now after doing it for such a long time would be like tearing off an arm because it's a part of me). My underlying point is, I see alot of depression going around and someone bigger than I am needs to inspire them as Christopher Reeve did for me but he's gone know and it's time for someone new, and I think with better direction and better supporting cast Brandon Routh could be this centurys Superman. Again this is souly my opinion and belief, I'm not trying to down your opinion I'm trying to get you to understand where I'm coming from.

Thanks and Happy New Year
SupermanReturns2 - 1/1/2009, 6:40 PM
tenaciousbt1, I'd like to send you a 18"x25" glossy of Brandon Routh as Superman.
stargazer01 - 1/1/2009, 8:28 PM
Is that you, B? Cuz you sounds soo much like someone with that name.. Any way, my advice is that you should just get over the fact that lots and lots of people, including fans liked/loved Brandon Routh as Superman. He really made us believe in a big way, and lots of us also love SR and think is a great Superman film. Period. You didn't care for him or the movie, and that's fine, nothing wrong with that. Just please stop belittling the opinion of those who disagree with your point of view. There is no reason to take it so personal. It is just a movie, ya know?
Tenaciousbt - 1/2/2009, 10:32 AM

My name does start with a B, but I don't know if I am your B. Who is this?

Now back to the point. I know that it's just a movie, but anyone posting here more than once probably cares more about Superman than the average person. I am perfectly calm. I just like to be blunt, direct. You seem to say that I should be nice because it’s just a movie and not worth being mean over; they are just movies, right? But many here care just a bit more and because of that they are opening themselves up to scrutiny. I know I could be nicer about it, but if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. I like to “keep it real”(LOL), and speak my mind. I have been careful not to cross lines and have kept it PG. So I am sorry if I have hurt anyone’s precious feeling, wait what am I saying? I'm not sorry. It's my opinion that if you loved (not liked), but loved Brandon Routh as Superman in SR than you have a serious perception problem and total lack of taste. Look there are a varying assortment of acting abilities in Hollywood, and Brandon is on the low end of the totem pole. I want a Superman with a masterful ability to act. Like the Juilliard trained actor Chris Reeve. I just happened to stumble upon a Routh worshiping nest, or coven, or church (LOL), so I can understand if any criticism of your boy Brandon is hard to hear. Like I have said before, and I will say it again. Brandon wasn't the worst choice on planet earth, but he was far enough from the right choice that I can't believe that people hear still want him when there is an opportunity to do so much better. We may disagree on who the better choice is but there is a better choice out there. And SR wasn’t the worst movie ever. It was ok and had a couple of really good parts. Such as the scene where Superman says to Lois, “What do you hear?” She says nothing. Superman: “I hear everything. You wrote that the world doesn’t need a savior, but every day I hear them cry for one.” That was pretty good, but I just believe that that scene would have been even better with the right Superman. I love the line though. While I like some things in the film, like the aforementioned, there were some serious plot holes and changes to Superman that I hated, as a movie and as a character. I have to give a lot of the blame for that to Brian Singer. It really starts with him. Without him there is no Brandon Routh to begin with. One positive about Brandon Routh, for those who don’t think I am objective. He is a damn site better than Nicolas Cage would have been (originally cast as Superman, with a different Director). That would have been an even bigger disaster. Eureka! That’s it. If you want to know how I feel about having a better Superman than Brandon, just image the scene mentioned above, done by Nick Cage. OMG, would that have sucked. A great line or scene can be performed so much better by the right person, and while the Routh worshipers think he is that guy, I obviously feel that while better than say Nick Cage, someone else could have been that much better than Routh was above Cage. If you can’t handle that, then go cry to your mama. LOL
RorMachine - 1/2/2009, 11:45 AM
ok tenacious, you say anyone who loved routh as supes has no taste. well you say that hes a terrible actor but you are in a huge minority. google any review of the movie and you will see that his performance is raved about accross the board..i think you might be over emphasising you dislike for him in the role by saying hes a bad actor..he just isnt..its not even a matter of opinion, you may not like him but i bet you wont find one other person to agree with you that hes a terrible actor.

and as for having a perception problem..do you seriously believe that tom welling is better??....guess it really does come down to matters of taste
Tenaciousbt - 1/2/2009, 3:43 PM

Your right, I am in a hugh minority. Everyone loves BR, excecpt me. NOT! I have found all kinds of blogs and boards with people who agree with me. Obviously not this one. Actually this is the most devoted blog I have found to BR that isn't a BR website.
Now about Tom Welling. I don't think he is a better actor I know he is. And another thing, I have said it over and over and over, BR wasn't the worst choice and isn't the worst actor in Hollywood. I'm not saying that Tom Welling is the best actor either but he is undoubtedly better than BR. Now you and the rest of the congregation will never agree with me, that's ok though. Hey, I have another shock for you. The earth is Round. HUH? who knew?
BuckyB7588 - 1/2/2009, 7:01 PM
I just commented on the Willing as Superman and I totally support that, but I also support Routh. I think that they are both great options as Superman. If only there was a way to let them both by Superman in the same movie....oh wait...


It could work. Routh as Supes, Welling as Bizzaro, it would definetly be interesting.

P.S. I thought Kevin Spacey was great as Lex Luthor.
SupermanReturns2 - 1/2/2009, 9:07 PM
BuckyB7588, you very well may have solved the problem for those Welling lovers. Routh is the Man of Steel. Next time they need to change his hair-combover: when he's Supes, part on one side, Clark part on the other, same as when Reeve did it. Welling may get a kick out of playing Bizzaro!
RorMachine - 1/3/2009, 1:17 PM
im not talking about the blogs and fansites, im talking about reviews by unbiased film critics..check out empire, total film, rotton tomatoes etc..five stars accross the board and rave reviews for rouths performance...i know reviews are not everything but im just saying his performance is considered a revelation by most in the business of reviewing movies. obviously the fans opinions are just as if not more relevant to our debate..but not the FANBOYS..ive never spoken to one that didnt bitch and moan every chance they get
CatGrant - 1/3/2009, 2:57 PM
Welling never had the pressure Routh had on his shoulders to deliver the first Superman movie in 20 years but to me he delivered, even though the movie itself fell short. Routh gave an inspiring performance, he put his heart into the role and it showed, thats why people want him back. I agree Superman4, Brandon Routh should stay as Superman.
Tenaciousbt - 1/3/2009, 4:46 PM
Hey CatGrant,

I hate to burst your bubble but consider this.
This whole Brandon Routh thing is moot anyway, considering that no new director is going to come in and keep the actor a previous director picked, unless the Studio made him, and they won't do that. If they were going to do that, why even hire the guy? If you know anything about Hollywood or how movies are made than you know that there is about a .001% chance of the new director keeping BR. Just look at the director before him. Tim Burton I believe. He hired Nicholas Cage. Signed him to a contract and everything, but when Singer came in, Cage was out. Even though the studio still had to pay him his signing bonus, which was millions of dollars. So Warner Brothers was willing to flush millions down the toilet because Singer didn’t want Cage, and you think they are going to force the next guy to keep BR, when I guarantee you Brandon Routh isn’t signed on for the same money Nicolas Cage was. They are going to respect the wishes of the new undoubtedly big name director and take whoever he wants. And the new director is going to want his own guy for HIS movie. So I am not really sweating the whole BR thing. All you BR worshipers can keep dreaming. He is out. Hopefully Tom Welling is in, but if not I know BR is out.
RorMachine - 1/3/2009, 6:15 PM
well it is usually the way it works but who says singer wont be directing??...who says the movie will even get made! and there is more like a 50 percent chance a new director will keep routh, it all depends weather he liked his performance...and of course if they decide to do a sequel or a reboot.

would you really want to see supermans origins AGAIN??
BuckyB7588 - 1/3/2009, 6:25 PM
Gee rorshach, I sure do want to see superman's origins again. Did Kyrpton blow up? Is that what happened?

But seriously, I think theres a good chance Routh comes on again. If I'm the director I don't want to rattle too many cages by just switching up Supermen. People may get confused...they do that easily these days...
Tenaciousbt - 1/3/2009, 7:49 PM
I'll admit that it may take a while for the movie to get made, but come on you know they are going to make another one, or you must at least believe that, why else are you even here chatting about this sh**? Now Brian Singer has already said that he isn't going to be part of the next Superman project. Well you can see here what he says, according to bluetight.net and many other sources:

"UGO sat down to chat with Bryan Singer. In this interview , the subject of Singers involvement in a future Superman movie is brought up. Singer gave some cryptically vague answers but definitively stated "I am not officially involved in the talk, no." when asked if he was in talks with the WB currently about any Superman projects."
That combined with the official word of the Reboot, is why everyone is talking about a new actor for Superman.
Now as far as seeing another origin movie; I am with you there. I don't want to see that again. I think we need to get to the meat and make a movie "like singer tried to do", in that it should be in a universe where Superman is already established. But if it means getting rid of BR and BS, I am for whatever needs to be done. I want to see a winning team. I want a new team that has the chance of winning. Bringing back the old guys that couldn't get it done the first time isn't going to work. One last thing to consider, go take a look at the DSM4. It's the book that medical professionals chronicle all the mental health disorders. Look up the definition of "insanity". It's where you keep trying the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. LOL.
SupermanReturns2 - 1/4/2009, 8:23 PM
"... . Look up the definition of "insanity". It's where you keep trying the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. LOL."

Similar to the way you keep trying to toss Brandon Routh as Superman, as if YOUR word carries weight?
Lana2009 - 1/4/2009, 10:57 PM
That UGO interview proved nothing, TenaciousBT1. As usual, you're twisting the article's words so that they acclimate to your own personal bias against the film. That, to me, is insanity.

And do you know WHY Singer isn't talking Supes right now? Because he's focused solely on Valkyrie.

Also, I'd like to see some SOLID proof that states Singer and Routh are out. You can't, can you?
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