The Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Uploaded By googleplex on 8/22/2012


schneider625 - 1/25/2013, 2:01 AM
This is a ridiculous fight. Either Booster or Beetle could mop the floor with DD. Booster can fly, has a force field and blasters. Beetle has an alien scarab fused to his back that can do about as much as a Green Lantern ring.
jojofmd - 1/25/2013, 2:04 AM
Yeah, this is ridiculously unfair. A better fight would be perhaps Blue and Gold versus Heroes for Hire etc.
relentless1 - 1/25/2013, 2:31 AM
dd is wayy outclassed here
sirbonesalot - 1/25/2013, 3:47 AM
1 sided as shit
andyrey2380 - 1/25/2013, 11:50 AM
The obvious.
kooldeath - 1/25/2013, 12:14 PM
The only thing that would save DD in this fight is his Avengers card and that just expired.
BlammoBlam - 1/25/2013, 4:03 PM
DD's only hope is a quick sewer escape

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