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Listen, if you thought the TMNT TV spots #14, #16 or even #17 were hot then you won't believe how amazing #18 and #19 are. Before you ask, #15 wasn't included on this list because it was garbage and you know it!
Trippy New Trailer For Chris Nolan's INTERSTELLAR
All right, all right, all right. Hit the jump to check out a brand new trailer for Christopher Nolan's latest film, Interstellar. It stars Matthew McConaughey ("Lincoln Lawyer"), Anne Hathaway ("The Dark Knight Rises") and Jessica Chastain ("Zero Dark Thirty").
COSPLAY: Haruhiism & Fae La Blanche As MARIO & LUIGI
Mama mia! Hit the jump to see two incredibly gorgeous cosplayers, Haruhiism and Fae La Blanche, dressed as Nintendo's classic video game characters, Mario and Luigi.
Charlize Theron To Return For HUNTSMAN Spinoff & THE MUMMY Release Date Set
According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Snow White and the Huntsman spinoff, Frank Darabont is directing, will bring back Charlize Theron but Kristen Stewart is out. They also have the release dates for it and The Mummy reboot.
New TMNT Turtle Van Clip & Master Splinter Promo Image
Hit the jump to check out a short clip from Paramount Pictures' Michael Bay-produced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It features the Turtle Van footage we've seen in television spots but with some extra bits of footage. Also, a new promo image of Master Spinter.
3 New MAD MAX: FURY ROAD Images With Tom Hardy
Warner Bros. have released three more images from George Miller's upcoming film, Mad Max: Fury Road. Come see Tom Hardy ("The Dark Knight Rises") with a sawed off shotgun.
New Stills From Disney's INTO THE WOODS
Walt Disney Pictures have released lots of new images from their upcoming fairy tale inspired musical, Into the Woods. Come get your first official looks at Anna Kendrick ("Pitch Perfect") and Emily Blunt ("Edge of Tomorrow").
When Sir Ben Kingsley ("Iron Man 3") says, "Kiss my staff," you damn well kiss his staff. Now, come check out the full-length trailer for Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb.
NSFW: SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Gets Scientifically Accurate
Listen, NSFW means not safe for work. So, I don't want to hear any of you complaining about losing your jobs because you decided to watch a "Scientifically Accurate" Sonic the Hedgehog eat its own poop. Now, come check it out.
This New MAZE RUNNER Trailer Will Have You Running In Circles
New trailer and eleven new posters for The Maze Runner have been released. It's based on the best-selling young-adult novel of the same name written by James Dashner.
BIG HERO 6 - Official TV Spot #2
Walt Disney Pictures have released a second television spot for their upcoming animated superhero film, Big Hero 6. The film is inspired by a Marvel Comics' property.
Watch 2 Deleted DIVERGENT Scenes Or I'll Stab Your Eye With A Butter Knife
There's a gruesome scene from the book, Peter stabs Edward in the eye with a butter knife. Director Neil Burger shot the scene for Divergent, but it didn't make the final cut.
SDCC '14: One Of Ultron's Drones From AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON?
An intriguing new photo has surfaced online which is supposedly one of Ultron's drones from Joss Whedon's upcoming epic, Avengers: Age of Ultron. Hit the jump to check it out.
Metropolis Vehicles Ruined On BATMAN v SUPERMAN Set
If you thought director Zack Snyder was gonna shy away from more Metropolis destruction after the events in Man of Steel, you were wrong. Hit the jump to check out some Metropolis vehicles beat to hell on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.
Director Joe Cornish Wanted For KING KONG Prequel, SKULL ISLAND
Legendary had one of the biggest surprises this weekend at Comic-Con when they announced a new King Kong movie, Skull Island, with a quick teaser trailer. According to Deadline they also have made an offer to Joe Cornish ("Attack The Block") to direct it.
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