Rose Mcgowan Taking Role as Ava Lord in Sin City Sequel

Scooper "luxurykill" reports that Red Sonja actress Rose Mcgowan has secured the part of Ava Lord in Sin City 2...

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By Anonymous CBM Contributor - 12/4/2008
While a lot of wish lists put Mcgowan in that role, nothing we've seen cements the part. Tell us what you think by commenting and either confirming or denying below.
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adamant877 - 12/4/2008, 11:08 AM
I think McGowan is an underrated actress, and who can't dig that she's a total geek at heart!
(The fact that she's absolutely beautiful doesn't make me want to skip this one any less, either.)
My major concern with the Sin City sequal is not with Rose McGowan. My major worry is that with the introduction of The Spirit, a lot of people are going to be complaining that they've already seen the sequal to Sin City! (If you know what I mean.)
I mean, I love his vision, his style of cinema, and I understand that he wanted the Spirit to have that gritty, noir feel to it, but did he HAVE to leave out all of the color?
It could have been a fantastic movie, visually, if he would have left a little less of the "Black/White, with a splash of color" theme that has been persistant in all of his films.
Don't get me wrong, I love you Frank, but you're going to have to tone it up a little.
Shaman - 12/4/2008, 11:28 AM
I'd give her a smack but i don't smack ugly. Sorry she's not my type!

"Aow... you wanna touch me, Aow... but you're too ugly, Aow..."

"Barada ding ding ding, you're such an uh-ga-ly thing!"
Vex - 12/4/2008, 12:25 PM
Don't say she's ugly Shaman, there is a medical term for people who look like her, its called Down Syndrome.

..ha-ha-ha, I'm just kidding, she's alright.
IonParallax - 12/4/2008, 1:27 PM
Hahahaha. She was good lookin' in Deathproof, until her face got bashed in. But I also don't her find her extremely attractive. For the record, in terms of color, The Spirit actually has real color in it, not just a splash here and there, but real color. It has some of the Sin City-esque black and white with red, but mostly in color.
richunkleskeletun - 12/4/2008, 1:59 PM
Wow what a shock! Robert Rodriguez is giving Rose McGowan a role in a movie he's making? Johnny Depp to his Tim Burton I think. But you know...with sex.
Shaman - 12/4/2008, 2:11 PM
Bwouahahahahahaha, i almost pissed myself at work here VEX!!! By the way, i loved VEXX on my PS2! Cute character!

It's so pathetic to know that Rodriguez can't get laid by any "thing" else than McGowan! LMAO!!!!
ElBeaster - 12/4/2008, 2:15 PM
Well it sounded like it was going to be Rachel Weiss for a while and I think McGowan is the better choice. She seems like she could fit into the Sin City world. I still think their first choice was the best though. Angelina Jolie would have been perfect.

The Spirit has its own look to it, but Frank better do something different for his next flick or else its gonna get redundant. The Spirit works with a darker look, but Ronin is going to have to look very different.

And ya, Rodriguez puts Rose McGowan in everything.
Shaman - 12/4/2008, 3:02 PM
Rodriguez puts ON Rose McGowan everywhere you mean...
ElBeaster - 12/4/2008, 4:28 PM
I think Rodriguez puts it IN Rose McGowan. That's how she's getting these roles.
DDWilliams - 12/4/2008, 11:15 PM
dont know much about connan and red sonja but i love Rose Mcgowan and she is sexy as hell dont know what you guys are talking about
iNsaneMilesy - 12/5/2008, 12:23 AM
Yeh not my type and a weak actor. but why does rodriquez keep using her in all his movies. it gets old. the only people i believe its works for is Kevin Smith & Tarantino.
Comedian - 12/5/2008, 8:49 AM
She is really hot. Screw you guys.
Comedian - 12/5/2008, 8:50 AM
She has the old fashion look.
Shaman - 12/5/2008, 9:03 AM
Well you know, even ugly ducklings and fat chicks need love... to each's own. But honestly... name one thing that's strikingly different about her that makes her HOT. Her sour milk white skin? Her cellulite? Her "i'm screwing my way to the top" acting? I seem to be in the dark on this one here...
crappybumbum - 12/5/2008, 5:51 PM
That'd be pretty good but I really think Rachel Weiss woulda been a better fit than McGowan...but I can't wait for Sin City 2! A Dame to Kill For is my fav sin city graphi novel
Vex - 12/5/2008, 8:12 PM
Staples, you just like her because she comes with an "Easy" button. Hah! Just joking Stapes.

Really though, she's not THAT horrid, after all you don't look at the mantle when you're poking the fire, right? Right?

Shaman, my name isn't from that PS2 game, I didn't even know what it was until you mentioned it. It's actually the name of my old D&D character... yeah, I know, very geeky of me.

I'd like Sin City 2 to be less of the same, before Miller pigeon holes himself in the film community for the guy who does "neo-noir".

ElBeaster - 12/6/2008, 11:56 AM
Well hopefully their just casting her because she'll get naked. I'm thinkin' that's why they casted Malin Akerman in Watchmen. A lot of the characters in the first movie were supposed to get buck, but wouldn't. Only the Marv story really had much nudity in it.

Vex - 12/6/2008, 12:47 PM
I wouldn't be apposed to seeing that, but I don't think she does that type of nudity. Carla Gugino during the Marv story had an absolutely FANTASTIC body. If she comes back and disrobes again, bonus.
ElBeaster - 12/6/2008, 9:48 PM
Goldie is in this one too, so maybe we can see more of Jaime King. Whoever they get for the lead girl in the third one will have to get naked because the girl from Hell and Back is naked on like every page.
Shaman - 12/8/2008, 8:04 AM
Well Vex, i love D&D so you ain't the only geek here LOL.

STAPLES!!! BOUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Good one Vex!!!! Easy button... LMFAO!!!!!!

I'm still stuck like a deer in headlights every single time i watch my dvd copy of Sin City and i get to see Carla naked... Man, they don't make "perfect" like that from birth anymore. I know women that would rape pilledge and maim to get even the slightest resemblance to Carla's body!!! Her and Jaime King made ALBA look like a 3rd world dried up carcass that even the flies aren't interested in anymore!!!
Shaman - 12/8/2008, 8:07 AM
Honestly Vex, i do look at the mantle LOL! I wouldn't poke her fire with a 20 foot poll!!! It's not only her body, there's just something... subconciencely about her that... i dunno, i've seen poodles that were more attractive than McGowan!
samd577 - 12/8/2008, 7:54 PM
how you can say this girl is not hot is beyond me, but as you KEEP saying, each to his own right? I think she would do a decent job as Eva, she has the malevolent look about her that, as much as I am totally in love with Rachel Weiss, i think Rachel lacks.

Personally think Jolie was another great candidate, or Charlize Theron. Needs to be someone who can pull off the whole female villain thing, turning men to her will with her helplessness, but with it all being a lie.

leray93 - 1/2/2009, 3:39 AM
i personally think rose would be awsome as ava lord she has this kinda femme fatale look to her and she has a new haircut that looks alot like avas and thisis what frank miller said about ava during the spirit interviews

As for future films, Miller is mum on Internet chatter about Angelina Jolie supposedly signed to play Ava Lord in Sin City 2. "I haven't spoken with her," he says,

I’ve got my Ava, but I really don’t want to talk about casting because it could end up being somebody else and I wouldn’t want to insult her.”

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