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Return of the Knight Part 3
Batman is brought back to his roots and reintroduced to the notion of fear.
Return of the Knight Part 2
Cobblepot's power rises to new levels putting heat on the one's responsible for keeping Gotham's peace.
Return of the Knight Part 1
In the sequel to Heroes Will Rise, the Dark Knight returns from the bonds of death to a much different Gotham. This Gotham city has embraced a new savior, in Oswald Cobblepot, who looks to untie the very fabric Batman created.
Batman Heroes Will Rise
Batman faces a twisted challenge that leads to Bruce Wayne being the chink in the armor. This is not the story of Batman's uprising but the story of his demise. A demise so great that not even evil is safe.
Batman: Final Hour Preview/Superman II Teaser
After a prolonged absence Shock is back with quick previews of sequels for Batman: Heroes Will Rise and Superman Genesis!
Fan-fic: Batman: Final Hour Preview/Superman Teaser
Shock is back with previews of the sequels for Batman: Heroes Will Rise and Superman Genesis!
Heroes will Rise Part 1
The ultimate twisted Batman story that will not only challenge the Dark Knight but Bruce Wayne himself. Not even the criminals are safe....
Superman Genesis Part 5
The final part in my origin story of how the legend of Superman begins
Superman Genesis Part 4
The battle for Earth begins...
Superman Genesis Part 3
See how Kal-El's destiny became Clark Kent's future
Superman Genesis Part 2
Part II of Superman's beginning
Superman Genesis Part 1
It goes without saying Superman is the greatest comic book character of all time. I believe it is time the Man of Steel receive an origin story he deserves. Check out my version of how Clark Kent became Superman
Heroes will Rise Part 4
The epic conclusion of Batman's latest conquest! Find out the heroes that rose to the challenge....
Heroes will Rise Part 3
Part 3 of the continuing Batman saga! See the plan revealed...
Heroes will Rise Part 2
Part 2 of the twisted Batman saga that will change Gotham forever
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