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Return of the Knight Part 4
The scale of Cobblepot's plan begins to engulf the will of Batman as he must race to save those closest to him. On his trek to protect Gotham the nature of Bane's existence is finally revealed from an unlikely source.
Return of the Knight Part 3
Batman is brought back to his roots and reintroduced to the notion of fear.
Return of the Knight Part 2
Cobblepot's power rises to new levels putting heat on the one's responsible for keeping Gotham's peace.
Return of the Knight Part 1
In the sequel to Heroes Will Rise, the Dark Knight returns from the bonds of death to a much different Gotham. This Gotham city has embraced a new savior, in Oswald Cobblepot, who looks to untie the very fabric Batman created.
Batman Heroes Will Rise
Batman faces a twisted challenge that leads to Bruce Wayne being the chink in the armor. This is not the story of Batman's uprising but the story of his demise. A demise so great that not even evil is safe.
Batman: Final Hour Preview/Superman II Teaser
After a prolonged absence Shock is back with quick previews of sequels for Batman: Heroes Will Rise and Superman Genesis!
Fan-fic: Batman: Final Hour Preview/Superman Teaser
Shock is back with previews of the sequels for Batman: Heroes Will Rise and Superman Genesis!
Heroes will Rise Part 1
The ultimate twisted Batman story that will not only challenge the Dark Knight but Bruce Wayne himself. Not even the criminals are safe....
Superman Genesis Part 5
The final part in my origin story of how the legend of Superman begins
Superman Genesis Part 4
The battle for Earth begins...
Superman Genesis Part 3
See how Kal-El's destiny became Clark Kent's future
Superman Genesis Part 2
Part II of Superman's beginning
Superman Genesis Part 1
It goes without saying Superman is the greatest comic book character of all time. I believe it is time the Man of Steel receive an origin story he deserves. Check out my version of how Clark Kent became Superman
Heroes will Rise Part 4
The epic conclusion of Batman's latest conquest! Find out the heroes that rose to the challenge....
Heroes will Rise Part 3
Part 3 of the continuing Batman saga! See the plan revealed...
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