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The AVENGERS Assemble & Take Down ULTRON In A New Target Advertisement
In toy form that is! Target has released a new advertisement that sees part of Earth's mightiest heroes assembling and stopping Ultron from causing harm and achieving parking lot domination. Hit the jump to check it out!
RUMOR: Is John Ridley's New ABC Show 'Ms. Marvel'?
Reportedly the popular Kamala Khan will actually be beating her idol Carol Danvers into the MCU! Find out the details of this very interesting take on the popular Muslim superhero after the jump!
DC Entertainment Reveals New Action Figures For JUSTICE LEAGUE: GODS AND MONSTERS
With Bruce Timm's Justice League: Gods and Monsters set to release July 28, 2015, DC Entertainment released the first look at their 7" action figure line featuring Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman! Hit the jump to check it out!
DAREDEVIL Will Possibly Be Renewed For A Second Season; Outline Already Penned By Drew Goddard
Even before the first season's release and before it proved to be such a success, an addition in the long-running "Sony Hack" emails confirms that Daredevil will be receiving a second season, with the season outline already being penned by Drew Goddard, the show's former showrunner. Read on for more!
FAN ART: Age of Ultron Styled Comic Cover Poster
You hate that Ultron Prime in the movie got a closed mouth that far from similar to his comic design? Here i made a fan art that got his devil smiling mouth with iconic Ion Energy surging inside it
Has John Wesley Shipp Revealed The Official Title of The Upcoming ARROW/FLASH Spinoff?
Speaking at the recent Cape Comic Con, John Wesley Shipp might have revealed the official title of the upcoming spinoff. Could it be the one The CW ends up using?
The Ultimate DC CINEMATIC UNIVERSE Outline - Part One
Not too long ago, WB revealed the slate for their DC Cinematic Universe. I've thought A LOT about this and have gathered ideas and opinions in my head since then. As a result of that, I want to get these ideas out somewhere and decided to do it here on Hit the jump to see what's been going on in my mind for the past few weeks.
DC Entertainment vs Marvel Entertainment
With the ongoing DC vs MARVEL debate amongst fans of both companies on who is better at in a specific field, I have compiled scores to determine the winner.
Was Batman fighting the real Superman or a "Red" Superman
SCREAM TV Series Executive Producer Gives Explanation For Ghostface Redesign
Another week, another set of news regarding the much maligned SCREAM TV series. Last week's trailer revealed the redesign for the new Ghostface mask and, after much backlash, the executive producer has finally given fans an explanation for such a rash decision...
Is Foggy Nelson Ruining Daredevil For Anyone Else?
While Netflix's Daredevil got many aspects of the comics right, the show sinks from the weight of the Foggy Nelson character. Hit the jump.
Earth-717: THOR Volume 1 - Chapter 9
An alternate time. An alternate world. Humanity is part of a larger universe; they just don't know it yet. The life of Thor, the prince of Asgard, is changed when he learns of a grave and ancient threat that will bring darkness upon the cosmos. On a quest for answers, Thor must travel to new worlds and meet new beings, all while trying to solve one of the mysteries of the universe.
The FANTASTIC FOUR Trailer Has Been Classified
The first full-length trailer of the upcoming Fantastic Four adaptation is coming soon. Check it out.
Fan-made Lex Luthor Poster After the BATMAN v SUPERMAN Teaser
If you've seen the BATMAN v SUPERMAN teaser, check out what Lex Luthor has to say about our favorite Kryptonian, in the style of the Aquaman poster and others!
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