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Dwayne The Rock Johnson On HERCULES Vs. SUPERMAN; I Would Whup His Ass!
He's rumoured to be up for a role in a future DC Comics movie, but when asked how he thinks Henry Cavill's Superman would fare in a battle with his Hercules, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson claims that the Man of Steel wouldn't stand a chance. Is this a preview of Superman vs. Darkseid in Justice League?
Three Simple Changes That Would Have Fixed Man Of Steel
Love it or hate it, Man Of Steel seemed to split audiences and critics alike. GodzillaKart says it didn't have to be so!
Neal Adams Talks MAN OF STEEL; Briefly Touches On SUPERMAN RETURNS
Comic book artist Neal Adams recently sat down and talked to Kevin Smith on his Fatman On Batman podcast. Having praised what Marvel had done with the Avengers, he talked about Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel and briefly shared his thoughts on Bryan Singer's Superman returns.
COMICS: The Trinity Unite In Scott Snyder And Jim Lee's SUPERMAN UNCHAINED #7
If they're going to take down Wraith once and for all, it's down to Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman to come together! The series is nearly at an end, so hit the jump for a first look at Scott Snyder (Batman) and Jim Lee's (Justice League) Superman Unchained #7.
I will be explaining and going into full detail. I will show you the truth that is shocking.I posted various versions..
COMICS: Final Issue of SUPERMAN UNCHAINED Revealed; See Jim Lee's Wraparound Cover
Scott Snyder and Jim Lee's New 52 take on Superman has faced some lengthy delays, but the last chapter will finally hit shelves this September. Check out the solicitation and stunning wraparound cover art for Superman Unchained #9.
Will WB Announce These Post-BATMAN V SUPERMAN DC Movie Plans At San Diego Comic-Con?
From a 2017 Flash/Green Lantern team-up to a 2018 direct sequel to Man of Steel, the handful of big-screen DC Comics titles that Warner Bros. has planned have possibly been outed ahead of Comic-Con.
BEST Video Review/Criticism for MAN OF STEEL
Everyone should watch this......This is the best Video Review/Criticism for Man of Steel. Also compares the end battles of The Avengers & MOS.
The Devil Reviews: Man of Steel
The first of many, the Devil reviews what is possibly the most controversial CBM of all time.
RUMOR: Andrew Garfield Signs New Contract To Return As SPIDER-MAN Up Until 2020
You read the title right! Andrew Garfield has reportedly signed a new contract to return as the web crawler for four more films. We already now that A Spider-Man film is expected for 2016 but this report also claims that another film is in development for 2015! Hit the jump to check out more!
SUPERMAN HALL OF HEROES to pay tribute to everyday heroes.
DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. launches online portal in which individuals can gift everyday heroes with Superman themed merchandise.
The Future of The Amazing Spider-Man Universe *SPOILERS*
I just got back from seeing this and, just like the first, I thought this was a mixed bag. I thought there was huge potential for the second one, but I was disappointed. With that said, I still have faith and believe the future has HUGE potential, if done right. Here's how:
Former Superman Dean Cain Throws In His Two Cents About MAN OF STEEL
Dean Cain, known for 1990s television series Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, gives his opinion about last year's Man of Steel, which starred Henry Cavill in the title role. Check out what he had to say.
Joe Quesada Disappointed By MAN OF STEEL; Says That The Film Left Him Angry
During his chat with Kevin Smith on the Fatman on Batman podcast, Marvel Entertainment’s Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada expressed his dissapointment in Zack Snyder's Man Of Steel claiming that he felt that "Zod was the hero of the movie". Read on for more...
Man of steel? what i think is and will be wrong with future movies
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