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Comics and the Media for the Masses
Why are geeks so critical of comic movies and films? This could shed some light on it.
Thoughts On WB/DC Cinematic Universe, New Castings And Hopes
Man, what a week, first NYCC, then Captain America 3 news, and now this! I love the 2010’s.So yesterday WB officially announced their movies from 2016 to 2020, plus we finally know that Jason Momoa is Aquaman, and that Ezra Miller will be The Flash. Let’s do this!!!
The Suicide Squad: Who's In?
Who I think should represent the members in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie and the actors that should portray them.
First Teaser Trailer For FUTURE SHOCK! THE STORY OF 2000AD!
In 1977 the maddest baddest comic of all time was born. Now the first teaser trailer of the upcoming 2000AD documentary Future Shock! The Story Of 2000AD promises to tell you the untold story of the galaxy's greatest comic!
Okay, So Are We Over Saturated Yet?
Once again another article about over saturation, But with about 40 Superhero movies coming out over the next six years, there may be such a thing.
ARCHIE COMICS Titles Available October 15th
Archie Comics have three new titles available in comic shops today. Read on for details.
Speculation and Ideas for Captain America 3, Civil War and Avengers 3&4
We are all amazed by the news that Robert Downey Jr. will be in Capt 3 and that Marvel is aiming for the Civil War storyline. Here are some ideas and speculations for what Marvel could do in the coming years with the MCU...
COMICS: MAD Magazine Sends Out PSA on Harley Quinn Annual
Check it out after the jump for this important Public Service Announcement based on the Annual of Beloved Bad Girl Harley Quinn.
BATMAN/SUPERMAN Action Figures Announced for 2015
Check it out after the jump as DC announces action figures for Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more for 2015.
The announcement of Civil War is arguably the biggest announcement since Age of Ultron. With Iron Man now playing a role in what we first thought was a Cap film, how will this story affect the MCU? Hit the jump for my thoughts.
CBM Tunes #5: BlueFoxMusic
Annnnnd we're back. In this edition of CBM Tunes we pair a techno group/individual that no one has probably heard of up with the Merc with a mouth. Click the jump to take a look (listen).
Marvel studios is considering doing a civil war movie. But is it too early? Lets see.
The Biggest Part of the MCU Most People Are Forgetting About
With the recent news that Civil War is coming, many people question where the new superheroes that will be fighting each other will be coming from. Well i think I have the answer!
New DC Comics LEGO Special To Air On CARTOON NETWORK Later This Month
Are you a fan of the LEGO movie, the LEGO BATMAN video games, or do you just like LEGOs in general. Well if you answered yes to any, then click on because today is your lucky day. DC Comics just announced that they will air a special later this month titled, “Batman Be-Leaguered”. Hit the jump to check it out!
How I believe that Marvel will incorporate the Civil War storyline into the MCU why it leads into Secret Wars
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