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COMICS: Bruce Banner Fighting For His Life & Hulk Unleashed in HULK #1 Preview
After the shocking events of The Indestructible Hulk, Bruce Banner is close to death and the Hulk has been unleashed! Hit the jump to check out a preview of Mark Waid and Mark Bagley's all-new HULK #1.
COMICS: Kal-El Blasts Off in First Preview of SECRET ORIGINS #1
DC are launching a brand new ongoing series detailing the origins of their biggest and best characters, and we've got a preview of the first issue. Featuring the early days of Superman, Robin and Supergirl, hit the jump to check out our first look at Secret Origins #1.
Review: MEGA MAN #35
Part two of "Shadow of Ra Moon" has arrived! Find out what I thought of it in my latest review...
COMICS: DEADPOOL #27 Sets a New Guinness World Record
Here's a surprise - the Merc With a Mouth actually accomplishing a world record! As it turns out, the wraparound cover for Deadpool #27 has been recognised as the cover with the most comic book characters. Hit the jump for more details.
If I Could Be Kevin Feige For A Day
The Marvel Cinematic Universe has never had more momentum but what moves would diehard comic fans make if they could place themselves in Kevin Feige's shoes?
DC Announces Bombshell Art Prints Featuring Retro Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn & More
In the coming months, DC will release new art prints based on their popular line of statuettes. Hit the jump to check out designs for World War II-styled Batgirl, Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Hawkgirl and many more!
Yesterday, DC revealed that the Teen Titans would be relaunched this July, and today they have announced an all-new Suicide Squad title with a new creative team and roster! To see the full-line up, and the cover for issue #1, hit the jump...
First Look At BATMAN: ARKHAM ORIGINS Cold, Cold Heart DLC
The latest addition of DC All Access has brought us our first look at Batman Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart gameplay. Hit the jump for more!
ARCHIE COMICS Previews For April 9th
Courtesy of Archie Comics, I have lettered previews for all titles shipping this week. Within this article, you can sample Archie Comics Super Special #5, Archie Double Digest #250 & Sonic Select Book 9: The Games TPB.
Amazing Spider-Man #1 Disposable Heroes Comics Dale Keown variant cover
UK based online comic retailer 'Disposable Heroes' reveals their limited edition variant cover, by Dale Keown, for Amazing Spider-Man #1
COMICS: First Look at New Ongoing Series with CYCLOPS #1 Preview
This May, Marvel are launching Scott Summers into space with an all-new solo series. Hit the jump to check out a black and white preview of Greg Rucka and Russell Dauterman's upcoming Cyclops #1.
DEATH OF ARCHIE Announced For July
This July, an American icon will bite the dust. Read on for the first details and glimpse a gallery of variant covers that I have been provided with.
The villains for several marvel products might have been leaked early hit the jump to find out who
The latest volume collecting the adventures of the Justice League is now available for purchase in stores everywhere. Find out what I thought of The Grid in my latest review.
Earths Mightiest R&B: Avengers SOUNDTRACK
With the release of Captain America:The Winter Soldier we all pretty much know Cap's list of things to discover, Troubleman by the great late Marvin Gaye to example. With that said I found the best Old School R&B songs that match the cast of Avengers:Age of Ultron from Sam Cooke to Billie Holiday . WARNING: DO NOT ENTER IF YOU AIN'T GOT NO SOUL JACK!
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