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Comic’s First Lady FINALLY Assumes Her Throne!
After years of being the number one comics super heroine in existence, DC gives Wonder Woman the bragging rights to verify she is one of the company’s most prominent “Trinity.” Will this help the company win its gender war with Marvel Entertainment?
Surprise 'Robotech Academy' Casting Announcement Revealed
The All Time Most Underrated DC Movie....Animated one, that is
Your Mom's favorite User finally debuts in the Editorial Section!
Some nice and constructive positive feedback would be greatly welcomed my fellow users, as I state my opinion on what the most underrated DC Animated movie of all time is by us the fans.
COMICS: Another Mutant Gets A Solo Series With STORM #1 Preview
Next week, Storm takes flight as her solo title kicks off, thanks to writer Greg Pak (Action Comics) and artist Victor Ibanez (Constantine). Hit the jump to check out a preview of the first issue!
Do you all remember that radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker on his field trip? Well that spider got to someone else, and now there is a new spider in the spider-verse! Find out who after the jump!
First Wave Of DARK CIRCLE Titles Announced
Last week you may have read the news concerning the launch of Dark Circle Comics. Now we can present to you the first three books in this bold line. Read on for details.
SONIC BOOM Comic Book Series Announced
Archie Comics has just announced a new "Sonic Boom" comic book to synergize with the upcoming video games and animated series. Read on for the first details.
ARCHIE COMICS Titles Available July 16th
It's a huge week for Archie Comics. Highlights include the infamous Death of Archie issue, "Dawn of X" marching on, and a couple releases Sonic The Hedgehog fans may not want to pass up. Read on for details concerning all this and more.
Why Ronan the Accuser is the Best Character Ever!
Every character is someone's favorite character and this week I take a look to see what makes Ronan the Accuser the "Best Character Ever!"
EDITORIAL: Predictions For the Future of MARVEL
In this article I drop a few predictions for the future of the MCU. These are light-hearted ideas more than anything, but let me know what you think!
COMICS: HAWKEYE and THUNDERBOLTS Coming To An End This October
As Marvel drip feeds their October solicitations, they have revealed the end of two titles - Matt Fraction and David Aja's critically acclaimed Hawkeye, and the most recent incarnation of the Thunderbolts.
Is Josh Gad a part of Marvel's announcement on The View?
ABC's The View posted a list of guest appearances on today's show. One of those guests is actor, Josh Gad (21, Jobs, Frozen) Could he be linked to the Marvel news, or just so happening to be there?
Review: Wolverine #10-Two Months to Die
Wolverine mans up, takes responsibility for his actions, and finds out forgiveness is divine, as he prepares for all out war with Sabretooth.
COMICS: Red Robin, Wonder Girl and More Take Flight In Relaunched TEEN TITANS #1 Preview
DC has a new Teen Titans title out this week with a fresh creative team and line-up, starring Red Robin, Wonder Girl, Raven, Beast Boy and Bunker. Hit the jump to check out a preview of Will Pfeifer and Kenneth Rocafort's first issue.
MARVEL Announcing All-New Thundering Title On THE VIEW Tomorrow
Marvel is prepared to announce something on the popular chat show 'The View,' with hints that it may have got something to do with the God Of Thunder, Thor. Hit the jump for details...
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