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COMICS: Secrets Are Revealed About The White Lantern In This Preview Of SINESTRO #7
The strike on New Genesis is put on a halt due to the fact that the Lanterns can't get their hands on a Mother Box. Sinestro doesn't believe this and he's determine to achieve his goal at any cost! Hit the jump to check out this new preview of Cullen Bunn's Sinestro #7
COMICS: Marvel Releases New Variant Covers To Celebrate The College Football Playoffs
With the College Football Playoffs kicking off this January, Marvel released four new variant covers that feature the following characters: Ant-Man, Punisher, Captain America, and Hawkeye! Marvel's in, Are you? Check it out!
COMICS: DC Announces 10 more titles for week 4 of 'Convergence' event!
Fan of Pre-Crisis DC Universe? You will be happy with this announcement! Pre- Crisis Multiverse is BACK! Check it out!
Does Guillermo del Toro confirm a shared universe with DC?
With the Justice League Dark script confirmed to be handed in last week, Guillermo del Toro drops the "Shared Universe" term
COMICS: Batman Battles The Mad Hatter In DETECTIVE COMICS #37 Preview
Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato (The Flash) return to Gotham with this week's Detective Comics #37, and while the Mad Hatter's up to no good in this stunning preview, Anarky's working to cause chaos in the city streets as well. Check it out after the jump!
EDITORIAL: Crossover Events; Have They Lost Their Touch?
In recent years, the idea of massive crossover events has been quite commonplace with comic books and was something to be enjoyed. Lately though, it does seem as though the market is overflowing with crossovers...
COMICS: The HULK Puts Down Everybody In This Preview Of HULK #9
Thor's defeated, Iron man's armor is shattered, the Thing's head is detached, and the Captain has fallen. All courtesy to 'The strongest one there is'...The Hulk. Hit the jump to check it out this vicious preview of Gerry Duggan's Hulk #9
COMICS: PREDATOR Goes On Assault-Mode In This Preview Of PREDATOR: FIRE AND STONE #3
In this new preview for Joshua Williamson's Predator: Fire And Stone, Galgo has to focus on two things, former allies, and the Predators that are keeping him as a prisoners. How will things turn out? Hit the jump to check it out!
COMICS: GUARDIANS 3000 #3 Preview Teases A New 'Nova'
Well, it's not Richard Rider, but this preview for the next instalment in Dan Abnett's stellar series offers us a look at a brand new character who'll be donning a Nova helmet! Hit the jump to check it out...
ComicBookMovie 101: How To Get Rid Off The Ad's On The Left Part Of The Screen
Tired of those annoying Ad's on the side of the screen? Is it blocking your view of the comment section and the article itself? Are you tired of people contstantly asking how to get rid off it?Then this article is for you.Come and see how CBM's own, AXE, breaks down the steps for you to get rid off those pesky Ad's.
The Top Ten Best Comic Book Adaptations [7-4]
An ongoing chronicle of selecting the ten most influential comic book films of all time reaches the middle of the list.
COMICS: The HULK Is Traded To Annihilus In This Preview Of THANOS VS. HULK #1
Arguably the most powerful villain in the Marvel universe squares off against 'the strongest there is', the Hulk in this new four-part story written by Jim Starlin. Hit the jump to check out this new preview for Thanos Vs. Hulk #1!
COMICS: Angela Takes Charge In Preview of ANGELA: ASGARD'S ASSASSIN #1
After Original Sin revealed that Angela was actually the sister of Thor, she's been getting a lot more of the spotlight; next week, she launches into her own ongoing series! Check out a preview of Kieron Gillen, Phil Jimenez and Stephanie Hans' Angela: Asgard's Assassin #1.
COMICS: ULTRON FOREVER Story Arc Announced For April Of 2015
Marvel Comics have just announced their newest three part story arc for their 2015 comic slate titled, "Ultron Forever". Hit the jump to check out the first snippets of art, and details revealed for this new event!
COMICS: DC Comics Announces 10 Additional CONVERGENCE Miniseries and Reveals Art
Over the past couple of weeks DC announced half of the 2-part miniseries that will be part of DC Comics' massive 2 month publishing event CONVERGENCE which is taking place in April and May 2015. Well, more details have been announced today.
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