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Henry Cavill talks more about Man of Steel and Justice League, first teaser trailer for Studio Ghbli's The Wind Rises, Terence Stamp reflects on Superman II and 2 Guns secures opening slot at the Locarno Film Festival.
Where could the DC Cinematic Universe go after Man Of Steel?
Ever since an October 2012 in depth report from the LA Times on the tumultuous state of affairs at Warner Bros., there's been much speculation on how the film studio's inner turmoil affects their plans moving forward for Justice League and other DC Comics adaptations.
Target’s new partnership with Warner Bros. Consumer Products and DC Entertainment received a promotional boost this week with the debut of an animated TV commercial for the retail chain featuring the Justice League. In their New 52 costumes, no less.
Courtesy of Mr Sunday this week’s episode covers all things Man Of Steel, Justice League, Marvel’s cinematic future, Star Wars Episode VII, Elysium plus The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. Find out more after the jump!
With Man Of Steel looking to be a success, DC is looking to follow it up with a Justice League film. But while the news may excites fans, is this the right approach to take? Click the jump for my reasons for why I say, no. Not yet.
With the Man of Steel Being released, there are already Easter eggs in the film. What's next for DC? Hit the jump to vote.
Man of Steel director Zack Snyder may very well end up being the man who finally brings Justice League to the big screen, so it's obviously important that we hear from him on stuff like this! Who would win in his opinion if Superman took on The Flash in a race AND fight? Find out here!
The top 5 news stories of the week. The Tom Hiddleston fandom reacts to the news of no Loki in The Avengers 2. David S. Goyer is confirmed as writing the Justice League adaptation along with the Man of Steel sequel. A Captain America: The Winter Soldier spoiler and a couple new trailers.
Now that it looks as if Man Of Steel is a financial success, DC and Warner Bro’s are looking towards creating a live action Justice League movie in the near future. Hear Mr Sunday’s thoughts on adapting the film after the jump!
The long awaited and anticipated team up has officially been green-lit, with many wondering how it can or will be done. However, I give my take on how to make this movie successful, both cinematically and financially.
Contrary to reports that Christian Bale will reprise the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, screenwriter David Goyer confirms that the DC Cinematic Universe introduced in Man of Steel does indeed feature a new Caped Crusader. He also shares his thoughts on the build-up to Justice League.
I recently stumbled upon a blog post by animator/character designer, Shannon Tindle. It reveals that Bruce Timm briefly entertained the thought of making a Justice League inspired by José Luis García-López's art. Come see Shannon's exploratory artwork for it.
"Superman is the first one. Superman comes forward and announces himself to the world. In him announcing himself, he’s the one that changes things." Hit the jump to hear more from David Goyer on how Man of Steel has kicked the door wide open for a DC Cinematic Universe and Justice League!
We already know that a shared DC movie universe depends on the success of Man Of Steel, but a report on this over at The Wrap specifically mentions two characters that WB are apparently looking at in the build up to their planned Justice League movie..
Talking at the European premiere of Man in Steel in London this evening, Zack Snyder has addressed a reference in the remake to a certain Caped Crusader and how that may or may not relate to the planned Justice League movie.
Man of Steel screenwriter David S. Goyer says Christopher Nolan's Batman exists in a completely separate world, so don't expect to see Christian Bale or Joseph Gordon-Levitt on screen with Henry Cavill's Superman. Plus, a Cyborg Easter Egg?
It seems like those rumors from a while back were true: Along with a very interesting update to Deadline's Man Of Steel sequel story, we (may) have some info straight from Goyer himself while speaking at the movie's premiere.
The Man of Steel director discusses how his Superman reboot will affect the role of the iconic hero in the planned Justice League movie and once again seems to say that he would indeed be interested in helming Warner Bros.' and DC's superhero ensemble.
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