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Aquaman has always been a key member of the Justice League and was featured in the story line Justice League: War is based off why did he get the ax when he deserves this more than anyone else?
Guillermo del Toro has been talking about his planned Dark Universe movie for about a year now, a team-up of many supernatural characters from DC Comics. But with the announcement that a Constantine TV series is now in the works, del Toro's film has been in question.
Check out leaked Justice League: War footage from New York Comic Con. The voice cast includes: Alan Tudyk as Superman, Jason O'Mara as Batman, Michelle Monaghan as Wonder Woman and Justin Kirk as Green Lantern.
The Justice League has a rich history of interesting stories, but there is one that stands above all others. With a JUSTICE LEAGUE film on the horizon, everyone in charge needs to be looking to JLA: Tower of Babel as the inspiration for the team’s first adventure. Hit the jump for more.
In 2007, George Miller ("Mad Max") was to direct Warner Bros. most ambitious comic book movie, Justice League: Mortal, but a writer's strike, a change in Australia's tax rebate incentive program, and fan uproar over casting put a halt to it. Now, come read the script!
Check out the first look at the hideous DC Comics villain, Desaad, in this new still from Warner Bros. next animated feature, Justice League: War (due out in early 2014), who'll be voiced by the one and only Bruce Thomas.
Talking about how the show greatly improved after the first twelve episodes, Arrow star Stephen Amell also shares his thoughts on the shocking season one finale and says that the more successful the CW series gets, the better the chances are that we'll see more members of the Justice League appear!
Justice League: War is based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's first Justice League arc in DC's "The New 52" continuity. For that reason, it obviously makes sense that the team in the upcoming animated feature will be facing off against the villainous 'Darkseid' and his forces.
This is nothing but my ideas: a simplified layout for the future of WB/DC's budding DCCU. I feel that they have the potential for many great movies, so here's the basic format for that universe.
That's right, we finally have an actor who has put themselves forward to bring 'Cyborg' (a fan favourite since Flashpoint and the launch of "The New 52") to life on the big screen. However, he will first voice the character in animated feature, Justice League: War. Hit the jump to check out his comments!
Justice League: War is based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's first Justice League arc in DC's "The New 52" continuity. However, there will be one major difference to the comic that this animated feature is based on; Shazam takes Aquaman's place! Here's a first look at him in the movie.
Who would you like to see in the Justice League movie?
Critical reviews bad; Box Office not so much.
While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full swing and laid out the formula for success, and the DC/WB Universe is still in its early phases, I believe DC/WB should follow only to a certain extent. This is how I believe DC should handle their characters in order to achieve an ideal DC Universe on the big screen.
According to a user over at RPF (Replica Prop)forums David Tennant is being sought to play PLASTIC MAN in JUSTICE LEAGUE.
There are three hurdles that will make the eventual Justice League movie average at best when compared to The Avengers. The film could clear one hurdle, or two, but it is impossible for it to leap over all three and reach Avenger-levels of positive reception and box office.
As of right now, Warner Bros. and DC don't really have any sort of Cinematic Universe to speak of; Marvel Studios' on the other hand is thriving! However, here is why I believe that combining the likes of Arrow and Man of Steel could result in the ULTIMATE Cinematic Universe. Check it out!
The Avengers impressed fans and critics alike, earning a whopping $1.5 billion at the box office. Does a Justice League movie REALLY have a chance of reaching - or even surpassing - that sort of success? Hell yes. Read on for my thoughts on the huge potential of a movie starring DC's most iconic superheroes!
The Avengers success says light & colour but the tone of Man of Steel says different.
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