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The top 5 news stories of the week. Ben Affleck is Batman in Superman vs Batman, Ra's al Ghul possibly coming to The CW's Arrow, Joss Whedon talks Ultron, Edgar Wright on Ant-Man villains and Rocket Raccoon casting news.
The first screenshot for the next DC animated movie had been revealed. Click here to check it out.
Breaking news! Warner Bros. announces that two-time Academy Award-winning Argo actor and director Ben Affleck is set to play Bruce Wayne alongside Henry Cavill in the Man of Steel follow-up!
Superman vs. Batman (World’s Finest) – MOS Sequel ideas
My idea is neither original nor ground breaking & I am sure that many of you have created a better scenario/story in which to best to depict SM. There are no original stories, just creative ways to tell some old ones…so the influences of comics/cartoons are all relevant here.
The second part of my fancast starring the next generation of the World's Greatest Superheroes.
With the news of a Justice League movie coming in the near future, it seems everyone has attempted a JL Fancast. Well I've caved in and created one myself, but I think this is one that would actually work on screen in more ways than one.
Hello everybody, LEVITIKUZ here. With Man of Steel already released and Superman/Batman coming out, the DC Cinematic Universe is expanding. While we can't wait for Superman/Batman, here are 5 things WB needs to do with the DC Cinematic Universe. Click to check it out.
While discussing 20th Century Fox's X-Force adaptation and getting Jeff Wadlow (Kick Ass 2) to write and possibly direct, Mark Millar also shares his thoughts on Warner Bros.' planned Superman/Batman team-up film as well as introducing other DC characters on the big screen.
M. Night Shyamalan is without no doubt one of the best directors in the industry. With films such as The Last Airbender that was well received across many fans and his newer film After Earth that broke box office records. He is talented and proficient with his writing. This is why he should direct Justice League, read on.
With the notion that DC has several film and TV properties, I propose an idea that could be awesome if DC went for it.
I would love to see a Flash movie. He is one of my favorite superheroes, probably number 5, but I can bet my life it ain´t happening and it's just a smoke screen to appease numerous DC fans upset that once again DC/WB is falling back on Batman and Superman.
Hit the link to see why I think WB should look to Superman/Batman: Public Enemies for the upcoming movie, and my thoughts on what ideas they could take from the story arc for the movie's plot.
It seems Zack Snyder may be following the direction of Warner Brothers for the Superman/Batman film. Hit the jump to check it out.
Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns is said to be "informing" the storyline for the planned Batman/Superman movie, and now the comic book writer/artist is said to be meeting with director Zack Snyder soon to discuss the highly anticipated follow-up to Man Of Steel.
Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox is the newest DC animated film, and one way it's significant is that it features Sam Daly, the son of veteran Superman voice actor Tim Daly, in the role of Man of Steel. CBM's Ed Gross caught up with Sam to discuss the project.
At SDCC, Warner Bros. announced their next big comic book movie, a team-up film, with Superman (Henry Cavill) and Batman. But, back in 2007, they tried to make a more ambitious film, Justice League: Mortal. Come see a possible breakdown of the script.
After Friday's depression article, I think it's time we lighten things up a bit. Today we turn our attention to the highly anticipated film, Batman Vs Superman. So hit the jump to check it out, I promise you won’t be disappointed!
In 2015, there are two major films in comic book movies. The ScreenJunkies Show points out what could benefit the movies, or make it fail. Check it out!
My thoughts on the announced Batman/Superman movie.
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