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A series of behind-the-scenes images of the cast of George Miller's cancelled Justice League have been posted by Hollywood stuntman and fight choreographer, Greg Van Borssum. - nailbiter111
Green Lantern seems to be on the tip of a lot of people's tongues. Dwayne Johnson may or may not have hinted at the role, Chadwick Boseman is offhandedly bringing up the character in interviews and now, so is DC Cinematic Universe godfather David S. Goyer. - MarkJulian
Kevin Tsujihara is the current CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment and in a recent New York Times article he said a a film series based on DC Comics will be announced in the near future. - nailbiter111
Taking part in a #RockTalk Q&A on Twitter, Hercules star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has revealed some more hints about his role in an upcoming DC comic book movie, confirming that as much as he likes the character, it won't be John Stewart/Green Lantern that he plays. - JoshWilding
Hercules star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has talked in great detail about his role in a future DC comic book movie, and offers up three lengthy condition which he had before taking the role. Calling him a "badass mother[frick]er", it sounds like the character will be far more interesting than Lobo! - JoshWilding
Ever wanted to see Marvels mighty Avengers take on DC's Justice League? Well you can now...kind of. Thanks to modding, we can see the two duke it out in a basketball video game (still cool, right?). Click on to watch the vid and leave your thoughts in the usual place. - MrBlackJack
Continuing the universe that I would create if in control of the DCCU with fancast with outline for story and costumes. - Guido
While doing a bit of promotion in France for 300: Rise of an Empire, director Zack Snyder abstractly spoke about Ben Affleck's Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. - MarkJulian
With all the Speculation on the Man of Steel sequel and the 10 month push back, Mark Hughes has a Logical Speculation that Ben Affleck will direct the DC's ensemble movie...Hit the Jump to find out more... - Brainiac13
(Or) How DC and WB can stop shooting themselves in the foot and build a franchise! - Jordacar
Darseid, Martain Manhunter, Boba Fett? Justice League speculations and rumors galore! Read on for more. - UpcomingDCCU
Recent rumours of the DC/Warner Brothers movie strategy certain ruffled some comic book movie fans, especially compared to that of the MCU. Hit the jump for a light hearted look at the future and current differences between the two major competing movie universes. - MrSundayMovies
As many suspected when the actress revealed she signed a three-picture contract to play Wonder Woman in the Batman/Superman movie, reports now confirm a standalone film is in the pipeline! - DCMarvelFreshman
In these video interview clips, actor Christopher Gorham discusses his role as The Flash in Justice League: War, a film still celebrating its New York premiere tonight at the Paley Center For Media despite the snowstorm blanketing the city. - EdGross
Josh Holloway (Lost, Intelligence) comments on the rumors that he's up for Aquaman in Man of Steel 2 and/or a Justice League movie. "I think I'm available...I'm an actor, I like different roles. Batman movies are awesome, Marvel movies are awesome." - MarkJulian
Rumors are spreading that John Stewart will be in the upcoming Batman vs Superman movie or even the Justice League movie. Here's why I think Hal Jordan should be the Green Lantern first. - CeltiC527
The Justice League is a growing presence in a variety of mediums these days, and this Tuesday that will include Target with the DVD release of JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time. What follows is an excerpt from an exclusive interview with director Giancarlo Volpe. - EdGross
More news has emerged on today's Justice League rumours, seemingly confirming them. BatmanOnFilm's Mark Hughes (a relatively reliable source) claims the rumours are true! Hit the jump to see what he has to say! - DEVLIN712
Debuting next month on Blu-ray and DVD is the animated adaptation of Justice League: War, based on the first Geoff Johns/Jim Lee New 52 JL storyline. What follows is a piece featuring exclusive interviews with director Jay Oliva and writer Heath Corson. - EdGross
Recreating an iconic scene from Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's first Justice League arc in "The New 52", hit the jump to check out the latest still from the upcoming Justice League: War animated movie. - JoshWilding
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