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Justice League: War is based on Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's first Justice League arc in DC's "The New 52" continuity. However, there will be one major difference to the comic that this animated feature is based on; Shazam takes Aquaman's place! Here's a first look at him in the movie.
Who would you like to see in the Justice League movie?
Critical reviews bad; Box Office not so much.
While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in full swing and laid out the formula for success, and the DC/WB Universe is still in its early phases, I believe DC/WB should follow only to a certain extent. This is how I believe DC should handle their characters in order to achieve an ideal DC Universe on the big screen.
According to a user over at RPF (Replica Prop)forums David Tennant is being sought to play PLASTIC MAN in JUSTICE LEAGUE.
There are three hurdles that will make the eventual Justice League movie average at best when compared to The Avengers. The film could clear one hurdle, or two, but it is impossible for it to leap over all three and reach Avenger-levels of positive reception and box office.
As of right now, Warner Bros. and DC don't really have any sort of Cinematic Universe to speak of; Marvel Studios' on the other hand is thriving! However, here is why I believe that combining the likes of Arrow and Man of Steel could result in the ULTIMATE Cinematic Universe. Check it out!
The Avengers impressed fans and critics alike, earning a whopping $1.5 billion at the box office. Does a Justice League movie REALLY have a chance of reaching - or even surpassing - that sort of success? Hell yes. Read on for my thoughts on the huge potential of a movie starring DC's most iconic superheroes!
The Avengers success says light & colour but the tone of Man of Steel says different.
Some already confirmed names are of course mentioned in this article, like Affleck and Cavill, but hell why not, this is a Justice League movie and these are the actors and actress that I stand behind without any bit of doubt or question in my mind. So, with that being said, kick back, relax, and in memory of Heath Ledger, "And here...we...go!"
The top 5 news stories of the week. Ben Affleck is Batman in Superman vs Batman, Ra's al Ghul possibly coming to The CW's Arrow, Joss Whedon talks Ultron, Edgar Wright on Ant-Man villains and Rocket Raccoon casting news.
The first screenshot for the next DC animated movie had been revealed. Click here to check it out.
Breaking news! Warner Bros. announces that two-time Academy Award-winning Argo actor and director Ben Affleck is set to play Bruce Wayne alongside Henry Cavill in the Man of Steel follow-up!
Superman vs. Batman (World’s Finest) – MOS Sequel ideas
My idea is neither original nor ground breaking & I am sure that many of you have created a better scenario/story in which to best to depict SM. There are no original stories, just creative ways to tell some old ones…so the influences of comics/cartoons are all relevant here.
The second part of my fancast starring the next generation of the World's Greatest Superheroes.
With the news of a Justice League movie coming in the near future, it seems everyone has attempted a JL Fancast. Well I've caved in and created one myself, but I think this is one that would actually work on screen in more ways than one.
Hello everybody, LEVITIKUZ here. With Man of Steel already released and Superman/Batman coming out, the DC Cinematic Universe is expanding. While we can't wait for Superman/Batman, here are 5 things WB needs to do with the DC Cinematic Universe. Click to check it out.
While discussing 20th Century Fox's X-Force adaptation and getting Jeff Wadlow (Kick Ass 2) to write and possibly direct, Mark Millar also shares his thoughts on Warner Bros.' planned Superman/Batman team-up film as well as introducing other DC characters on the big screen.
M. Night Shyamalan is without no doubt one of the best directors in the industry. With films such as The Last Airbender that was well received across many fans and his newer film After Earth that broke box office records. He is talented and proficient with his writing. This is why he should direct Justice League, read on.
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