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This rumor definitely seemed to light a fire under our CBMers, but the final result was probably a bit closer than you might have thought. Over 4,000 of you voted, so click to find out if JGL is the man you guys want to see as the next Dark Knight..
How I think JGL and Christian Bale can both fit in the planned Justice League movie.
The title might come off misleading so, I'm going to clear it up. It's my suggestion on who or what should be chosen for certain things like director, roster, ect. This is not a "how to" although, it might feel as one.
Following the somewhat controversial rumour that Joseph Gordon-Levitt will don the iconic cowl as 'Batman' in Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment's Justice League, reps for the actor have completely dismissed the news. Read on for details!
The latest Justice League movie rumor is that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is apparently "solidifying" a deal to reprise his The Dark Knight Rises role in the superhero ensemble, and will replace Christian Bale as the new Caped Crusader. Hit the jump to find out why I think this is a bad idea.
Feeding speculation that ignited from the closing sequence of The Dark Knight Rises, new reputable sources claim that actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt will “absolutely” appear in WB's Justice League film.
Nearly all discussions about the JL movie are derailed by arguments over whether or not the characters need their own origin movies as a "set-up". Here are my very detailed thoughts...
Not a lot is known about Warner Brothers plans for a Justice League movie, but now Zack Snyder has dropped a pretty big hint that would seem to imply that Henry Cavill will be apart of those plans.
Sam Mendes, director of the critically acclaimed box office smash Skyfall, talks here about the possibility of directing a comic book movie at some point in the future and comments specifically about helming Justice League. Check it out!
While writing a contributing article to another site, rapper turned actor Common recalled how heart broken he was that he didn't get an opportunity to portray Green Lantern John Stewart in the failed Justice League Mortal movie.
At this point del Toro may be just as famous for the movies that he doesn't direct than the films he does. He addressed that here a bit and also talks a bit more about Heaven Sent calling it a 'probability but not reality', comparing it to past rumors of a del Toro/Neil Gaiman Doctor Strange.
A recent report by the LA Times where top studios execs were quoted reveals a divided studio where jockeying for a vacant Office of the President position has created an air of uncertainty for WB with its financial partners and within its ranks.
Last week we ran a rumor that the fan-favorite director may, in time, helm a DC movie based on members of the Justice League Dark called "Heaven Sent". This appeared to have been debunked, but it turns out Del Toro IS interested after all, and has been in talks about it..
It's no secret what Marvel's strategy for their films have been, but DC is still clouded with speculation and what might be. Click here to take a look at information that has been confirmed as well as some rumors regarding WB and DC's top heroes.
After reading the news and comments written on the reveal of Star Wars: Episode 7, LEVITIKUZ asks why is there so much praise for Episode 7 in articles and yet there is so hate on articles about Justice League
My thoughts on how the Justice League movie should be made
What DC should do in order to be JUSTICE LEAGUE a blockbuster just like its counterpart 'AVENGERS'
After the rush of initial excitement from yesterday's Justice League announcement, have you had time to truly think about what a 2015 release means? Sound off on what will surely become a much-discussed topic here on the site!
After Warner Bros'. win in the Superman case, the studio is now expected to "accelerate development" of their planned Justice League movie, shooting as early as next year with a 2015 release date in mind - putting it head-to-head with The Avengers 2!..
Could Hammer get another shot at playing the Caped Crusader after coming so close in George Miller's defunct 'Justice League: Mortal'? According to Moviehole, the Lone Ranger himself might just be in with a chance. Read on for details..
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