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Arrow and The Flash Executive Producer/Writer Andrew Kreisberg reveals new details about the upcoming crossover (it sounds like they'll be a lot more standalone than initially expected), how Warner Bros.' Justice League plans impacts both of the shows and more. Check it out! - JoshWilding
Although we've seen the characters from DC's next animated feature in action figure form already, after the jump you can get your first glimpse of how 'toon Aquaman (voiced by Matt Lanter) will look in Justice League: Throne Of Atlantis .. - RorMachine
Remember that Justice League Dark movie that del Toro was supposedly attached to and that was later put on hold? Well, it's apparently still in the mix of DC properties ready to get the big screen treatment. See what the director had to say. - JFerguson
While it may not have lived up to the previous DC animated flicks, Justice League: War was a hit with most fans, allowing DC to restart their animated properties. And now, as teased in the film's after credits scene, the sequel will pit Superman and co against the Atlanteans. Check it out. - DEVLIN712
My outline on how Batman vs Superman may lead directly into Justice League.
The last few weeks/months we have gotten plenty of rumors and reports on how Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will lead into Justice League. Here I’ve outlined how I these two movies should and can connect based on on those rumors/reports. - Nick56
Why is Lex Luthor blackmailing Bruce Wayne? Well, it could have something to do with the fact that he knows Batman's secret identity and plans on using that information to become a member of the Justice League! Hit the jump for a first look at issue #31 of the critically acclaimed series. - JoshWilding
From a 2017 Flash/Green Lantern team-up to a 2018 direct sequel to Man of Steel, the handful of big-screen DC Comics titles that Warner Bros. has planned have possibly been outed ahead of Comic-Con. - DCMarvelFreshman
With a DC cinematic universe finally moving forward, one of the biggest questions has been whether or not the TV side of the DCU, like Arrow and The Flash, could crossover with the films. Arrow star Stephen Amell weighs in on the possibility in a new interview. - thereeljames
By 2016, we'll have our first movie of two iconic characters together, thus this movie sets up a possible justice league movie. So, which members you think will we see ? Click to see. - BatzFTWfan
An editorial on the influence of an Icon within comics and animation - phantom1527
During a recent podcast comic book artist Steve Skroce reflected on a time in his past when he was working as a concept artist on George Miller's cancelled Justice League film. - KevMerica
Marc Guggenheim now serves as a producer and writer on Arrow, but he was also one of the (too many) cooks in the kitchen who worked on 2011's Green Lantern. Here, he shares his thoughts on his hopes that the Emerald Knight will make a return to the big screen in Justice League... - JoshWilding
My quick thoughts and opinions on Zack Snyder being named the director of the Justice League Movie. - BigManRants
Following the blockbuster announcement that Zack Snyder will follow 2016's Batman Vs. Superman with a live-action Justice League movie, a possible release date has now been revealed. It's reportedly coming sooner than 2018, and we even have a specific day and month... - JoshWilding
With recent castings for the Batman vs. Superman movie, we all guessed this was the case, but the head at Warner Bros. confirms the Man of Steel sequel will lead into a Justice League film and more. - DCMarvelFreshman
The new, connected WB Animation film universe kicked off in Justice League: Flashpoint Paradox and continued in Justice League: War and Son of Batman. Batman: Assault on Arkham is standalone. - MarkJulian
A series of behind-the-scenes images of the cast of George Miller's cancelled Justice League have been posted by Hollywood stuntman and fight choreographer, Greg Van Borssum. - nailbiter111
Green Lantern seems to be on the tip of a lot of people's tongues. Dwayne Johnson may or may not have hinted at the role, Chadwick Boseman is offhandedly bringing up the character in interviews and now, so is DC Cinematic Universe godfather David S. Goyer. - MarkJulian
Kevin Tsujihara is the current CEO of Warner Bros. Entertainment and in a recent New York Times article he said a a film series based on DC Comics will be announced in the near future. - nailbiter111
Taking part in a #RockTalk Q&A on Twitter, Hercules star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson has revealed some more hints about his role in an upcoming DC comic book movie, confirming that as much as he likes the character, it won't be John Stewart/Green Lantern that he plays. - JoshWilding
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