Luke Cage

Luke Cage Once a feared gang member Luke Cage grew up surrounded by crime. Framed for a crime he did not commit, Cage soon lands in prison where a group of radical scientists offer him his freedom if he agrees to become a guinea pig for medical experiments. Luckily, the experiments give him superhuman strength and toughness instead of cancer. Taking the name Power Man, Luke returns to the streets as a mercenary for hire.
He's been a fan favourite choice for a very long time, and now Brooklyn Nine Nine star Terry Crews once again shares his thoughts on playing Luke Cage, this time in the planned limited series which will debut on Netflix sometime in 2015. Is he still interested? Read on for details...
A live-action version of Luke Cage is coming in one of Netflix's planned series', but Idris Elba won't reveal whether he'll be playing him! He does however confirm that he once spoke to Marvel about the character, dismisses Jurassic World rumours and again shows his enthusiasm to play 007...
The Expendables actor has been a firm fan-favorite for the role of "Power Man" for quite some time now, but while chatting to about his first animated flick, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2, Crews says that he's "trying to take myself outta that running"..
As we know, Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige recently stated that he'd love to have Johnson come aboard the MCU. Now the former WWE champ has acknowledged this on Twitter, and of course has a very specific character in mind that he'd like to play..
Is Luke Cage going to be in Whedon's SHIELD?
Chad Coleman, Tyreese on AMC's The Walking Dead expresses a strong desire to play Luke Cage for Marvel Studios. He even gives us a brief taste of what his Luke Cage would sound like and delivers his infamous catchphrase, "Sweet Christmas."
This fan-made effort is pretty damn good indeed, and apparently even fooled a few people around April 1st. Check out the - as of last night former - WWE champion as the hero for hire himself after the jump. Would you like to see this happen for real?
The pilot writer says AKA Jessica Jones is probably not fit for network television given its adult themes. There will obviously be changes from the source material but it will stay true to its dark roots....possibly on cable television.
While being interviewed by Buzzfeed about the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon, Jeph Loeb may have let slip that Marvel are planing to bring Luke Cage and Iron Fist to the big screen in a Heroes For Hire movie. Read on and see what you make of it..
Before his classic Pulp Fiction crime-thriller, Quentin Tarantino had considered adaptating Marvel's Luke Cage to the big-screen with actor Laurence Fishburne playing the Power Man. Check it out!
Even though ABC passed on AKA Jessica Jones, Twilight screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg believes that might not have be final nail in the coffin for the show about a private detective agency that caters to other superheroes. Hit the jump to see what she had to say.
Jai White has long been a fan favorite to play the role and while speaking to CBR the talented actor/martial artist expresses interest, provided the movie had a good enough script...
Melissa Rosenberg dishes on villain The Purple Man, which other characters we could see (including Ant-Man!) and reveals that the show's version of Luke Cage might differ from the comic's one..
The same team who came up with that hilarious spoof ad for the DC Relaunch are at it again, this time creating a trailer for what a "White" Luke Cage movie might look like if two white guys somehow acquired the rights...
After he expressed interest in playing the Marvel character, I asked you guys whether you'd like to see the wrestler turned actor play Luke Cage on the big screen, and here's what you decided by a big majority...
Taking to Twitter to answer fan questions, the iconic wrestling star and star of upcoming movie, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Dwayne Johnson has revealed his desire to play Power Man on the big screen...
I asked and you (well some of you) responded. Here are the results for the ideal Luke Cage poll...better late than never.
With Idris Elba officially throwing his name in the ring as a candidate for the role of Luke Cage, are you, the fans all for the CBM favorite taking on the role or would your prefer someone else?
While discussing his character in Ghost Rider, Idris Elba publicly throws his name into the ring for potential candidates to play Luke Cage. The fans go wild!
Following "Old Spice" guy, Isaiah Mustafa's self-promotion for the role of Marvel's power man, Luke Cage, considerably unknown actor Eric Thomas Wilson has unveiled his own.
After this movie drops and people start to see this kid's acting limits, you will be like... "dag... this guy really blew it" Then of course a reboot will follow...
During a Podcast interview, The A-Team star reveals that he had a meeting with Marvel, and that he would love to play Luke Cage. We put two and two together! Click for the details..
The Transformers actor talks yet again on his desire to play the Hero For Hire Luke Cage, saying that Marvel needs to 'get it together' and just how ready he is for the role...
Writer Jami Philbrick managed to conduct an exclusive interview with actor Tyrese Gibson regarding his interest in portraying 'Luke Cage'. Update! A second interview has just surfaced about Tyrese's potential involvement with Power Man! Check it out!
Terry Crews, I don't care how old he looks, the dude is Luke Cage. But is the Old Spice Man trying to seal the deal?