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Funko and Boxos has brought us an 60's Adam West Batman Papercraft set! Check it out!
Is your closet filled with awesome superhero shirts? It should be! No worries, we'll help you get there. Choose from 150+ FREE SHIRTS at this week when you place an order of $55 or more! Find out more after the jump
Hot Toys has revealed their latest Iron Man 3 armor, Mark XXI, which looks like a golden, more armored MK VII. Hit the jump to check it out!
Good news for those who are fans of The Simpsons and Lego.
The end of summer is nigh! Soon you'll be riding on a school bus or stuck in traffic behind one...but never fear, is here to make September awesome! Send your kids back to school in style with our clothes, backpacks and lunchbags!
Sideshow Collectibles has revealed a new figure for one of the coolest robots you've ever seen. Introducing General Grievous, now available for Pre-Order!
I haven't seen The Wolverine yet, but this new "Marvel Select" Action Figure makes me want to!
Hasbro has revealed a new set featuring the Transformers crossover with G.I. Joe! Check it out!
The popular Funko Pop Vinyl toy line has had it's fair share of figures based off of AMC's The Walking Dead. Now with characters such as Daryl Dixon, the Pop Vinyl toy line has expanded its Walking Dead collection. Read on for more!
Square Enix has just released official images for their upcoming DC Comics variant action figures. With Batman Wielding a sword, Batgirl wearing undies-only, and The Flash armored-out, these action figures are a must look. Read on for more!
Play Imaginative has announced the Super Alloy 1/6th Scale Superman Figure is up for pre-order and will ship in September. Read on for more!
Diamond Select is releasing new Minimates based on the Marvel NOW! Thunderbolts and the Marvel Zombies comics in August. Characters in these box sets feature Galactus, Red Hulk, Deadpool, and more! Read on for more!
Following the release of Pacific Rim, Sideshow Collectibles has released a new Gypsy Danger figure!
That's right! The artwork of the brilliant Greg Capullo from the pages of the hit-comic book series, Batman, will be getting it's own action figure based on Capullo's artwork including characters such as Batman, Nightwing, and Talon.
If you weren't at this year's San Diego Comic-Con and you were looking forward to getting some neat action figures, then this article is for you. With courtesy from thefwoosh we have images of the Mattel DC Comics action figures line featuring characters such as Huntress, Doomsday, and more!
The recently revealed Hot Toys figure, Tony Stark (Mandarin Mansion Assault Version), is now getting a name changed as Hot Toys announced earlier. What will the figure's new name be? Read on to find out!
Based off of the 2001 film Godzilla, Mothra, and King Ghidorah: Giant Monsters All-Out Attack, here is an amazing action figure of one of the titular roles, Godzilla.
The Shane Black-directed Iron Man 3 is not so far from hitting the shelves on Blu-Ray/DVD. Can't hold your excitement? In the meantime you can check out the latest Iron Man Hot Toys Figurine, the 1/6th Scale Silver Centurion (Mark XXIII). Read on for more!
Calling all fans of the 90s Ninja Turtles! Playmates has released new images of TMNT Classics Series 3 featuring the ninja turtle, Leonardo, based on the 1990-1993 film series.
Yay! The Silver Surfer saved Christmas from Galactus! Unfortunately, he got stuck in one of those pesky time travel paradoxes and ended up 6 months early! OH NO! The only way to get back home is to deliver all of the presents tonight!
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