DC Comics movies in the future

DC Comics movies in the future


I know many of may say "What is the point of this article?" well okay here comes the point. These days Comic Book Movies are stronger than ever especially with the past decade being dominated by Marvel Comics. In 1998, when Blade arrived at the box office people witnessed a new kind of action, but not only action Comic book type action done in a new way. Then in 2000, Marvel's X-men arrives which did quite well and to follow Spider-man which raised the bar for comics.

I myself love Marvel and commend their job. They had proven their success unlike the days when Marvel were not involved in their characters films such as teh 80's Punisher. When the 2000's arrived that all changed and Marvel had some success but then there was the other big label, DC Comics. In 1978, "Superman the Movie" started the mainstream comic book films and was successful.

Superman the Movie was successful and starred a new up and coming actor named Christopher Reeve and also launched a successful sequel "Superman 2." Then in 1989 WB had released "Batman" directed by Tim Burton starring Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as The Joker. Many people had mixed emotions about the film at first because of Batman being played by a comedic actor. That changed big time later as Keaton showed just why he is a talented individual that was meant for the role.

DC had seen success but as the late 90's came around, WB had failed attempts as their projects and in the 90's it was Marvel's time. WB had released a few successful titles but not as successful as Marvel. However in 2005, The Batman franchise was rebooted and reintroduced under the direction of Chistopher Nolan. Nolan's "Batman Begins" was a film that showed a comic book movie can be done seriously and successfully and did quite well. Then of course their was another film WB released again under the direction of Chris Nolan called "The Dark Knight."

The Dark Knight became the highest grossing comic book film of all time.The rivalry was renewed with The Batman played by Christian Bale and The Joker played by Heath Ledger. The film in many people's eyes is arguably the greatest CBM to date and rightfully so for its quality storyline, acting and filming. But even Batman needs a little help somtimes and now WB seems to want to get Batman some help as in, at the box office. Now as said before you all have heard all of this before as in, all of this history.

Think about this Batman is back and better than ever, and up until now he had only had one Justice League team member at the box office, but now things are about to change. WB is set to debut the live action Green Lantern movie this summer, The Dark Knight Rises summer of 2012 and in Winter of 2012 comes the Man of Steel. Pretty impressive start in the new decade. The Flash is preparing for 2013, Wonder Woman TV pilot this fall on NBC, WB is putting together Green Lantern 2 in 2014 and Aquaman in 2015 or 16. Now again you may say what is the point of this article, well I will tell you again.

The point is the future of comic book movies. Think about it, it is always good to have an alternative whether it is DC or Marvel and now it seems that DC is headed in the right direction. The great thing is that WB is releasing some of the most beloved characters ever along with Batman and Superman. DC admitted to Marvel inspiring them to do more. I think that is big of DC to admit that and I agree.

Fans want more and sometimes they want different characters whether old ones in a new way and new characters can be a good thing.I wish both Marvel and DC Comics the best. I myself remember mainly only having Batman and Superman growing up but as much as I love those characters, I love the fact they and other characters are hitting the box office these days. I think the future is bright for DC as long as they be the best they can be.It's not about competition, its about making quality films and entertaining the movie goers the best they can.

Christopher Nolan has showed that and I hope others follow his example. What do you all think about not only DC's future but all of CBM's future? Looks bright to me :)
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IronicMan - 2/4/2011, 11:23 PM
Good point!
TheDetectiveComicRises - 2/4/2011, 11:49 PM
Thank U IronicMan, I luv how far comic book movie have come, I think it is important to know about it's heritage even it ups and downs to see how far it has all come and even more importantly how far CBM's are going! I look 4ward to the summer with Green Lantern, Captain America & Thor!
golden123 - 2/5/2011, 8:52 AM
I would say Green Lantern 2 is coming in 2013 if the Flash is coming in 2013 because out of what we have heard about those movies the seem to be on a similar schedule. Then again they could both be out in 2014. I think there going to be out in same year.
On another note, you completley ignored Superman Returns in your article. Also, I'm not sure how your measuring sucess. Could you fill me in on that, so I can understand the article better.
TheDetectiveComicRises - 2/5/2011, 11:05 AM
golden123 it is not that I am leaving Superman Returns out on purpose but at the same time I am not trying to write a "novel" here I am only reviewing a some material , what do U want the entire DC & Marvel Universes listed? I have not forgotten Superm Returns but if U noticed I did not list Batman Returns either and I love that film just as much as I do Superman Returns. It is not about measuring success from the past, it is were we are now & were we are all going in the future, If you are going to say I ignored Superman Returns then you should say I ingnored Superman 3 & 4 also the only differences it that they are older, yes Superman Returns did okay at the box office but lets be honest it did not do Spider-man 3 or The Dark Knight's numbers, at least I did not do what Bryan Singer did & I quote he said this "pretend like Superman 3 & 4 never happen" not cool in my opinion because I know many who like 3 better than returns.

golden123 question for you, where are U up here when almost everyone is bashing & disliking Superman Returns?
golden123 - 2/5/2011, 1:54 PM
@cbegin09: I was wondering how you measured success. Superman Returns failed to make up for what it cost, but it did make a lot of money which could be considered success. It's just Superman Returns had an extremely large budget. The word success, by the way, is used (in some way, shape, or form) 9 times in your article. So depending on how you measured success you could count SR as being successful.
Yes, I do like Superman Returns and when that subject comes up I try to defend it, but sometimes I don't bother because once a fan has set his mind on the fact he doesn't like something it is virtually impossible to convert him (or her). People who think Superman lifting that island is ridiculous missed the whole point of the movie. The movie was about Superman Returning to the world trying to adjust to the fact that the world has tried to move on. It was like him having a new start. In his Return he was able to overcome Krptonite mentally. It's called willpower. Runners use it all the time to win a race or beat a time. Superman used it to save the day and beat Lex Luthor.
golden123 - 2/5/2011, 2:23 PM
This comment is in continuation of thhe comment above. Another reason, people hate Superman Returns is because of the limited action. Though Superman Returns' villain was Lex Luthor. Comic writer Marv Wolfman once stated "Luthor's power was his mind. He needed to be smarter than Superman. Superman's powers had to be useless against him because they couldn't physically fight each other and Superman was simply not as smart as Luthor.". That is exactly right, Superman uses his superpowers while Lex uses his mind; however, it's not like there was no action in the movie. It's just there was no brawls or fist fights.
Now I've done a little bit of explaining, but this article wasn't about how Superman Returns sucked so I think I'll stop for now. I still haven't addressed the people who think Superman Returns was too romantic, who think that Superman was a stalker, who hated the kid, and who thaught it was a rip-off of Superman the movie. If you want me to explain anything on any of those issues (or a complaint with the movie that I haven't heard) then just ask me. For now Good day.
TheDetectiveComicRises - 2/5/2011, 3:35 PM
golden123 its cool but U got ur opinions just like mine and everyone else, but this is about the road ahead for comics and a celebration of how far is has come not about who has been successful more than the other, I would love to list every film btu too long lol, but hey I respect ur opinion, no hard feelings :)
TheDetectiveComicRises - 2/6/2011, 1:47 PM
Thank U LeonSKennedy, Good day 2 U also!

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