Intruder's Top 5 favorite CBM Scenes

Intruder's Top 5 favorite CBM Scenes

After Total Film made their list of Top 5 Greatest CBM moments, I feel the urge to share with all of you my own personal favorite. You may agree with some and you may not, but I welcome your feedback.

5. Two-Face Confronts Maroni.(The Dark Knight/Christopher Nolan)

"Going to join your wife?"

Surpise, surprise. I kick off my list with a scene from The Dark Knight. In this sequence we finally get to see Dent do some damage and in my opinion give the best performance in the film. I'm not sure about the rest of you, but finally seeing Two-Face done right was the highlight of the movie for me and this scene's tone couldn't have been executed any better.

4. Aunt May's Speech To Peter.(Spider-Man 2/Sam Raimi)

"You'll never guess who he wants to be. Spider-Man."

This scene might not be packed with action or incredible drama, but it makes itself special on so many levels. It's subtle hints to May knowing Peter's secret and genuine emotion captured by Raimi makes this perhaps the most touching scene I have witnessed in a CBM.

3. Bloodbath! At The Disco.(Blade/David S. Goyer)

"What's wrong, baby?"

This is perhaps the most universaly praised opening sequence in CBM history. David Goyer single handidly brought respect back into the genre with Blade and started a snowball effect which eventualy turned into what we have now and this scene set the tone for that revolution.

2. Tony Stark Returns To Gulmira.(Iron Man/Jon Favreau)

"It's not a piece of equipment, it's a suit. It's me!"

Finally seeing Iron Man take to the skies and show off how much of a badass he is whether it's killing terrorists and saving a small village or outmanuvering fighter jets. It cemented the upstart Marvel Studios as a serious filmaking force who was going to take their charaters seriously and true to the source. Best scene of a film which was a launching pad to the Holy Grail of Marvel films. The Avengers.

1. Nightcrawler Attacks The White House.(X2: X-Men United/Bryan Singer)

"Multiple subjects!"

I know a lot of people joke about "jizzing in their pants" when they see something so awesomely nerdy. But this scene literally almost made me jizz in my pants. Nuff said.

Well there it is. What do you think? Have a snubbed a few? Have I over glorified others? Or did I hit the nail on the head with some of your own choices? Share your thoughts below.
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ROBBEATZZZ - 2/24/2012, 11:58 AM


PaulRom - 2/24/2012, 11:58 AM
Nice list. Definitely agree about Two-Face, he's one of my favorite Batman villains and he was portrayed perfectly in The Dark Knight.
TonyChu - 2/24/2012, 12:04 PM
Nice list! Me personally I would have added Sam Jackson's Nick Fury cameo in Iron Man because on that day unlike any other the Avengers were born.
marvel72 - 2/24/2012, 12:17 PM
cool scenes my good man.

-nightclub scene (blade)
-nightcrawler in whitehouse (x-men 2)
-hulk fight on school campus (the incredible hulk)
-iron man rescues villagers,does battle with f-22 & a tank (iron man)
-spider-man vs doc ock in bank scene & on train (spider-man 2)
SageMode - 2/24/2012, 12:31 PM
Cool list Trude. Makes me wanna give my top 5.
TonyChu - 2/24/2012, 12:37 PM
-Spiderman confront Green Goblin on Brooklyn Bridge. (Loved William Dafoes speech and when I went to the movies to see it people were cheering when he did the swan dive.
-X-Men First Class Argentina scene. Loved the performance of Fassbender and the score was played beautifully in the background.
-End of Captain America. I think this scene is really under rated, in this final moment the audience gets the feel of how Steve Rogers life will be for now on. Not being able to be with his one true love and become the soilder out of time.
- Jor-El's sppech to Superman the movie. This scene was just beautiful, hearing Brandish speech to Superman just gives me goosebumps.
- Ra's Al Ghul confronts Bruce Wayne in the Chinese prision. I just absolutley love this scene because it really sets in motion a key theme in the Nolan Batman series symbolism. Ra's telling Bruce to become a symbol of justice just flowed so elegantly.
MarkJulian - 2/24/2012, 12:52 PM
Good list, much better than that Total Film nonsense.
95 - 2/24/2012, 1:23 PM
Spot on list. And it's Gulmira not Guldera.
MrReese - 2/24/2012, 1:36 PM
@Intruder Nice list bud
JDUKE25 - 2/24/2012, 1:42 PM
Love that Nightcrawler scene. I remember sitting in the theater thinking holy crap this is amazing.
ecksmanfan - 2/24/2012, 2:52 PM
Nice Trudy. Couldn't agree more about Nightcrawler! I knew you liked FOX Mutants!!!!
DioFoRio - 2/24/2012, 3:35 PM
good list man.
NightForce - 2/24/2012, 3:39 PM
Nice list bro. This one rings better with me than the Total Film one.
Richardness - 2/24/2012, 3:44 PM
Slightly better than the other one...never been a big fan of Blade though
Bobsuncorp - 2/24/2012, 3:58 PM
Great list. My personal favourite is not actually live action, but never mind. In the recent animated adaptation of "Batman Year One" the scene where Batman punches one of the thuggish SWAT cops through a wall in front of the crowd of Gothamites, and then (as the comic puts it) their cheers turn to screams, and the air is filled with bats. That is the moment when Batman goes from being a hero to a legend, in the eyes of Gotham. Superb.

Also higher up on the list would be the plane catching in a baseball stadium beginning of Superman Returns. Although if it had been at all possible, I think they should have re-edited that movie so that THAT was Superman's first entrance back into the movie, since it was clearly the first time anyone else in the world knew that he was back. Imagine it, he has been gone for years, no-one is expecting him, your family day out watching a ball game seems to be fated to be cut horrifically short then suddenly SUPERMAN RETURNS!!
CaptainObvious - 2/24/2012, 4:05 PM
In my opinion, this is the best scene with Two Face.
NeoBaggins - 2/24/2012, 4:15 PM
That's a pretty decent list. I remember seeing the Night Crawler scene for the first time in the theater. It was mind-blowing. Wolverine sticking a guy to the fridge is also noteworthy.

But now when I watch the Night Crawler scene, I'm a little distracted by the Street Fighter effect he has when he barely taps someone and they fly across the room. The physics are only like this for this particular moment in the series. Eh, geek stuff. Fuhgettaboutit. Awesome scene.
wedontdie - 2/24/2012, 4:15 PM
The Two Face scene that you chose was interesting but I felt like the scene where he questions the guy after the firing squad part was better because you start seeing that Harvey Dent has another side to him.

The aunt may scene in spider-man 2 was really well preformed but didn't really think that was the best scene from that spider-man movie series. I felt like the scene where peter and harry fight in spider-man 3 was epic because that scene showed the theme of spider-man 3 which was anger and hate.

I have only seen parts of the blade movies and barley remember them but I think my favorite part was when Blade fought the guards that had Taser sticks.

I didn't really like the first Iron Man movie because it was kind of boring, The scene you chose was alright but felt like it wasn't as cool as the scene where the guy with the plasma lassos attacked Tony while he was racing in Iron Man 2.

I never fully saw X2 but after watching the scene that you posted, I can see why you choose the Nightcrawler scene... Nightcrawler is one of my favorite x-men mutants and that scene showed off his powers beautifully. that scene I agree on.
Darkhaven - 2/24/2012, 4:54 PM
I said it earlier, and I'll say it again: Blade, and that Blood Rave scene in particular, gave birth to every damned CBM that came after it.
SHHH - 2/24/2012, 4:57 PM
Good List...
BlazinTexan - 2/24/2012, 4:57 PM
you really listing a nolan scene after all the shit you talk about him?
BlazinTexan - 2/24/2012, 4:59 PM
so your a fan of that scene crafted by nolan ?
BlazinTexan - 2/24/2012, 5:00 PM
Nolan fans are dorky fags.. simple as that. They are about as bad as the Twilight brigade - Intruder
headlopper - 2/24/2012, 5:06 PM
Yeah ,your's is better.

@marvel72- Really good choices too.

I'd just add..."Swear to me!"

gmoney0505 - 2/24/2012, 5:09 PM

I will always think this is the best scene in Spider-Man where he has to tell the girl he loves that he cannot be with her because of the bigger responsibility of being Spider-Man. Pitch perfect character development!
Sanderman - 2/24/2012, 5:13 PM
I like your list @tonychu
batmanrises - 2/24/2012, 5:15 PM
Pretty cool list. I also LOVE the Blade Blood Rave scene. One of the best ever CBMs in my opinion.

Good to see you contribute a constructive article here. Props.
mgeoff88 - 2/24/2012, 5:17 PM
Good list. Your number four pick is definitely one of my favorite CBM scenes.

That scene is so brilliant and touching. Every time I see it, it stirs up my emotions. It's a very powerful scene.
headlopper - 2/24/2012, 5:25 PM
Honorable mention:
'The Punisher' - 'Russian' fight!
Ceejay - 2/24/2012, 5:59 PM
That Blade scene is nothing in comic book movie history, Blade had zero influential effect on any comic book movie ever, it wasn't even a hit movie, not one film in the series. The only reason they got sequels were because they were so cheap to make that the very little they brought at the box office was still a significant profit. Not one of the films even passed $100 million and Internationally the story is the same with none even passing a mere $80 million!

The movies had the worst choreographed fight scenes, the worst sword play and the weakest vampires ever put to screen along with the most unappealing protagonist in movies let alone comic movies. The only people who still think in their own la la land that these movies were great are the extreme minority of comic fans. Trust me the rest of the world moved on and passed on all three from the first crap movie! Be thankful they were so cheap to make that they managed to squeeze out a ridiculous trilogy unlike the other crap comic movies to follow like Fantastic Four, Green Lantern and Ghost Rider.
VanCityKid - 2/24/2012, 7:04 PM
Nice I agree with Number 5, The Raimi Spidey films dont get enough cred as they deserve.

Mine in no particular order:

Spider-Man 2: Train Scene with the passengers seeing his face.

Thor: Loki learning his heritage ("TELL ME!!!!")

Captain America : "I had a date..."

Iron Man: Building the Mark II prototype

Dark Knight: Joker Interogation

Ceejay - 2/24/2012, 7:05 PM
5: Spiderman 's End Lament Sequence..

Simply outstanding still today, this sequence more than any other they'll ever do hit the nail firmly on the head on depicting the character in look, feel and agility to its patriotic final shot!

4: Superman Saving Lois Lane and Helicopter..

Comic movies began to get good from this moment and no other, before this nobody took them seriously and they were in all honesty crap. This scene successfully made everyone believe a Man could fly and that comic films had a future!

3: Magneto Escapes the Plastic Prison..

There was some outstanding sequences in X-Men 2 once Bryan Singer finally got some decent cash to make the movie. The Nightcrawler opening everyone remembers because it's yet another good fight scene. But this, this was truly iconic, a sequence that depicts a characters ability in a way that simply left your mind opening doors to possibilities you never even considered..

2: Superman Saves a falling Plane..

No matter how much of a failure Superman Returns was as a movie, it had two extremely stand out sequences that delivered the Man of Steel to modern audiences. This sequence is the second greatest effects spectacle I've ever seen after King Kong vs three T-Rex's.

1: Watchmen Opening Montage to Bob Dylan's "Times are a Changing"..

A Comic book that flies over the head of the average spandex obsessed comic fan, a movie that actually made improvements on the source material. The most artistic, intelligent and best produced comic book film in history was a total flop at the box office but had more iconic and outstanding sequences than all the CBM's before it put together. This genius opening montage set the tone and the bar for the entire movie to follow.
Rogue237 - 2/24/2012, 7:20 PM
A million times yes for that #1 spot. And thank you for not putting any Faux Class nonsense.
Ryguy88 - 2/24/2012, 7:38 PM
Cool stuff! I can't argue with any of the coices here, the Nightcrawler scene was great as too was Iron Man laying waste to a bunch of terrorists! Of course almost every scene from TDK was great to me and I really dug the first 2 Spiderman movies. The Blade trilogy didn't do much for me but the blood rave was pretty cool.

When I read the headline I thought the top 4 would be from Iron Man 1 and 2 followed by the trailer from The Avengers. Its good to see Fox and TDK making the cut.
mgeoff88 - 2/24/2012, 7:46 PM
@Intruder I just looked at Total Film's Top 5, and their choices were obvious fan-favorites. Your list has more original choices.

@Rogue I didn't even think of First Class, until you mentioned it. :)

The scene where Magneto is lifting the submarine out of the water was pretty awesome IMO.
thewolfx - 2/24/2012, 7:59 PM
trudy must be sick today he accidently put something from dc up here ='
SolidSnake007 - 2/24/2012, 8:08 PM
5 of the Greatest CBM moments
(No order)
1)Joker vs the Batwing-Batman
2)Death of Uncle Ben-Spiderman
3)Death of Rorschach-Watchmen
4)Turtles vs. Shredder-Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
5)Explosion of Parlament-V For Vendetta
GodzillaKart - 2/24/2012, 8:23 PM
Nice picks. I think reeve as dupes saving Lois in the helicopter would replace the spider-man scene for me.
Equivocal - 2/24/2012, 8:49 PM
there are so many good scenes in every CBM, one of my favorites all time is this:

gamecreatorjj - 2/24/2012, 9:04 PM
my favorite of all time, and this sounds weird, but Hulk vs David Banner, in Hulk, the emotion and art style during the fight, really showed banner's progression, and making the tough choice, to defeat his own father
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