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I love comics,films,tv shows,anime & video games.

my favorite marvel comics are:

-new avengers
-mighty avengers
-uncanny avengers
-thor god of thunder
-the indestructible hulk
-black widow
-all new x-men
-the uncanny x-men
-cable & x-force
-the uncanny x-force
-x-men legacy
-savage wolverine
-the amazing spider-man
-guardians of the galaxy

favorite marvel/dc heroes

-silver surfer
-spider-man(peter parker)
-black bolt

-the flash
-animal man
-green lantern
-swamp thing

favorite marvel/dc villain

-ex nihilo
-masters of evil
-brotherhood of evil mutants

-black adam
-solomon grundy
-the joker
-killer croc

my favorite dc comics are:

-green lantern
-batman (snyder)
-animal man
-swamp thing
-justice league dark

vertigo comics

-american vampire
-sweet tooth

image comics

-the walking dead
-jupiter legacy

favorite tv shows are....

-true blood
-the walking dead
-game of thrones
-breaking bad
-the following
-the blacklist
-true detective

favorite movies (some of)

scarface,the godfather part 1 & 2,carlito's way,taxi driver,goodfellas,raging bull,the matrix,the empire strikes back,raiders of the lost ark,an american werewolf in london,the exocist,the shinning,the thing,halloween,the avengers,iron man,spider-man 2,x-men 2,v for vendetta,batman begins,the dark knight,watchmen,blade runner,alien,aliens,the crow,300,sin city & many more.

i hate smallville,some nolanites & most of the cbm's by fox.