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Hello,my fellow Comic Book Movie lovers.

Favorite Marvel Movies

!st Captain America:The Winter Soldier
2nd The Avengers
3rd Iron Man
4th Guardians Of The Galaxy
5th X-Men 2
6th Spider-Man 2
7th X-Men:Days Of Future Past
8th Spider-Man
9th Captain America:The First Avenger
10th Blade

Favorite DC Movies

!st Watchmen Ultimate Cut
2nd Batman Begins
3rd The Dark Knight
4th Man Of Steel
5th V For Vendetta
6th Batman Returns
7th Batman
8th Superman The Movie
9th Superman 2
10th The Dark Knight Rises

I am also a huge fan of Marvel,DC & Image comics.

Favorite Marvel Comic: Magneto & Uncanny X-Men

Favorite Marvel Hero/Villain:The Hulk & Thanos

Favorite DC Comic:Batman & Justice League Dark

Favorite DC Hero/Villain:Batman & The Joker

Favorite Image Comic:Saga

Favorite Image Hero/Villain:Spawn

Love Anime as well

Favorite Movies:Pulp Fiction,Blade Runner,The Empire Strikes Back,Jurassic Park,Raiders Of The Lost Ark & so many more.