First Rumored STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII Titles Hit

First Rumored STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII Titles Hit

Just a matter of time I suppose. As filming gets underway on the follow up to Star Wars: The Force Awakens in Dubrovnik, a couple of "official" titles for the movie have found their way online. There's probably no truth to either of 'em, but it's fun to speculate on the off chance...

Filming is officially underway for Rian Johnson's Star Wars: Episode VIII, and along with a batch of fairly unrevealing set snaps (well, aside from the Landspeeder above), we have the first of what are sure to be many rumored titles for the movie.

The first comes from some purported promotional material for the movie that was posted on Reddit, and is apparently being prepped for a May 4th (Star wars Day) reveal: Star Wars: Tale of the Jedi Temple. Hmmm... moving on. The next one sounds a bit more believable, and comes from a Croatian Star Wars news site. They reckon the title is: Star Wars: The Order of the Dark Side.

Both titles do make a certain amount of sense from a story continuation standpoint, and are slightly on the cheesy side - also a Star Wars staple. Still, take them with all the salt grains for the time being. If either did turn out to be the official title though, what would you think? 

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ComicsBornAndBred - 3/2/2016, 5:21 PM
Both sound awful and way toooooo long
DeusExSponge - 3/2/2016, 5:24 PM
@ComicsBornAndBred - Those got nothing on "The Lord of the Rings: Battle for Middle-earth II: The Rise of the Witch-King"!
ComicsBornAndBred - 3/2/2016, 5:27 PM
@DeusExSponge - this is true
MexicanSexyman - 3/2/2016, 5:28 PM
@DeusExSponge - Is that a video game title?
DeusExSponge - 3/2/2016, 5:35 PM
@MexicanSuperman - Yup! It actually holds a Guinness World Record for its long title. Here's the box art.
MexicanSexyman - 3/2/2016, 5:42 PM
@DeusExSponge - Hahaha.
WilliamHMacy - 3/2/2016, 7:49 PM
@DeusExSponge - You forgot "Expansion Pack" somewhere in there!
Fogs - 3/3/2016, 3:38 AM
@DeusExSponge - LOL!

Game was awesome, though. Played BFME2 even more than Tiberian Sun.
Scorpion8125 - 3/2/2016, 5:21 PM


TitanicByMyself - 3/2/2016, 5:21 PM
Why are star Wars names always so bad? Lol
minusman - 3/2/2016, 5:21 PM
Tale of the Jedi Temple?? Horrible.
PHOENIXTAYLOR - 3/2/2016, 7:16 PM
@minusman - what are you talking about?
thunderpun573 - 3/2/2016, 8:37 PM
@PHOENIXTAYLOR - I think you replied to the wrong comment...
minusman - 3/5/2016, 5:23 AM
@PHOENIXTAYLOR - I know. I love them. I was referring as to how there are three original characters left to kill off.
HurricaneXavier - 3/2/2016, 5:23 PM
@Scorpion8125 - Grow up kid.
Scorpion8125 - 3/2/2016, 5:32 PM
@HurricaneXavier -

Who's a kid you zygote?

Melkac - 3/2/2016, 6:16 PM
@Scorpion8125 - Attack of the Closeted CBM Users.
Scorpion8125 - 3/2/2016, 6:20 PM

Wow! So you're coming out on

You should have stayed in there.

Philip - 3/3/2016, 8:22 AM
@Scorpion8125 - Scorpion8125: Return of the Homophobe.
Scorpion8125 - 3/3/2016, 9:54 AM

So funny when idiots like you use a word and don't know what it means.

Philip - 3/3/2016, 11:37 AM
@Scorpion8125 - I'm well aware of it means, otherwise I wouldn't have used it.
Given the amount of times you refer to Ezra Miller as a girl, along with all your other ignorant comments I've seen from you, I'd say homophobe sums it up pretty well.

Act your age, please.
Scorpion8125 - 3/3/2016, 12:45 PM

Homophobia infers fear of homosexuals.

This is the blanket term used by puSsies, gays, and gay agenda lovers.

One does not have to have any fear of gays to make fun of them or disagree with what they do or their political agenda.

PietroJaximoff - 3/3/2016, 5:34 PM
@Scorpion8125 - You just fear that one day they will be equal with straight people. Get over yourself.
Scorpion8125 - 3/3/2016, 6:02 PM

I don't fear that either. They already are equal.

Gay people make fun of normal people. We make fun of gay people.

Get off your high horse whiney boy.

Philip - 3/3/2016, 6:09 PM
@Scorpion8125 - once again, act your age.

And homophobia also includes hate towards LBGT people, and based on your comments you most certainly either hate or fear LBGT people - perhaps both -, and either way, you're a homophobe. Hence my original comment.

Scorpion8125 - 3/3/2016, 6:13 PM

I don't hate them. I don't fear them.

I simply don't approve of what they do.

They make fun of normal people. We can make fun of them.

Get off your high horse, you big pus$y. Crusade somewhere else.
PietroJaximoff - 3/3/2016, 6:14 PM
@Scorpion8125 - "They already are equal."

Well, they can marry each other now so I guess they have the exact same opportunities as straight people and aren't treated like trash by millions of people and aren't discriminated against in many cases such as adopting children, right? [frick]ing idiot.

You are ignorant and I pity you.
Philip - 3/3/2016, 6:18 PM
@Scorpion8125 - and there it is, the proof no one really needed.

"Normal people"? Please, elaborate.

Scorpion8125 - 3/3/2016, 6:29 PM

The majority of people don't believe they should be allowed to adopt children.

That is simply attempting to protect the children from growing up in a deviant household.

I believe in equality for gays regarding pay, opportunity, etc.

But I don't believe that children should be given to them.

Two opposing view points are in play. Simply put: Some people support the gay agenda and some people do not.

But you believe that the non supporters do not have the right to voice their opinion. In your mind, only the supporter's have the right to voice theirs.

Take your pathetic liberal gay loving crusade elsewhere.

You are ignorant and unworthy of pity.
Scorpion8125 - 3/3/2016, 6:32 PM

Look up the definitions of normal and deviant.

Deviation from the norm is simply mathematical. It refers to all things, not just your beloved gay agenda.

PietroJaximoff - 3/3/2016, 6:44 PM
@Scorpion8125 - The two opposing viewpoints: equality and discrimination. It's perfectly legal for you to voice your viewpoint, but that doesn't make you any less of a crybaby dumbass and I will call you out for being one. I would say, "This is a free country" here, but you actually believe that. It's not free til we all are.
Scorpion8125 - 3/3/2016, 6:51 PM
@PietroMaximoff -


I believe in equality, and do not believe in discrimination.

The only thing I do not believe should happen is that they shouldn't be given children. Period.

PietroJaximoff - 3/3/2016, 6:55 PM
@Scorpion8125 - "I believe gay people should be treated like me except in certain cases!"

That's discrimination. Read a book.
Scorpion8125 - 3/3/2016, 7:05 PM

You try to broaden it to fit your argument.

ONE case. Children should not be given to gays.
PietroJaximoff - 3/3/2016, 7:13 PM
@Scorpion8125 - Any case at all is discrimination. You want me to broaden my argument? Fine.

How about the fact that believing in equal pay and opportunity for minorities doesn't make it real?

Oh, I know. How about I describe to you my two cousins who were raised by my lesbian aunt and her wife? The two kids that are now in their twenties, are both straight (not that it matters, just figured I'd shut it down before you got ignorant on me again), both are graduating from college, neither has ever had a behavioral issue, and they both love their moms more than any people on the planet.

Or maybe I should just tell you to grow the [frick] up with your dumb bullshit and leave parenting to parents, gay or not.
Scorpion8125 - 3/3/2016, 7:27 PM

Enjoy making up your fake crap.

And, if it were true, one magic story of gays raising perfect children would be statistically unimportant and meaningless.

Oh, and you AS$HOLE, you again broaden the issue by lumping them in will all the other legitimate minorities.

That is an insult to all other minorities on Earth.

Racial minorities are born. The gay lifestyle is a CHOSEN lifestyle.

Melkac - 3/3/2016, 7:28 PM
@Scorpion8125 - ...That joke doesn't even make any sense.
I mean I don't expect a literal monkey to know much about comedy but this is ridiculous.
Scorpion8125 - 3/3/2016, 7:35 PM

Funny that you say that.

Not one SHRED of proof has ever been found that people are born gay. Not one!

It is a choice, but any normal person or scientist that says so is roasted beyond belief by the gay agenda people.

ExcelsiorCameo - 3/3/2016, 8:51 PM
@Scorpion8125 - Primate
ExcelsiorCameo - 3/3/2016, 8:53 PM
@PietroMaximoff - Unless your in North Carolina. I can't stand the amount of conservative, right wing, Republican, elitists here! Save me!!!
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