Christopher Nolan Shares His Thoughts On MAN OF STEEL

Christopher Nolan Shares His Thoughts On MAN OF STEEL

During an interview for The Dark Knight Rises, Christopher Nolan was asked about the upcoming Superman reboot, Man of Steel, directed by Zack Snyder. To see what he had to say about Snyder's approach, hit the jump to check it out...

Talking to Digital Spy, Christopher Nolan, who is producing Man of Steel, was asked about the upcoming reboot and what he thinks of the film so far. Check it out:

"Well, I don't want say too much about it, because they are long way out. They are at the beginning of that (post-production) process, really, and it doesn't come out for another year. But, I think what Zack and Henry are doing with the character is going to make a pretty remarkable impression."

Starring Henry Cavill, Michael Shannon, Amy Adams, Russell Crowe, Laurence Fishburne, Kevin Costner and Ayelet Zorer, Man of Steel is set to hit theatres on June 14, 2013.

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blvdnoise - 8/6/2012, 7:34 AM
DaenerysTargaryen - 8/6/2012, 7:35 AM
It better be epic! Dc needs to show they can make a good non-batman movie! Plus....Cavills too perfect for superman to waste on a bad film
villain001 - 8/6/2012, 7:37 AM
after the debacle of the dark knight rises, i dont know about this movie anymore
CoulsonLives - 8/6/2012, 7:43 AM
Umm, I want it to be a shared Universe or else I give up on you Marvel
FilmsFan - 8/6/2012, 7:45 AM
Really LOVED Teaser & ComicCon footage!!

I Trust NOLAN!
If he's saying it's gona be great; then it's gona be Great!
I think with Goyer & Nolan's Script/Story & Snyder's Direction : I'm gona get my ever waited SUPERMAN film!

I can't wait for this!
angus666 - 8/6/2012, 7:45 AM
Really do hope it's awesome. Superman deserves an amazing movie after the Reeves version. Returns was alright, but this needs to be amazing.
BlackFlash - 8/6/2012, 7:46 AM
It's not gonna be a shared Universe so you might as well give up and I think you mean DC.
WorldsGreatestdetective - 8/6/2012, 7:48 AM
Man of Steel is going to at least be interesting. It isn't going to have the potential to go wrong like Green Lantern because the people behind the the dark knight trilogy wrote this freaking film as DC/WB should continue to do. When you keep giving it to the people who wrote No ordinary family you can't expect anything good
BlackFlash - 8/6/2012, 7:49 AM
The moment DC get Green Lantern right and can do Wonder Women and the Flash then I'll be happy with DC but until then they can suck it.
InfiniteMonkey - 8/6/2012, 7:52 AM
Bastard better not be saving cats!
Super12 - 8/6/2012, 7:55 AM
I'm not saying its gonna be Dark Knight caliber, but I have complete faith in a Nolan-Goyer film, even if Nolans not behind the camera. It's going to be at very least VERY good. That's the minimum. The maximum? Totally frickin off the chain EPIC!
Deschain12 - 8/6/2012, 8:04 AM
This movie has a lot of potential. Snyder's good when he has help with the writing. And the cast is fantastic. Can't wait for Man of Steel.
FireKnightRises - 8/6/2012, 8:08 AM
Yo Nolan I always trust you man
R888 - 8/6/2012, 8:18 AM
Man of steel is going to [frick]ing rule 2013 along with Iron man 3
MrReese - 8/6/2012, 8:24 AM
most anticipated movie 4 me of '13. Cavill will own as Supes.
dezdigi - 8/6/2012, 8:27 AM
Hey, anyone want to start a TDKR vs. Avengers argument?
It's so fun!
TheBlackPhantom994 - 8/6/2012, 8:27 AM
For those who say it's not a shared universe:
The lol's on you.
Minghagz - 8/6/2012, 8:27 AM
Can't wait for MOS. I wonder when the next trailer will be out?
R888 - 8/6/2012, 8:28 AM
Please don't bring up marvel vs dc crap here, I can't take it anymore, stop bashing the avengers and the dark knight rises, just like both like the rest of us normal fans.
dezdigi - 8/6/2012, 8:30 AM
I like that, "us normal fans"!
AlSimmons - 8/6/2012, 8:32 AM
I'm really excited for MOS because he's the only mainstream character capable of complete ownage. The fight scenes in this movie are going to about as close to a (good) live action DBZ movie as we're going to get. I wonder if Kent will sun-dip... that would be intense.
villain001 - 8/6/2012, 8:33 AM

yes debacle, did you not see the ending of Dark Knight Rises? Since when does Batman rise to fake his death, puss out so he can retire overseas to sip on latte's with catwoman? Never. Horrible ending.
LFANCH - 8/6/2012, 8:38 AM
My only problem with TDKR was that is was a kiddy movie. SOV was so dark and mature and it makes TDKR look like a cartoon. The darker the movie is the better and ghost rider is the best we've gotten this year.
JayTopStix - 8/6/2012, 8:38 AM
I hope its is a lot Zach Snyder and NOTHING Nolan. I had enough Nolan for a decade already. I hope he stays as far away from CMB's as possible.
CaptainAmerica31 - 8/6/2012, 8:42 AM
Uh oh marvelites and nolanites are about to fight....And here we.......go.
GoILL - 8/6/2012, 8:48 AM
@MrEko LMAO at those gifs.
0ptimusCrime - 8/6/2012, 8:52 AM
Chris Nolan should back off with CBM's.
if it goes by his vision Superman cant fly by himself, but has booster rockets on his feet.
Guy makes good movies, but his "realistic" vision has got to go away from the CBM's
Jordanstine - 8/6/2012, 8:52 AM
Christopher Nolan doesn't seem that involved with the project.

Uses the words "THEY" rather than "WE" a lot.

Being the Producer guess that means Nolan's mostly just writing the checks :p

DCfan89 - 8/6/2012, 8:58 AM
ragingVenom -__- .... that type of realism was specifically for batman. .... -_-
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 8/6/2012, 8:58 AM
It's about aliens, how realistic could it be.
inky - 8/6/2012, 8:59 AM
after his latest movie mr nolan realy should not bet trying to muscle in on superman snyder is well able to make a movie without nolan holding his hand.
snyders the watchmen was a far better movie than nolans latest imho.
MJPETTY7 - 8/6/2012, 9:03 AM
Nolan does have his foot in to deep with this film, and maybe that's a good thing! I don't say that as in I don't like him, because Christopher Nolan is one of the biggest names in film right now, I love The Dark Knight Trilogy and I love Inception.

That being said, Zack Snyder knows how to makes comic book/superhero films! We saw that with Watchmen (which brilliantly brought that graphic novel to the big screen and improved on some unlikable things from the book)and 300.

From watching the MOS Comic Con panel, I have complete faith in Snyder and Henry Cavill and the footage in both the teaser and the SDCC trailer is incredible!!! I think this could possibly be the best Superman film since Superman II: The Richard Donner Cut and Superman: The Movie (Extended Version), which in my opinion are equals!
0ptimusCrime - 8/6/2012, 9:04 AM
DCfan89, i understand, and i didnt like that.
it were GREAT movies, they Joker and Bane didnt look at al like the comicbook villains.
the perfomances were awesome, but they were not like the villains in the comics.

if it only was for the Batman trilogy i take my comment back.
batfan175 - 8/6/2012, 9:13 AM
@villain001: that ending could've been as much an imagination by Alfred as it could have been a nod to The dark Knight returns, in which Bruce wayne also gives up on batman at the end after faking his death. Did you pay any attention?
YOUNGBL00D - 8/6/2012, 9:16 AM
I don't think it was in Alfred's head because when he saw Bruce at the place he had Selina with him, an dalfred had no ideas that Bruce and Selina has anything together.
THEDARKKNIGHT1939 - 8/6/2012, 9:17 AM
Guess you never read the dark knight returns...
gastitdk - 8/6/2012, 9:18 AM
In Nolan we trust
Juan1189 - 8/6/2012, 9:18 AM
The movie seems promising..I will have tickets for opening weekend for sure.
GiantNerd - 8/6/2012, 9:26 AM
How bout that local sports team?
SkateandDestroy88 - 8/6/2012, 9:27 AM
Looking to be another aweome year for comic book movies.
This is definitely the CBM I've been waiting for.

I'm sure this film will deliver in all the right places.
This is gonna be so awesome !!!!!!!
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