FAN-ticizing: What I want for Superman

FAN-ticizing: What I want for Superman

A CBMer spills his deepest desires for the superman frandchise...

I really enjoyed Dwayne McDuffie's writing through the years especially on Justice League material. My thoughts and prayers go out to his family. Mr. McDuffie did write All-star Superman animated feature which was released this week and it had some nice action sequences however I must say that I wish DC would stop alot of the Lois Lane stuff it just is getting old and making Superman too weak.

I agree with writer Grant Morrison who said Superman is "not a pacifist, he is a brawler and won't stop to until the bad guys are stopped." I truly believe there needs to be more grit, I mean when Supes and Lex fought there was his time to really take it to Lex and even though he was weaken from his sickness, I think he should have still taken it to Lex.

It seems that many times the same act continues between the two but truth is it can be better. When I took a look back as Superman/Batman Public Enemies, the fight between Superman and Metallo, Superman still took it to Metallo even when weaken by Kryptonite. I know that different movie are sometimes different interpretations of characters and I think Dwayne McDuffie did a good job with the All-Star Superman but I just want DC to really get to the grit of Superman.

I think the Superman we need is the one we seen in the Justice League cartoon series, I know he was surrounded around people he could actually fight and that is how it should be in his movie.

Batman really brings out the best in Superman because when you look back at the 90's cartoon crossover when they meet Batman showed Superman there is another way to fight crime and perhaps have peace at times. By the time Justice League rolled around we saw a tougher Superman who would have criminals more afraid when they saw him.

Superman is my top guy along with Batman and I am hoping for something new with The Man of Steel because I do feel that he deserves better on the big screen and with his animated series. I personally would love to see the main villian in his live action movie be Darkseid because with Darkseid, Superman is forced to take his skills to a higher level, such as Batman is with the Joker or Ras Al Gul. With Darkseid so many possibilities could be opened up.

Think about a movie trailer were Lois and Clark are having a picnic and all of a sudden a boomtube opens up and some like Darkseid of Kalibac perhaps kills Lois! That would be huge, different and give Superman motivation to take Darkseid down.

I think that is good for Superman and his fans. These are just my opinions and I know certain things must be followed but many characters have changed through the years and still had some similarities such as Batman and other DC characters and many Marvel characters. I do feel positive about the next Superman movie out next year and positive about Nolan, Snyder being attached to the project but what I really want to see is something new. What I want for Superman is simply “the best” in live action and animated material and I think it is time.
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LP4 - 2/25/2011, 4:30 PM
FIRST!!! And awesome article yeah the JLU Supes was best! Great that this is the first non-routh article as of late! ;D

As for Darkseid- AGREED, he is Superman's most massive opponent in the sense that Darkseid's plans are the most wide-scale. But for the new film I'm rooting for either Brainiac or Doomsday!
Darkseid is too massive...he's a New-God so we need something more massive for him- JLA film would be perfect for Darkseid least the third film if Snyder is expanding this into a full-on trilogy! Darkseid works best as the final villain usually just like he was on JLU and supposedly on Smallville. Though on Smallville he is just a bunch of smoke ;P

But imagine the final Superman flick in the trilogy with Superman traveling to Apokolyps and battling Darkseid and his parademons and adding in Granny Goodness and her female furies. Would be an epic conclusion to a new Superman franchise. =D
golden123 - 2/25/2011, 4:39 PM
So, I think the point is you want Superman to go all out in this upcoming installment and not hold back while having a villain that can cause seriious trouble and hold it's own in a fight with the man of steel. Am I right?
LP4 - 2/25/2011, 4:42 PM
@golden123- Sounds like it =D

I think that's what everybody would love to see in the new film- Superman finally cutting loose. It has never happened before in live action films he always holds back. He never showcases his TRUE power. Hopefully Snyder can remove Superman's inhibitions and allow Big-Blue to finally show just how powerful he really is- (quoted courtesy of JLU ;D)

I hope Snyder can give us THIS kind of a Superman:

Or this kind of a Superman...

Or this kind of a Superman- him beating the SHIT out of Mongul...

We waited 2 DECADES for a new Superman film and instead...all we got was Superman being kicked and choked by Kevin Spacey =P

WB brought on Snyder to pump up the action and hopefully he delivers and realizes that yes while Superman IS a man of peace, he also isn't afraid to use some fisticuffs on villains who really deserve it! ;D

Again I'm not saying the film must be ALL action. But at least have Superman throw a punch this time. I don't think that's asking for too much. Or hell, just look at my damn CBM avatar- see how pissed off Superman looks? I'm not saying he has to be like THAT obviously but at least let him get a little peeved and maybe lose his temper a bit for ONCE. Superman is pure but he also has flawes like anyone would and I think showing a flaw in him- that he also can lose his temper would be a great way to approach this new film. Maybe he can lose his temper and beat the living CRAP out of the villain to the point where he realizes he shouldn't have gone as far as he did and that can be his little 'self-discovery' bit right there. No need to have him waste time in Smallville deciding if he really wants to even be Superman- that's what we have Welling for, LMAO

LP4 - 2/25/2011, 5:25 PM
It's so much fun to watch when Superman cuts loose and actually fights. Sadly Superman only works well in animated form. But if Snyder can make the fight scenes like these- I WILL BE HAPPY!!!

I think my favorite HAS to be Superman fighting Mongul! Superman really punched a lot and bashed Mongul's head into walls...just awesome stuff.

tlarz85 - 2/25/2011, 7:18 PM
Henry Cavil/Clark KentHenry Cavil/SupermanRachel McAdams/Lois LaneBilly Zane/Lex LuthorMila Jovovich/Mercy GravesBrian Cox/Perry WhiteMichael Cera/Jimmy OlsenKevin Costner/Johnathan KentEmma Thompson/Martha KentKate Mara/Lana Lang
Knightstalker - 2/25/2011, 7:30 PM
LP4, it does my heart proud to see someone with a similar vision of Superman as I have. Superman has to spend his whole life on Earth walking on eggshells for fear of doing collateral damage and it would be freaking awesome to see him finally open up a can of whoop-ass once in a while.
BigChief16 - 2/25/2011, 8:17 PM
@tlarz85 I also think that McAdams would make a great Lois Lane. Plus Billy Zane has been my choice for Lex ever since I heard that this movie was being made.
LP4 - 2/25/2011, 9:11 PM
@Knightstalker- Oh my friend we agree in more ways than one =D

We both liked Cain's Superman, we are both Trekkies and we both wanted a new actor for Superman in fact so did "BigChief16" and "Superguy" so pretty much all of us here in this article wanted a new Supes actor, lol. But yeah "Knightstalker" we have the SAME views ;D
BeeMo - 2/25/2011, 9:37 PM
Very Nice choices! I could def see Zane as Luthor. Personally, I think he's another underrated actor who just needs a good breakout role to bring him into the spotlight like Iron Man did for RDJ.

Kate Mara as Lana Lang would be hot also!

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