Smallville Series Review: Part Seven, Season Seven

Smallville Series Review: Part Seven, Season Seven

Two words: Laura Vandor-licious (Kara Kent)

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By PeterParker1991 - 9/26/2012
This season was more drama based than action, which was a nice change of pace. It was nice to slow things down a bit and slowly build up especially after the fast paced previous season. But the main high light of this season was the drop dead gorgeous actress that portrayed Kara Kent/Super-girl, who was my favorite new cast member at the time. She still is. With Kara, this thrust Clark into the role of mentor, which was definitely interesting considering how every other person on the show was always trying to get Kent to stop being a bum and embrace his destiny.

Lex Luthor received a lot of development this season. I felt that this particular season was mainly about Lex and his inevitable descent. Naturally almost everyone else gets more screen time than Clark as the seasons progress so its not really hard to believe. Bizarro gets an awesome story arc where he actually poses as Clark for about three episodes. I think that was honestly my favorite part of the season, I mean apart from all the Laura V. close up shots. Lana returns. It was revealed that Lex somehow cloned her, and apparently it was the clone that got blown up in that explosion during the season six finale. I might've just written her off the script at the end of season six, if it were up to me cause otherwise it's the first three seasons all over again with Clark and Lana.

How many times can that whole dynamic be done before it gets old? Apparently for eight seasons. Yeah, Lana came back again in season eight, which was awesome up until that moment but I'll get into details about that irritation in my next review. Dean Cain (Lois and Clark) makes a guest appearance as basically Vandal Savage, Smallville style. He played a crazy doctor that was immortal, lived over many lifetimes. So that was cool, Superman vs Young Superman. For a while I thought Jimmy and Kara were going to get together, but that storyline seemed to just vanish.

It would've been interesting, but Miss Vandor-licious was only a series regular for the one season, unfortunately. Brainiac sent Kara to the Phantom Zone, ooh how original. This season surely had its moments though there really weren't many. Chloe... I don't know if the writers really knew what to do with her character at this point. She's "died" so many times through out the season that if she ever really kicked the bucket I wouldn't believe it. So naturally when she was pronounced dead at the start of the season after saving Lois with her "healing" power, yeah I didn't believe it. At all. If I had to pick a favorite episode from this season I'd have to say it would be "Descent" when Lex finally killed Lionel and sealed his fate. As a comic fan that was just an epic moment that stands out above every other episode. Nuff' said
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TheBumblingIdiot - 9/26/2012, 7:45 PM
i liked season 7 lex bizarro and Brainiac ownd this season i thought becuz of the writers strike the season felt a bet rushed loved the season final it led to a great season opener for seaon 8 great review again
TheBumblingIdiot - 9/26/2012, 10:20 PM
forgot to say i think kara was super hot
PeterParker1991 - 9/28/2012, 7:00 PM
Yes. Kara was hot. Was totally tuned in if not only because of her. I mean, wow

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